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Escaping Destiny

Book Review of  Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles)

Title: Escaping Destiny

Series: The Fae Chronicles

Author: Amelia Hutchins

Date Published:  February 17th 2014

The Blurb:
I thought things couldn't get worse. I was wrong.

I found out what I really wanted and was forced to give him up. Just as I found out who I really am, I was presented to the elusive Horde King as a gift.

This was the mystical being I was hidden from for more than twenty years.

Although Ryder promised to save me, I couldn't let him get near this creature, so I willingly (sort of) signed myself over to be his new plaything.

Now in the Horde Realm, nothing is going remotely like I thought it would.

My powers and emotions are on the fritz, and each day seems to bring surprises that I am not sure how to deal with.

The Horde King thinks he has me exactly where he wants me. He thinks he has taken all of my options away.

I still have choices.

Embracing what destiny has planned for me, or escaping it.

My Review

5 Wee Little Beasties Stars

May have spoilers.

This book was Amazing!!!! So the book starts right were Taunting Destiny left off Syn is being gifted to the Horde King. She is trapped no way out and worried that Ryder will get himself killed trying to save her from the Horde King. Things are looking really bad for Syn!

Holy Plot twist batman!!! Ryder is the Mother Fuckin Horde King!!!!!  I so didn't see that shit coming! It's 5% into the damn book and I am floored! And the plot twist just kept coming. 

Ryder OMG I think I just fell in love with Ryder. He was so damn sexy, protective, powerful as fuck, dominant, and Possessive, Damn if he didn't really try in this book to make Syn happy and be romantic. He is trying to see where she is coming from and is starting to give a little instead of always taking! Ryder really grows in this book, and nothing is sexier than a tough man falling hard for a woman. OH and he is one Panty melting , dirty talking beast!

"It may be between your legs, Pet, but make no mistake, this belongs to me. Understand?"

"Good girls get special kisses. Do you want to be kissed?"

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, and so deep that you will scream my name, Princess. Your body will tremble, your insides will melt, you will be wild with need, but you won't come, not until i allow it. I want you so fucking wild with lust that you beg me to come. That you will beg me to allow you to find release, and only then will i allow you to come on my tongue."

Syn came out swinging in this book. I didn't think she could get any better for me, but I was wrong.

Syn has always been Kick ass, but in this book she shows a softer and vulnerable side. She really fights for want she wants !

"You want me fine? Leave me alone for a minute. In the last few weeks I have watched my best friend be murdered right in front of me, I found out I wasn't human, I have been stabbed by Zahruk, almost blown up, given to the Dark Heir as his fiancee, Kidnapped, met my fairy fucking family, and now I'm a whore for the fucking Horde King! You want me to be okay? Then get the fuck back for five minutes!"

"I'm going to fight for him. He's my ever after, Adam. I'm willing to fight to keep him,"

"It fucking hurts! I can't breathe, Ryder, because of you! Before you I was fine. I was living. I could breathe and without you I can't! When Adrian died it hurt like hell, but I could breathe, damn it!"

God did I hurt with them. My emotions wow this book had me feeling everything. I loved Ryder and Syn's relationship in this book they are a lot more like a couple and you can see their love growing . They had a very cute playfulness in this book that I loved.

“She’s my fucking anchor, and no one will take her from me again, not even to save this world.”

“I was going to fight to keep the elusive Horde King as my own. Every beauty needed a beast, and he was mine.” 

For real I am loving me some Ristan! This book consumed me from beginning to end, kept me on edge , was action and drama packed. Damn good read!! 

Fav quote:
“I'm the fucking Horde King, I don't woo."
"Woo her," Ristan continues.
"I don't woo."
"Woo," he repeats.
"I'm not the kind of man to woo anyone. I can make her scream my name to the rafters, isn't that enough wooing?"
"Woo," Ristan smirks, which only served to irritate me more.
"Woo," I grind out on an exhale.
"Yes, woo," he says, already turning to walk away. I watch his shoulders quake with laughter.
"Woo," I growl.
"Woo!" He says over his shaking shoulders.
"Fuck me," I shake my head.
"No thanks, not my type...” 

GOD I can't freaking wait for SD!!!!! If you have not read this series you should totally check it out!

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Taunting Destiny

Book Review of  Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles)

Title: Taunting Destiny

Series: The Fae Chronicles

Author: Amelia Hutchins

Date Published: September 18th 2013 

The Blurb: 
I thought things were bad and weird before – hold on – it’s getting worse.

