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Book Review of Justice (New Species Series)


Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published:  November 11th 2011 

The Blurb: 
Justice North is the face of New Species. Seeing him up close makes Jessie's heart race. He's the ultimate alpha male-big, muscular, exotically beautiful...and dangerous. Of course he's off limits. But then the sexy man purrs and all bets are off.

Jessie Dupree is a mouthy, fiery human female who brings out the animal in Justice. She wants to show him how to relax, and he's all for anything she wants to do, but Justice has sworn to protect his people and to take a Species mate. He's torn between the woman he wants and the oath he's taken. 

Jessie knows a relationship between them probably won't end well; heartbreak is inevitable. But that won't stop her from freeing the wildness inside Justice and spending every moment she can steal wrapped around his hot body, making him roar with passion.

My Review

3 “Dickish? Anal? Jealous?” stars

“You’re not walking out of my life. You’re mine, Jessie. You belong with me.”

“You turned me on. You were small yet fierce. You fought incredibly well.”

WTH????? Ok is it me or was Justice a asshat for like over 50% of the book. I don't know what the hell happened! So Justice is book 4 in the New Species Series, and It was a let down. Justice is the leader of his people. He is the face of New species to humans. He lives his over worked, very busy life under a microscope having his every word and action dissected and splashed all over the news. He is expected to pick a Species for a mate , but it's this little human that makes him burn and brings out all his protective instincts. He wants Jessie Dupree so bad, but can he put his people at risk to have the one woman he loves? Jessie knows she shouldn't want Justice he is her boss, but he is sexy as hell and she just can't help wanting him. What starts out as a little fun in the bed gets complicated when she falls in love with a man that tells her they can't have a future together. Will Jessie get her man or will she end up with a broken heart?

“I admit to the jealousy. If you ever allow someone else to touch you, I will kill him, Jessie. I will tear him apart. Do you understand me?”


I just want to cry..... I loved Justice in the first 3 books and I couldn't wait to get to his book. I had such high hopes that he would sweep me off my feet and I would love him more than ever. I was so damn disappointed in the way he was in most of the this. He acted like a jackass, was a coward about their relationship and just pissed me off most of the time. I mean really Justice she can't be with you because of bla bla bla , but if she is with any other man you will kill him Really? I will give him this he got his act together, but I needed it to be sooner. There was moments when he was really sweet and sexy , but far more moments of him being a Jealous ass and having tantrums. And when he was telling Jessie all the reasons they couldn't be together all I thought was 

“I definitely was that. You’re beautiful, Jessie. Did I tell you that?” He stared deeply into her eyes. “You’re the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen when I’m inside you and you are enjoying us being together.”

“I made a commitment to my people and getting involved with you adds to the problems we have.” He took a deep breath and his anger faded to be replaced by sadness as he stared into her eyes. “I can think of a thousand reasons why it’s a bad idea to be with you but I’m still here. You’re my one weakness, Jessie. I want you and it seems logic doesn’t help me stay away.”


I loved Jessie. She was sweet, funny, total kick ass girl. Blunt and brave. She fights for what she believes in and for Justice. I felt so bad for her, I actually ached, I felt her heart break every time Justice pushed her away. She was supportive and understanding and really too good for Justice after the way he acted!

“You stand before those cameras, the reporters, and the world pretending to be totally human but you’re not. You can just be yourself with me, Justice. I accept you for who and what you are. You’re the guy who purrs and growls, gets a little out of control when we kiss and there’s nothing wrong with that.” She pushed forward, her hands flattened on the bed and she rose to her knees. Her gaze held his as she tried to show him she meant every word. “There’s nothing wrong with you, Justice North. I think you’re amazing and I don’t want you holding back with me. I want to get to know the real you, not some image you’ve tried to perfect for your job. You’re off the clock and it’s playtime. I’m going to teach you how to have fun and tear down those walls you’ve built. I’m safe, Justice.”

“I’m done, Justice. You didn’t want anyone to know about us because you knew we wouldn’t last. You said it was to protect everyone but I assumed that was for only as long as we were still getting to know each other. How naive of me to honestly think you wanted to see if we had a future. You moved me into the house of your future mate and you just made it very clear you’re set on a Species woman. Well, guess what? Fuck you, Justice. I have feelings. Do you get that?”

“I want you to swell with my child and I want you bound to me in every way possible.” He stared deeply into her eyes. “I want to do everything to bind you to me in every way. You make me happy.” He smiled. “You make my life complete.”

