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Thrown Down

Book Review of Thrown Down (Made in Jersey Series)

Title: Thrown Down

Series: Made In Jersey Series

Author: Tessa Bailey

Date Published:  April 4th 2016

Date Read:    March 25, 2016

The Blurb:

He has one last chance to deserve the girl of his dreams...

Overachiever River Purcell was never supposed to be a struggling single mom, working double shifts just to make ends meet. Nor was she supposed to be abandoned by her high school sweetheart, breaking her heart into a thousand jagged pieces. Now Vaughn De Matteo is back in town, his sights set onher...and River is in danger of drowning a second time.

No one believed Hook's resident bad boy was good enough for River. Not even Vaughn himself. But he'll fight like hell to win back the woman he never stopped loving, to keep the daughter he never expected, and convince himself he's worth their love in the process--even if he has to rely on their fierce and undeniable sexual chemistry.

But even as River's body arches under his hungered touch, the demons of the past lurk in the shadows. Waiting for Vaughn to repeat his mistakes one last time...

My Review

4 All you need is love Stars

Some Spoilers

Thrown Down is the 2nd book in the Made in Jersey Series by Tessa Bailey. I didn't read the first book and I had no problem following so this book can be read as a stand alone. I really liked this book. It was a super sweet second chance romance. I loved both River and Vaughn. I thought Vaughn was a sweet, sexy reformed bad boy. River was loyal, smart, and loving. I loved them together and really enjoyed their love story. I was over the moon that when they were broken up neither dated or touched another. They were faithful to their love for each other. I liked all the side characters. Well not all the side characters I hated her dad he was a jerk. I loved their daughter, Marcy. I am a sucker for babies and children in books. I would have loved to seen a little more of Marcy in this book. A little more interaction between Marcy and Vaughn. The only thing I didn't care for with this book was the dialogue seemed awkward at times. They would talk and it didn't feel natural. The dirty talk was weird and cheesy at times and at other times instead of being sexy it gave me icky mental pictures I could have lived my life happily without having. I was able to over look that though and still really enjoyed this book, just not so much the love scenes. I love Tessa Bailey's books and will for sure read more in this series. 

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Book Review of Prophecy (Prophecy Series)

Title: Prophecy

Series: Prophecy Series

Author: Lea Kirk

Date Published:  January 12th 2016

Date Read:    March 21, 2016

The Blurb:

One normal day turns into a nightmare when Earth is attacked. Now ER nurse Alexandra Bock is imprisoned aboard an alien slave ship with no way out. She deems all aliens untrustworthy, including the handsome blue-skinned Matiran captain who shares her cell. 

One night of betrayal leaves Senior Captain Gryf Helyg a prisoner of his enemies. Because of him, Earth’s inhabitants face extinction and his home world is threatened. But his plans for escape are complicated by his inexplicable draw to the Earth woman imprisoned with him. 

One ancient prophecy holds the key to free Alexandra and Gryf’s war-ravaged worlds. Can two wounded souls who have lost everything learn to trust and forgive in order to fulfill the prophecy, and find a love that will last for eternity?

My Review

4 Soul Mate Stars

*Mild Spoilers*

I really liked Prophecy. I sat down started this book and just ate it up. I loved the world Lea Kirk painted. The first book in any series always has the biggest job. It has to lay out the plot, world and characters. This is harder when it's a paranormal. This book did a great job of laying out the plot, Earth after the alien invasion, other planets and aliens. It was detailed enough that I never got confused, but not so detailed that I was bored, it was the perfect balance. The characters were likable and relatable. I loved the main couple Alexandra and Gryf. I thought their relationship was sweet and very romantic. I thought Gryf was sexy as hell. The planet Gryf was from men never make the first move the power is always in the woman's hand. They have to kiss the man, ask him to date ect.... So it was hot when Alexandra let Gryf feel the power of taking control. There was a few side love stories going on. One I really liked and one that made me sad. I really liked Nicky Alexandra's brother. I want him to get a book! Also I really disliked Kelly's attitude towards all aliens so I kinda want to see her get a book where she falls in love with a alien just sayin'. There was too many characters I loved to name them all but I am sure they will make for great books in this series. This book was sweet, with a few dark moments, some action, but was 100% entertaining. The epilogue was awesome with lots of warm fuzzies. I think this author has a ton of talent, and great series on her hand. I can't wait to read more from this series! 

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Fighting for Control

Book Review of Fighting For Control (Against the Cage Series)

Title: Fighting For Control

Series: Against The Cage Series

Author: Melynda Price

Date Published:  March 22nd 2016 

Date Read:    March 18, 2016

The Blurb:For Nikko “the Bull” Del Toro, an ex-marine turned MMA fighter, only two things quiet the demons raging inside him—facing an opponent in the cage…and the memory of his hottest one-night stand. But when his PTSD resurfaces, causing him to lose control at a CFA press party, it’s his career that may be KO’d.

