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You can send me a request to read your book for a review. I only review romance books, any genre of romance, but there must be romance in the book.   I don't read books where the hero or heroine cheats on each other.  I always give honest reviews.  If I accept your request most of the time I can review your book within a month from the time I get it, but it may take longer depending on how many other books I have lined up to review at that time. I use to accept Mobi files for my kindle but I will no longer be doing that.  Unfortunately I got a virus on my computer downloading someone's mobi file book, and it crashed my whole computer. I had to have someone fix it and it wasn't cheap.  Since I don't get pay to review and do so because I love books, I will not be taking anymore chances with my computer.  I will now only  accept paperback books, Hardback books, Amazon gifted books, and Netgalley books.  I am sorry I know that will make it harder for some.   

When sending a request please include the following information :

1. Title of book
2.  Genre (Paranormal, Contemporary, Dark, Erotica ect)
3.   The Book's blurb
4.  When you need it reviewed by
5.  How many pages
6.  If it's a cliffhanger, stand alone, or part of a series
7. Your contact info

When I write reviews I tend to cuss.  I also use quotes from the book.  If you would like a your review to not have Profanity or quotes from the book just leave a note of that with your info.  

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