I did enjoy that there was new different bad guys and I will say this Laurann Dohner can write some hella hot sex scenes. The book was a pretty good read, could it have been better? Hell yeah! Did I want to choke Justice for most of it? yes! The book did redeem itself and I got some sweet romance towards the end. Oh well I guess I can't love em all. 

here is my favorite moment from the book:

Breeze approached the table slowly, glanced at the four males sitting there and put her hands behind her back. She waited until she had their full attention before she spoke. “Thank you,” she said softly, sincerely. “You said he cared for her,” Brawn grumbled. “You didn’t tell me he was obsessed to the point of going feral. He nearly took my head off when I told him I planned to claim her.” Cedar laughed. “He might not have overturned the table or wanted to tear your head off if you’d just said you were going to claim her. Breeze asked to make him jealous to get him to admit to his feelings for the human. You provoked him into wanting to kill you.” Bestial grinned. “I did like the part about taking her home, mounting her and fucking her until she screamed. Justice sure didn’t, but I was amused.” Jaded chuckled. “Yes. Let’s not forget that classic line that finally broke his barely contained control. What did you say, Brawn? You were going to fill her with your seed and plant it? That was a nice touch.”

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Book Review of Valiant (New Species Series)

Title: Valiant

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: September 14th 2011 

The Blurb: 
Book 3 in the New Species series. Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way but she never imagined a sexy, lion man-beast in her future. He's huge, got the most exotic, golden cat-eyes she's ever seen, and she's so terrified she's speechless for the first time in her life. He's stalking closer, growling at her, and she's too terrified to even flee. Valiant hates humans. But when he gets a whiff of the adorable human female who has invaded his territory, he starts rethinking. Her fear scents of pure, sweet temptation and the closer he gets, the more appealing she becomes. Once he's got his hands on her, he isn't about to let her go. One thought will change his life. MINE! Before Tammy can regain her senses, she's flat on her back in Valiant's bed. Now he just has to use every inch of his big, buff body to convince her that she should stay with him forever. Reader Advisory: While this book may be read as a standalone, the background story is best enjoyed when the books in this series are read in sequential order.

My Review

5 "Mine Mine Mine" Stars

“Thank you.” He remained silent for a long moment. “You never thank me for protecting you, Tammy. You’re mine. It’s my duty and my honor.”

OMG Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! This book was the bomb baby.... I think I am in love with Valiant too! My favorite book so far. I can tell I am going to love the hell outta this series!

"Come on, Valiant, you’ve terrified her enough. What did Justice say about trying to fit in? Remember that talk? God knows, I do. It’s not polite to scare the living shit out of humans.”

So this book is the 3rd in the New Species series. Tammy is a human working for the caterers that Justice hired for a party. Given the wrong directions she ends up in Valiant's yard. Scared to death she can't move or speak. She thinks this big, big, scary as hell man will kill her, it shocks her when he informs the men trying to save her that he isn't going to kill her, just breed her and keep her as his mate forever! Valiant never wanted a human for a mate they are too small, breakable, and he doesn't trust or like humans after all they did to him and his people, but that all changes after he sees Tammy. He wants her for his own and will have her no matter what. Now he just has to convince this little frightened human to be his and never leave him. That should be easy right?

“Don’t,” he growled softly. Tammy froze. “You don’t.” His lips twitched and his eyes narrowed a little. “Don’t what?” “Don’t…” She frowned at him. “Stop scaring me.”


Damn Valiant was perfect...... He was sweet, and vulnerable with Tammy. He was very sexy, protective, possessive, and a powerfully strong bad ass! 

“You’re everything to me.” Valiant suddenly slid off the couch and walked on his knees to face her. His hands cupped her face. “I’m happy for the first time in my life and you are the reason. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Tammy. I know you’re surprised that I want to marry you right now but I know what I want. That is you.”

“I growled when I thought about flipping you over and mounting you from behind. Riding you hard and fast makes my blood boil. I purred because I want to feast on you. I’d enjoy lapping at your pussy with my tongue to taste you again.” Her heart pounded and her body heated up. “We could do both.” He nodded. “Good plan.”


I loved Tammy too. She was funny and brave and stood up to big bad Valiant, when most would piss themselves just being around him. She was sweet, and I loved that she was very talkative. I also liked that she wanted to move a little bit slow and didn't rush into anything it made her more real. 

“Don’t growl at her.” Valiant’s angry glare shifted to Tammy. “I don’t want anyone near you.”“Deal with it. I’m making a friend.” She turned back around and smiled at Breeze. The woman looked surprised as her gaze lifted to meet Tammy’s. “Don’t mind him. He’s,” she shrugged, “protective.”