Dr. Violet Summers is stunned to discover her newest patient is the man who rocked her world—and put her heart in a clinch after her nasty divorce. She’s determined to delve deep into the darkness that haunts him and to keep all further encounters strictly professional.

Nikko doesn’t want a shrink. What he needs is Violet. With the memory of their passion blazing between them, it’s only a matter of time before they give in to desire. Can Violet help save this surly fighter from his own personal nightmare? Or will he forfeit his career and his last chance at love?

My Review

5 Damaged, Broken Stars

Some Spoilers

Fighting for Control the 3rd book in Melynda Price's Against the Cage series was amazing. OMG I freakin' love Nikko!!!!!!! I fell in love with Nikko when I read Passing His Guard back in August 2015. I knew that the minute Nikko's book came out I would have to get my hands on it. Nikko was everything I wanted and more. This book was way better than Passing his Guard and that is saying a lot since Passing his Guard was awesome. Melynda Price did an excellent job of hooking me from the beginning and I didn't put that book down til I hit the last page. I mean really how can I not be hooked when the book starts with a sexy blonde sitting next to Nikko on a plane just out and ask him to have sex with her in the plane bathroom. Talk about an opener! Then six months after that mind blowing mile high sex Nikko finds out that his new psychologist is none other then the woman that rocked his world in the plane bathroom.

"Listen, I don't do this sort of thing- ummm...ever-but I have had one of the worst days of my
life, and you don't look like yours is going so hot, either. Do you umm..... want to go into the bathroom with me?"-Violet

No how are you doing? How've you been since we banged? Was she seriously going to sit there and act like that shit on the plane didn't happen? "I can't believe you're a goddamn psychologist!"-Nikko

Nikko was perfect. Straight up he was so yummy! Nikko was so broken and damaged I just wanted to wrap him up in my love and save him. Nikko had some serious issues but he was still charming, sweet, caring, and a little funny too. Of course he was a sexy bad ass MMA fighter, but he was also a broken ex Marine. Anyone who has ever read my reviews knows I have a thing for (ex or not) Military, Cops, Firefighters, or any man in a uniform really. So yeah Nikko was a wet dream. Strong, dominate, and protective. I loved all Nikko's hard edges and I thought he really grew in this book. I don't think there was anything I would change about him. 

"I have to know..." He lowered his head, stopping inches from her mouth, her quickening breaths brushing against his lips. "Know what?" she whispered, sounding so sexy and breathless. "If you taste as good as I remember."-Nikko and Vi

"Then don't make me a liar, Nikko. Help me help you. Your career is too important to just throw away on the past. You can get beyond this. I believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself."-Vi

Violet was just as amazing as Nikko. She was calm, but strong and she fought like hell for Nikko. She was a sweet, caring person but Vi was no doormat. Vi was a more intellectual person but she had a wild side full of passion. Nikko really seemed to pull that wild side out of her. I loved how she never gave up on Nikko no matter how many times he lashed out at her or pushed her away. Vi had no problem taking Nikko to task but she was determined to help him. She was perfect for him.

"I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to let you in."-Nikko

Nikko wasn't a gentle lover. He fucked the same way he did everything else- demanding, controlling, and unapologetic.-Vi

Nikko and Vi's relationship was intense and full of passion. They fought a bit because Vi wouldn't just let Nikko hide from his past. They were wild together and had major chemistry. I loved them as a couple. I also loved Nikko with his daughter Ray and his two nieces OMG so adorable. I loved all the side characters, and was so happy that I got to see how Aiden and Ryann are doing. I also loved the little glimpse of the romance between Willow and Regan. I loved everything about this book truly. The ending was so sweet my teeth hurt and I had a dopey smile on my face. Now I am hoping the next book is Willow and Regan's book because I'm dying to know how that goes! This series gets better every book. 

"I'm not treating you like one! I just want you to talk to me! That's what normal people do when they care about each other Nikko! They talk, they share their feelings. It's called communication. You should really try it sometime."-Vi

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Always For You

Book Review of Always For You (Always Love Series)

Title: Always For You

Series: Always Love Series

Author: Tawdra Kandle

Date Published: November 24th 2015 

Date Read:    March 12, 2016

The Blurb:Maureen Evans has had a crush on Smith Harrington since they were in college together. She always knew he didn’t see her as anything more than his best friend—just one of the guys—but that didn’t stop her from weaving sexy fantasies about him. 

Now, after years of maintaining a long-distance friendship, Smith’s moving to Burton, Georgia, Maureen’s hometown, to become her partner at the veterinary clinic. After all this time, she should be able to handle working with him without getting hot and bothered. 

Or maybe not. 