Adam and I are both going through identity crises of epic proportions as we Transition from who we were, and discover who we were meant to be. More Fae are dying, and I feel as if time is running out for us to find all of those responsible and put an end to the killings.

The people I thought I could trust have betrayed me and the one person I should absolutely not trust; is taking me deeper and deeper into his world.

Ryder’s secrets are dangerous and devastating.

With each touch and word, he pulls my heart closer to himself and at the same time he is trying to keep me at arm’s length. The dance he and I have begun, is getting more complicated as our worlds are being shaken from all sides, and the visions of the future are frightening, and nothing like I had ever pictured for myself or those I care for.

This time, destiny is taunting me.

I had always thought that I controlled my destiny. Now, my rights are being taken from me by powerful people and leaving me with alternatives that range between bad and awful.

This time, the choices I have to make can decide the fate of both worlds.

Everything is unraveling, and nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review

4.5 Who's your daddy Stars         May have spoilers

OMFG I loved this book! The first book was good, but this book Wow just WOW!

So this book picks up right where Fighting Destiny left off. Syn and Adam are trying to deal with the fact that they are Fae, and all that entails including their upcoming transition. Crazy murderers are still out there killing off Fae. Syn is missing her best friend, and she doesn't know who she can trust!

I just can't believe how good this book was. Amelia Hutchins added so much to the story line and some plot twist I never saw coming, that it kept me on the edge of my seat and my emotions all over the place.


I loved Ryder in this book. I love how he let his walls down and let Syn in. How she made him laugh and pushed him, and I love how she brought out his softer side. I love the fact that Amelia Hutchins kept Ryder true to his character. He wasn't a alpha ass one minute and a perfect sweetheart the next. He was still the sexy, dominant, cocky, dirty talking fucking fairy that he was in the 1st book, but better. The fact that he was slow in changing made it more believable.

"You've left a mark on me that will never be replaced. I'm incapable of loving anyone. You have turned my world upside down, Pet. I want you-the visions don't change that. Let me make love to you, Synthia. Let me show you what you make me feel. I need to be with you now. I need to feel you beneath me. I need to touch your soul and leave my mark on you, so that you never forget me."

"You," he said falling to his knees in front of me. "I'd want you, Synthia, to do with as I wished for the rest of my life. You would be mine, completely. I'd want you at my mercy, to taste, and touch when I wanted you."

"Synthia, I plan to keep you forever,"


Syn was better in this book too. In the 1st book I really liked Syn, but I felt she let Ryder and others walk on her too much. In this book she grew her lady balls and wasn't taking shit from anyone! She was just as sassy, loyal, and funny as she was in fighting destiny. She just kicked more ass and I loved it!!!! 

"Get away from me. I've lost everything! Everything, Ryder. I'm barely fucking standing on my feet and you just keep taking from me. I signed the fucking contract. You have me through transition! Why the fuck would you mark me as your whore?"

"I am not your anything. You marked me without my permission. So I'm not yours until I decide to give myself to you . You can't just piss on my leg and say I'm yours. It doesn't work that way in the real world."

"I'm Syn, and you're Ryder. You're my fucking Fairy, and you're wrong," I purred throatily. "How's that?" he inquired, sinking further inside of me. "You're my fucking Fairy happy meal,"

Ryder and Syn together Dayum! This book has some of the hottest sex I have ever read and that is saying something. I loved the build of their relationship there was no instant love. It was a nice slow development that made me feel invested in them as a couple.

"I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. I'm going to worship every inch of you with tongue until you tremble and beg me to fuck you even harder. I'm going to make you remember me forever, right now. Then I will fuck you slow and gentle, and show you what it is like to be cherished, by me."

Ryder made Syn's transition so special and sweet that I swooned a little, until the sex. Did I mention the sex was hot as hell!

"Tell me how much you want this cock inside of you. Tell me how bad you need to come. say it, and I promise to make you come, so many times that you won't remember your own fucking name."

"I fucked you in every position, in every way I could, and you begged me for more. You took everything I gave you. You begged me, and it was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life. You fed perfectly."

I also enjoyed the budding friendship between Ryder's men and Syn and that she got to meet her family. And the ending! OMG THE FREAKING ENDING!!!! Why do you leave me hanging like that.

