Friday, August 30, 2019

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days

Book Review of How to love a Duke in Ten Days (Devil you Know Series)

Title: How to love a Duke in Ten Days

Series: Devil you Know Series

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Date Published:August 27th 2019 

Date Read: August 29, 2019  

The Blurb:

These men are dark, bold, and brave. And there is only one woman who can bring them to their knees...

Famed and brilliant, Lady Alexandra Lane has always known how to look out for to herself. But nobody would ever expect that she has darkness in her past—one that she pays a blackmailer to keep buried. Now, with her family nearing bankruptcy, Alexandra strikes upon a solution: Get married to one of the empire’s most wealthy eligible bachelors. Even if he does have the reputation of a devil.


Piers Gedrick Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne, is seeking revenge and the first step is securing a bride. Winning a lady’s hand is not so easy, however, for a man known as the Terror of Torcliff. Then, Alexandra enters his life like a bolt of lightning. When she proposes marriage, Piers knows that, like him, trouble haunts her footsteps. But her gentleness, sharp wit, independent nature, and incredible beauty awakens every fierce desire within him. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe in his arms.

My Review

   5 How to fall in love with a book in 1 day Stars

******Mild spoilers***** 

"We are eternally bound," she repeated. "By secrets, blood, and pain." "And by trust, passion, and revenge," Francesca added darkly. "And by friendship, love, and..." Cecelia sniffed, pressing on the hands beneath her, as if she could touch the heart below it. "And hope. For without that, what reason do we have to endure?"-The Red Rogues 

OMG Kerrigan Byrne is a brilliant writer. I knew I had a ARC due. I will be honest I didn't want to read this book. Or any book for that matter. I have been in a really crappy book funk. Everything I have read had been boring, meh, annoying, or just plain pissed me off. For the last few months, I have found myself not wanting to read anything, because I know I will end up angry at fictional characters, and want to throw my kindle against a wall. I was avoiding this book. Afraid my sour ass mood would color my view of the story. I decided to try and start it. If I started to feel annoyed, I would put it down and come back to it later. However two pages in, just two mind you, I was so enthralled that I couldn't put the book down. The story was so emotional, the characters so on point, that I read it all the way through. No sleep, didn't clean, had my husband make dinner. I could not be pulled away from this book til I got their HEA. 

"Lately, I only feel safe when I'm with you."-Alexandra

"I like it when you say my name," he growled. "I'll like it even better when you moan it."-Piers

Piers was amazingly sexy, beastly, and protective. He had his issues, and wasn't perfect, but he was perfect for me. I love me some scarred heroes. Maybe it's just me, but there is something sexy about the strength and survival that scars represent. Piers had a dry sense of humor that had me cracking up. Alexandra was amazing and strong. It was nice to see how much of a fighter Alexandra was. She made a life for herself without a man, she was smart, brave, and loyal. As a sexual assault survivor, I hate when I read a book where a woman is assaulted, then jumps straight into bed with the hero. Like nothing happened and sex magically makes everything better. When the aftermath is depicted as easy to get over. Just glossed over like no biggie. Sexual assault is an ugly, life altering thing that changes a person forever. No two survivors are the same, or react the same. So I really loved that Kerrigan Byrne did a great job of painting the raw aftermath of healing. Of the scars that linger long after, but also of the beauty of taking back one's power and life. It was a nice balance. A touch of real without weighting down the book with too much dark. I love anything that sheds a realistic light on something that affects so many. 

He could break her. He could protect her. She feared him. She needed him. She wanted....this. 

The scream crawling up her throat finally erupted, muffled by the fabrics as her entire soul rent apart in one quivering, bone-shattering cry of pure, helpless, hopeless anguish. She'e thought she was healing. That her patient, tempting husband opened her body and mind, seducing her into the world of carnality. But no. She was broken. Damaged. Dirty. No matter how many baths she took. No matter how many tears she offered. How much restitution she paid or forgiveness she begged. No matter how many years were put between her and the night her body had been invaded. She was damaged. Soiled. Unclean and fallen.-Alexandra

The above quote is just so powerful, and raw. Piers and Alexandra were one of those amazing couples that you feel a real, and deep connection too. Their love was all consuming. Their passion was smoking hot. I felt the bond, felt the love, felt the story. They were not the only well written, and beautiful relationship in this book though. The Red Rogues, Alex and her two best friends Francesca and Cecilia were a lovely picture of female friendship and sisterhood. They would do anything for each other. It's a nice change to read about loyal female relationships, without all the catty, backstabbing drama that most books have. Truly this book was amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone that loves romance. I would say that as a reader maybe the Author should have put a bit more of a trigger warning on the book, other than the #metoo comment. The rape scene was very hard to read and may really upset some. That there is the only thing I would change about this book. It will be going into my top favorites of all time. I would give this book more that 5 stars if I could. I'm just blown away!!! I can't wait to read the next book!

"You don't know what it will cost me, Alexandra, to love you like this. It consumes me. It obsesses me. You've somehow, in less than a bloody fortnight, become more integral to my sustenance than the very air I breathe or the water I drink." -Piers