The more determined Maureen is to maintain their just-friends bond, the more Smith seems intent on testing those boundaries. And when flirting crosses the line into something more, it ends in a night neither of them can forget. 

When friendship is no longer enough, there’s always love.

My Review

2.5 Snail's pace Stars

*There will be Spoilers*

Okay so this is the second book by Tawdra Kandle that I have read. There where things about it I liked and some that I didn't. I had a really hard time rating this book. While I really liked Mrs. Kandle's writing style, almost all of the characters, the town the book is set in, the plot concept, I didn't like the heroine Maureen. I didn't hate her or anything. I just found her weak, cowardly, insecure, and super immature. I felt bad for her really, but I didn't connect to her at all. The things she did in the book drove me crazy. The fact that in college after being in love with Smith for years, she goes to tell him her feelings at a party where she knew he went with a date, and when she sees some girl kiss him she runs off and gives away her virginity to a man she didn't even know the name of is just one of the things she did that had me cringing. I mean come on. Then years later as a 30 year old woman she dates a man she feels nothing for, just uses poor Tim because she thinks Smith just wants to be friends. I loved the hero Smith. Although I didn't really understand him waiting to tell her how he felt. I get everyone was telling him to let her date poor stupid Tim and woo her but really it was stupid advice if you ask me. I felt he should have just been honest. All the relationship angst was uncalled for. If they would have just pulled their heads out of their butts and been truthful. Smith's wooing was weak at best and if I was Maureen I would have been confused too. He wasn't clear at all so it wasn't all her fault. That being said honestly I didn't really feel like I was reading a romance. They didn't really have anything going at all until almost the end. My kindle read 82% when Smith finally told Maureen that he loved her and kissed her. After all that snail's pace slow build up they make love and then she is back to doubting and I am staring at my kindle going are you kidding me? Then they have a heart to heart where he tells her he real does love her didn't feel sorry for her and all is well the end at 94%. That's it all that super long waiting and barely a glimpse of a HEA. I felt cheated. I was left shaking my head. I didn't feel any of their relationship if that is what you call what they had. So there is my problem. I liked all the others, Smith, and everything that happened in the book but their relationship parts which wasn't really much anyways. I couldn't decide if I should give it a 2 or 3 star. I went with 2.5 stars and I rounded up, because I really did like the writing style and the way everyone talked and felt down to earth and real. I really kinda want to know more about the others. I think maybe just Maureen wasn't my kind of girl. I plan on giving this author another chance and reading one of the other couples story. Meghan and Sam maybe? 

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Cop On Her Doorstep

Book Review of Cop on her Doorstep (True love in uniform Series)

Title: Cop on her Doorstep

Series: True Love In Uniform Series

Author: Karen Docter

Date Published: August 25th 2015 

Date Read:    March 11, 2016

The Blurb: In the six years since her husband was killed by S.W.A.T., Carrie Padilla has spent long hours at work, rebuilding a life for herself and her son. The little time she has at home is spent keeping her eight-year-old son out of trouble, but he is all too eager to try to be the man in the house. When a handsome cop shows up on her doorstep, her errant son in tow, Carrie's heart stutters. The sexy Italian cop sets off all kinds of bells in her system, and she knows there's only one thing she can do to save what is left of her family, her husband’s memory, and her heart...avoid her new neighbor at all costs.

S.W.A.T. officer Jake Stafani already lost one little boy to gang violence, the dead boy’s older brother is missing, and Jake's not about to let the same thing happen to a neighbor's son. He drags the youngster home only to discover much more than a passing interest in the boy's beautiful, but wary, mother. Forced to take a leave of absence after a bust goes awry, Jake can think of nothing better to occupy his time than to keep Carrie and her son safe, and locate the missing teen who holds the key to taking the gang off the streets, once and for all.

But Jake doesn’t count on his stubborn, intriguing neighbor distracting him from his job, or the passion that flares between them. He doesn’t expect her amazing son to steal a piece of his heart. Jake is ready to risk everything for Carrie, body and soul. But it’s not all up to him. If their new love is to survive, Carrie will need to be strong enough to see the man's beating heart behind the badge, to look beyond the pain of her past, and decide that loving again is worth the risk.