I really can't think of much that I didn't like in this book. It was a great read and I would totally recommend it!!

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Fighting Destiny

Book Review of  Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles)

Title: Fighting Destiny

Series: The Fae Chronicles

Author: Amelia Hutchins

Date Published: June 4th 2013

The Blurb: 
Have you ever heard of the old Celtic legends of the Fae - beautiful, magical, and deadly creatures that have a love of messing with humans just for kicks and giggles?

Welcome to my world.

What started out as a strange assignment, lead to one of the most gruesome murder mysteries of our times. My friends and I are set and determined to find out who is killing off Fae and Witches alike.

Couple of problems in the way – I hate the Fae and the Prince of the Dark Fae is bound and determined that I work for him. He’s a rude, overbearing egotistical ass with a compulsive need to possess, dominate and control me. Oh – did I mention that he is absolutely sex-on-a-stick gorgeous and he makes me feel things that I never ever wanted to feel for a Fae...every time he touches me or looks at me with those dangerous golden eyes he seems to pull me further in under his spell, despite my better judgment.

My friends and I can’t trust anyone and nothing is as it seems on the surface – not even me.

My Review

4 The asses you hate to love Stars.

Fighting Destiny is the First book in The Fae Chronicles Series. Witches and Fae are being killed left and right. It's Synthia's job as a witch in the Guild, to enforcing laws that protect humankind from the rest of the Otherworld creatures. Syn is the best at what she does, but she is a rebel with a dark past. Syn doesn't play well with others, and she hates and distrust the Fae. So she couldn't believe it when she was hired to work for the Dark Prince of the Fae, Ryder. She doesn't trust Ryder, he is a rude ass jerk, use to getting what he wants, when he wants it, but she can't help the lust that burns in her for him. Ryder is powerful and he always gets what he wants. He doesn't ask, he takes. So when he wants the sassy witch that challenges everything he says and fighting him at every turn , no one will stop him from having her, not even her!

So this is the second time I have read this book. The first time I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. I liked it the first time, But I liked it more the second time around! There was parts of this book I really liked, but there where some parts of this book that I really didn't like.


Ryder confused the hell out of me one minute I liked him and the next I wanted to choke him. I think Ryder is kinda a dick. Sometimes he was this asshat that did things that I had a hard time seeing how Syn didn't just punch him in the throat. I had a hard time seeing how Syn could fall for him or trust him with the shit he pulled, then at other times he would do something sweet like have her dance on his feet. 

It confused me and made me unsure of how I felt about Ryder. Also I have always said there is a difference between a sexy dominant alpha male and a crazy controlling borderline abusive male and I feel like the line was blurred in this book with Ryder. He was just too mean and controlling at times!

"Keep lipping off, and I'll find a use for that tongue." "Keep dreaming, man-whore."

"Never challenge me. I promise that you will lose. Every. Fucking. Time."

She's Challenging me. Even now, her eyes narrow on me, watching me as I watch her back hungrily. Challenge fucking accepted. ~ Ryder

"Then I'll put you back together. I will never tear you down, Syn. I will always protect you from anything and everything that would. I've yet to find anything in this world, or any other, who can take me on- keep that in mind,"


Synthia I liked a lot. I felt sorry for the things she lived through. She was very loyal to her friends who I didn't feel were very good friends to her at times. She was very sassy, and she has mad skills as a witch. At times she confused me too. She was kickass one minute and then she would let Ryder walk on her the next. 

"I'm not a piece of fucking property! I cannot be owned!"

"I'm not like Claire, Ryder. I won't be used because you want sex. That's what it would be-right?"

"Fuck destiny. I decide my own destiny, Ryder. Not some fucking preordained bullshit,"

Syn and Ryder's relationship while very hott with sexual tension and some very sexy dirty talk,

"You're too tight. I want to put my cock in you so fucking bad, Syn. I want to drive it in until you scream my name. Do you want it, Witch? Do you want this Fae cock fucking your tight pussy until it comes for me?"

"Fuck me, Ryder-hard. I'm asking you to just give it to me, everything. Stop holding it back."

lacked something for me. They had a Lust/ hate relationship for almost the whole book. I think that it was that I felt Ryder should have tried building her trust and showed her that she could trust fae, that they were not all alike and that not all would steal your will and rape and feed from you until you are a FIZ, but instead he was very selfish and broke her trust repeatedly. She even tried to give him a chance to earn her trust and to let him in, like their date. What does he do, He takes her to a hunt!!!

The hunt where her choices where to sleep with him or he would let the next hunter have her and the next hunter wouldn't take no for an answer, so the hunter would rape her! Then if she chooses her ex boyfriend, Adrian at the hunt he would kill Adrian. So Syn basically had no choice!!! I am just not ok with that even if he does say:

"You want to be chased. You need the choice taken away from you. You fight your own desires, because you think you cannot handle it Syn. You punish yourself for something that happened long ago, something you couldn't have changed, because destiny decided it before you were even born. I'm just giving us both what we want."

I mean really? And she was ok with that and wanted to sleep with him pfff! Then after he and syn have sex for hours, he gets pulled from their bed to hear news that his people were attacked by witches. He believes they are from Syn's guild. So what does he do he chokes her, doesn't wait to find out what happens just decides Syn slept with him to set up the attack on his people. What a asshat again! I also didn't care for the FIZ mind control thing. I felt really sorry for Syn. She had a bad life and I felt trapped for her by Ryder and all the crap he pulls. Towards the end I think Ryder was confused by his own feelings for Syn and you do get to see him soften a little. I started to like the new sides that Ryder was showing. The ending OMG the ending was crazy making me Freak the freak out!

The story plot is great, the world was different in a good way, and it was written well and had lots of drama and plot twist. I can see that the book has the potential to become a great series depending on how the next book goes so I am on to the next book!

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Hero of her Heart

Book Review of Hero of her Heart

Title: Hero of her heart

Series: No Series. Novel

Author: Lindsey Brookes

Date Published: December 8th 2011

The Blurb:
From the moment Bethany Warner was born, Sheriff Tanner Montgomery was on the run. And he was only four at the time. Their mothers’ matchmaking efforts finally ended when Bethany’s family moved away. Now, ten years later, she’s coming back to Ruby Creek and his mother is up to her old tricks again.

Tanner is happy with his life just the way it is. No emotional entanglements. No wife or child to worry about leaving behind if something should happen to him in the line of duty. Then Bethany returns, all grown up and sexier than sin. Now he’s on the run for a whole new reason.

Growing up, Bethany idolized Tanner. He was the HERO OF HER HEART. But to him she’d been nothing more than a tag-a-long little kid. Too tall, too thin, with unruly curls and teeth she could whistle through.

That was then. Now she’s coming back to Ruby Creek, a successful, confident businesswoman, and no longer the ugly duckling she had once been. Can Bethany convince Tanner to give love a chance? And if she does, will it be everything she had always dreamt it would be?

My Review

Very Cute read....

Their mothers are best friends and they have been planning the marriage of their son and daughter since Bethany Warner was born. Four years older, Tanner has always seen Bethany as the pesky lil girl his mom pushed on him, always taggin along. Childhood Friends until Bethany moves away with her parents after high school. Tanner has no plans on ever getting married, having kids and settling down, not with his job as sheriff. No way is he willing to leave behind a wife and kids if he dies in the line of duty like his father did. It's been 10 years since Bethany has been gone. Now she is coming back to her home town, back to where she grew up and back to Tanner Montgomery, her life long crush. As a teen she was plain Jane, lean, tall always being picked on for being the ugly duckling, but she is all grown up now and ready to see if she can get Tanner to notice her now! Tanner can't believe it's Bethany, this beautiful sexy as hell woman standing in front of him. Will he go for what he wants and make Bethany his or will his fear of repeating his father's past keep him from claiming Bethany for his own? 

This book was a sweet read, funny and cute. I really enjoyed it. I really liked both Tanner and Bethany. Tanner was sexy and funny as hell making a fool of himself over Bethany. Bethany was cute and funny, driving Tanner insane with her flirting. The sexual tension between them was hott as hell. I really liked the other characters in this book, and I love the ending although I wish it was a little longer. This book was a great, light hearted, feel good read!

This book was free on Amazon here is the link if you want to read it for yourself

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Book Review of Locke (Corps Security)

Title: Locke

Series: Corps Security

Author: Harper Sloan

Date Published: September 29th 2014

The Blurb: 
Darkness is the only thing I see. Ever since the day my life changed. The day that everything and everyone I held close to me ceased to exist. The day I lost it all and the demons of my past consumed my every waking moment.