My Review

4 House Arrest Stars

"I could always put you under house arrest and make love to you night and day until neither of us can remember our names."-Jake


"Honey, I'm more than my job," he said. "I'm like everyone else. I feel pain and joy. I want love and security and happiness."-Jake

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with uniforms. God but I love me some sexy men in uniforms. So when I seen Cop on her Doorstep on Netgalley I went for it without even reading the Blurb, because hello Cop!!! I am so glad I did. I really liked this book. I really enjoyed almost everything about it. Jake was a sexy Italian cop that was good with kids and respected his mom. He was protective and romantic, oh and he cooked. Hello perfect! Carrie and me had a more complex relationship. Carrie was a widow with abandonment issues. She doesn't let anyone get close because she knows they will just leave her, everyone she ever loved did. One minute I liked her and could understand her and the next I wanted to shake her. One of my pet peeves in books is over the top cowards and she came real close at times to tap dancing on that line. I did understand her fear though and that helped a lot. But I wish she would have woke up sooner. I loved little Eric and Jake's relationship. What is it about men and children that is so sexy? Jake and Carrie for the most part had a great and sweet relationship. This book was relatively low angst. The only real angst was Carrie's fear and most of that was fought in her head. This was a slow burn easy kind of read. I really enjoyed it. Lighthearted, sexy, and hello yummy Cops!!!! Just sayin' I will be reading more books from this author for sure. I would recommend It to anyone who is looking for a sweet low angst read! 

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Book Review of Gideon (The Surprise Brides Series)

Title: Gideon

Series: The Surprise Brides Series

Author: Cynthia Woolf

Date Published: August 31st 2015

Date Read:    March 03, 2016

The Blurb: 

As the local preacher, Gideon Fraser often talks about the many virtues of a good marriage, but that doesn't mean he has the slightest inclination of claiming a bride of his own. No, he's been burned before, by greedy women who only want the prestige and money the Fraser family name can provide. When his mother's devious matchmaking results in his unexpected wedding, Gideon looks at the beautiful face of the woman who has sworn to be his and wants nothing to do with her. But Gideon is in danger of losing his heart until he discovers the truth. His new wife lied to him...about everything. 

Ruby Haller needed a husband and fast. A treacherous man promised her the world, took her virginity, and left her without a father for her unborn child. When her father, the town minister, found out she was expecting a child, he offered her hand in marriage to the meanest man in town. Becoming a mail-order-bride appeared to be a safer choice. But instead of a rancher, she ends up the wife of a stubborn, bull-headed preacher and he's none to pleased when he discovers her duplicity. Worse? The local town beauty, who had been courting him for years, is determined to make her life a living hell.

But Angel Springs, Colorado is a small town that can inspire big dreams. It's nearly Christmas, and as these two hearts heal, a holiday miracle just might be within reach.

My Review

4 Trust Stars

May have very Mild Spoilers

I really enjoyed reading Gideon. Gideon was the 3rd book in The Surprise Brides series. The series was about the 4 Fraser brothers, and their mama, who wrote and got them mail order brides. Mama Fraser did this without any of her sons or the brides knowledge. Each book is one of the brother's story and each book is written by a different author. Gideon was the only book in this series that I have read and it was written by Cynthia Woolf. Cynthia Woolf is a author who's books I have enjoyed many times in the past and this love story was everything I have come to expect from Mrs. Woolf.

"I'm sorry, Gideon. You didn't want any of this. First your mama forces you to wed and now you find out you are going to be a father to a child who is not yours."-Ruby

Gideon was sexy, caring, and honorable. Gideon was a preacher, a man of God and he tried to live a Godly life. He of course wasn't perfect. He had some trust issues from being hurt in a past relationship. So that at times he didn't trust his wife when he should have, it didn't help that she lied to him in the start of their marriage, but Gideon was always gentle and kind. Ruby was a very sweet and loving woman who was treated ill by her family and the man she thought loved, and planned to marry her. Instead she was abandoned. She became a mail order bride because her father, who was also a preacher planned on marrying her off to the meanest man in town. Scared to tell the truth and be cast off again she told her new husband some lies to protect herself. Ruby had a big heart and was like a mother hen always trying to help others.

"I'm weak where you are concerned, Gideon and I do not like it, not one bit, but I cannot help how I feel. I do love you, as much as I don't want to admit the feeling to you, I can no longer deny the emotion is there."-Ruby


"Did you know," he stroked her arm with his hand, "that I thank God every day for each moment I have with you? I can't believe you're here, and you're mine. I must have done something good for Him to reward me thus."-Gideon

I found Gideon and Ruby's relationship very sweet and touching. This book had a little drama with a woman in town that wanted Gideon for her own, but for the most part it was a nice feel good book. I really liked Mama Fraser, and all the brothers, expect Caleb. I kinda wanna go back and read them all now. Although I wish they were all written by Cynthia Woolf, I know her writing, I like her writing, and I am unfamiliar with all the other authors in this series, but I may go back anyway! I really liked the fact that the prologue was the same for all four books and gave you the basics of the series plot. It helped keep me from feeling lost even though I was only reading the 3rd book, but it let you know to skip to the 1st chapter so you aren't rereading it over and over if you do read the whole series. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a nice heartwarming, easy going read! 

"God blessed us both when He gave us each other. I guess He knows what He's doing after all. Don't ever tell Mama I said anything to the effect that this was the perfect solution."-Gideon