I tried to keep others at arm’s length. Tried not to let my darkness taint them. Ruin them. Harm them. And whether I want to admit it or not, as much as I wish I could keep them locked out, they refuse to leave. Refuse to let me suffer alone.

If I hadn’t been so focused on keeping those demons from flying free, I wouldn’t have missed how one perfect angel was able to sneak her way under my skin—refusing to let go. Making me want things I don’t deserve.

She consumes me. Her beauty knows no end. The love she promises tempts me every time she’s near. But that pure heart that makes her MY Emmy is the one thing I’m convinced I’ll destroy if I ever let her close.

I’m a broken man. A broken man with too much darkness in his soul to ever let her light shine upon me. But even that doesn’t stop me from craving her with every single breath in my body.

My Review

4.5 sassy stars May have some Spoilers below 

OMG I was so worried when I started this book I have read a lot of mixed reviews on Locke, and after Cooper let me down, I was hoping it wouldn't fall flat. I almost put off reading it, but my OCD got the best of me and I had to finish the series. I am glad I did, because this book just worked for me. I was not disappointed. I loved this book! Damn but I love me some broken, tortured, heroes! 

This book is number 5 in the Corps Security Series and it is the long awaited book of Maddox Locke. Maddox has been Pushing Emmy away for years now, He knows he is a broken man with demons that won't let up, and he doesn't want to consume her light and sweetness with the darkness of his past. Emmy has been fighting for Maddox to let her in and let her love him for years now, after the death of Coop she just runs. Now Maddox is coming to bring Emmy home, but is it to late?

"I know what she wants, but I won't let my demons hurt her. Not my Emmy. Since day one, she has been my greatest temptation, but I refused to take everything innocent that is Emmy and let my blackness take her. Because that will happen. It will wrap around her soul and slowly choke the life out of her. Just like every other person I've allowed in.
I'll taint her. I'll ruin her. And in the end, it will destroy her."


Maddox is one hott mess. In this book we finally get to see Mad's past and what makes him the broken, tortured, man of few words that he is today. He has been told his whole life that he is evil and destroys everything that he gets close to. He has been used, abused, and betrayed by his mother the evil bitch, his brother the total bastard, and his whore of a ex-fiance. Add that with survivor's guilt from when he was in the military and you have my heart bleeding for Maddox Locke! 

"I'll stand by her side until I'm no longer wanted-and then, if that day ever comes, I'll throw her over my shoulder and carry her the rest of the way."

"No, Em, I don't expect you to believe me like that. But let's get one thing straight - it doesn't matter if you have any fight left in you because I'm going to fight hard enough for both of us now, angel. It's time for you to hand over all of that strength and maybe give me a few pointers, but it's time.... time to let me fight for us."

“Please don’t give up on me,” he whimpers


OMG Emmy was just as broken and messed up as her man.  Groomed since the age of 2 to be a stripper by her worthless parents and raped repeatedly by a man her parents picked to be her husband when she was only 10 years old.  We get to see how Emmy is saved by Coop so when Coop died protecting her again she can't deal with the guilt and she runs back to her old life. One thing I really loved about Emmy is that she was a fighter, sassy as hell and strong. 

"We all have baggage, Maddox. I wish that you could understand that I'm not asking for perfection. What you fail to realize is that I have two arms just begging for you to let me help you carry that baggage."

"I know exactly what I'm talking about. I know because my soul recognizes it's mate. It's kindred spirit. We both have our pain, Maddox. We both have the shame of our past and the fear it holds on the future. The only difference is you let that pain and fear rule your heart. And the difference in me is that I am willing to risk it all day in and day out for just a second of your love."

This book was angry sex heaven..... They were burning up my kindle! Their love story was beautiful the way they fought their demons together, and when Mad woke and decided to fight for him and Emmy Damn, but I swooned. 

I loved how all the ladies were there for Maddox in the hospital being his strength, like he had been there for each of them at some point... There was just a few little things that I felt were a little over the top and that is why I rated this one a 4.5 instead of a 5 star book , like the fact that this book glossed over the rape like it was no biggie, but maybe Harper Sloan didn't want it to get to dark, but I still feel like she should have had a little bit of a hard time with being raped repeatedly!  and I feel like there was way to much spanking going on just saying!!!

 really enjoyed this series and I feel like this book was a great end to the series, The epilogue was epic and I can't freaking wait for   

Coming out feb. 17th it's a spin off of this series picking up the stories of the children. Unexpected Fate is Cohen Cage and Danielle Reid!!!!!!

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Book Review of Cooper (Corps Security)

Title: Cooper

Series: Corps Security

Author: Harper Sloan

Date Published: June 19th 2014

The Blurb:  
Do you take me seriously? Because I don’t. I use my jokes and easygoing personality to hide the pain I’ve felt since he took his last breath. I’m adrift without my partner in crime, my best friend…my brother. I can taste the vengeance just within my grasp. 

Until she barges into my life. Promising me happiness and a peace I’ve been craving for years. She is the sun to my darkness, the happy to my despair. 

But she holds secrets. Just like I do. She holds hers close, where I just pray mine don’t rock the walls we’re trying to build. 

Now I’m stuck at a crossroads between my desire for revenge and my craving for her and the life we could have together—and I have no idea which road I should travel. 

All I know with crystal clear certainty is that the past has the power to destroy it all. 

My Review

3.5 Déjà vu Stars May have spoilers especially if you have not read the first 3 books in this series!

Oh boy where to begin..... I have loved this series from the start. How could I not with all these Yummy, broken, alpha men finding their soul mates and becoming perfect swoon-worthy, romantic, protective, sexy, dirty talking beast. But this book just didn't have that wow factor for me. It was a good read, but not near as good as Axel's book.

Asher is Zeke Cooper's brother. In Becks book Zeke was killed. Now Asher is spiraling out of control, drinking and screwing his way to numbness, when he isn't plotting revenge. The only light in his life comes from the woman he met during his darkest hour Chelcie , only problem is she keeps him at arms length even though he knows she feels the same strong connection that he does. Chelcie is very attracted to Asher, She knows there is something more between them, but she doesn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost, and she is scared that when he finds out what she's been hiding that she is pregnant with Zeke coops baby.  That he will hate her or think bad of her. When the truth comes out will she get her man or will it blow up in her face?

Asher and Chelcie were very cute together, in a cheesy, super sweet, almost too perfect kind of way. It was like a switch is flipped in the book and wham perfect instant-family. There are a few things in this book that just didn't work for me and that made this book a 3.5 instead of a 5 and those reasons are....
For one Asher really didn't seem to have his own personality, he was like a mix of all the previous heroes giving me one hell of a sense of Déjà vu and making him generic. The Author even summed it up in the book with this line: “He has Axel’s protectiveness without being over the top. If what Melissa tells us is correct, he shares Greg’s bedroom skills. He has that huge heart of gold that Beck is famous for. And of course, he shares Maddox’s strength and determination.”. Another thing that didn't work for me was Super over the top cheesiness to their relationship! There was some really cheesy lines that where making me roll my eyes.
"I always used to read the books where the hero would come, and come, and come...and then come again. I'd roll my eyes, thinking that surely there was no way a man like that - with stamina of a god - exists. Tonight, Asher proved me wrong. Those men definitely exist. And he's all mine."

"By the time he pushes in deep, emptying himself out into my body, I've come three times and I would swear that I saw angels."

 Don't get me wrong there was some really good parts to their relationship. Some that was Sweet, and smoken hott!

“We all have that person, Dee. Beck is yours. Axel is Izzy’s. Melissa’s is Greg. Hell, Emmy’s is Maddox. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. We have that person who makes us complete. He is my person.”

“Sunshine,” I murmur, “once I take you – make you mine – I won’t ever let you go. You’re mine, baby. This body, this heart, and damn sure this pussy. I won’t take you until I know you understand what I’m saying to you.”

“I’ve been stuck in this fog, this darkness that’s held me captive…This black hole of grief that I couldn’t escape. But then you came into my life…you were my light when there was none to be found.”

There was some really heartwarming parts to the book with the baby , but I have always been a sucker for babies!

Something else that didn't work for me was the drama at the end[ when his crazy ex came out of no where and tries to kill Chelcie!!! really?? What is it with these men's dicks being so good, bitches go crazy (like if I can't have him no one can crazy!)when they lose em? 

That being said Cooper was still a good read and a enjoyable book. It had a good plot, with a sweet romance, some drama and some funny dating humor.

I still love the hell of this series, and I would totally recommend it. I am on to Locke's book......