“I am not ashamed of you. You are better than any human man I’ve ever met, Valiant. A thousand times over. You’re incredibly sweet to me, you always seem to want to take care of me, even though I’m not sure about fattening me up.” She grinned. “And the sex is amazing. You’re smart, caring, and while some things about you drive me nuts, such as how aggressive you can be, I kind of like it. I actually really like it when you get all possessive. I don’t care who knows we’re seeing each other. I just don’t want anyone seeing me naked besides you. Okay?”

“I love you, Valiant. I love you so much.” “I love you too and you make me happy that you love me.”

I loved this book it was funny, romantic, and steamy. Tammy and Valiant together are adorable and their chemistry is explosive. You can't help but love them as a couple. The plot was great. It draws your interest and keeps it. I loved 927 and I hope to see more of him, maybe with breeze! I am on to the next book I almost couldn't wait long enough to even write this review I wanted to start the next one so bad. Yay 
Justice's book. Woot Woot! On that note here is my favorite moment from the book:

Breeze laughed. “To her, he is a sweetheart. We shake in fear when he is angry. She laughs at him. Just do not be afraid when you hear really loud noises today, Jessie. I will have to put you on the third floor by their suite. You will need a room for a few days while you stay to help with the woman. Valiant is lion mixed. Just remember that.” Jessie appeared confused. “What am I missing?” Tammy knew her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. “He roars after sex. On that note, I’m leaving.” She waved. “I hope to see both of you at the wedding. Come if you can.” “She was kidding, right?” Jessie sounded stunned. Breeze laughed. “No. She was not. She is what your kind call a ‘screamer’ too. We all know when they breed. We look forward to when they will go to Valiant’s home just so we can get some undisturbed sleep.”

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Book Review of Slade (New Species Series)

Title: Slade

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: August 19th 2011

The Blurb: 
Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but hospital staff intervenes. 215 is a man Trisha will never forget. But, when she meets him again at Homeland…he doesn’t even remember her!

The nosy new doctor wants to know all about the breeding habits between humans and Species. Slade proposes a hands-on education but she’s not interested in a one-night stand. He can’t offer more because he’s haunted by the memory of a woman he once tried to claim. He’s shocked when he realizes they are one and the same. He’s blown it—she’ll never give him a chance now.

But, when her life is in danger, he’s the only one who can save her. As they flee through the wilderness, their desire ignites and cannot be denied. Hot sex, on the run, has consequences that are even more dangerous and will change their lives forever.

Reader Advisory: There is a scene of an attempted rape.

My Review

3.5 Wishy Washy stars

Spoilers below

Slade snorted. “Women.” “Men.” “Smartass.” “Dumbass.”

When I read a shifter book I expect a fated soul mate kind of love. That bam! your are mine and I knew it the minute we met kinda thing. The I am never going to let you go thing . I got that kind of love in the first book with Fury and was looking forward to some more in this book, but what I got was Slade!

“You’re mine, Doc. I’d fight anyone to get you back and I’ll kill any man who touches you.”


I didn't like Slade . He annoyed the shit outta me! he was wishy washy, jerky and kind of a chicken in this book . I thought he would get better in the book, but by the time he comes around I already didn't like him and he didn't do anything redeeming to make me soften to him. I didn't hate him he wasn't such a asshole that I couldn't stand him or anything , he was kinda like the little boy in 3rd grade that pulls your hair and flings mud at you because he likes you, and he never grows up! Then at towards the end he just sees the light and loves her, is never letting her go and all is good. I don't think so! He also called her sweet thing all the time making me picture him in my head like this

This is my impersonation of Slade. 
"I love you and I will be with you forever and I will fight anyone to keep you safe and get you back your mine!" " Sike!!!! Ha I was just jokin I'm out bitch see ya. " " Okay wait a minute I think I do want you after all. Yes , yes I do! Your mine again!!!"

“Bend over for me, Trisha. I’m going to fuck you the way I’ve wanted to since I saw you. I’m going to drive so deep into that wet little sheath of yours until you don’t know where I end and you begin. I bet you’re going to be so tight that you fist around my dick and I have to fight to move inside you.”

“I missed you,” he breathed against her skin. “I won’t ever leave you again. Ever, Trisha. I’d rather die than be away from you. I swear to protect you with my life and I won’t mess up again. I learned how much you mean to me.”


“Make me forget. Please? I want you.”

Damn I loved Trisha, she totally made this book for me! She made up for what Slade lacked and she is the reason the book got 3.5 stars instead of 2! She was Brave, smart and Sassy. She fought for what she believed in and even in the face of death and rape she was brave and strong. I love that she didn't hold back and just told you what she thought! I don't think I would change a thing about her!

“I’d rather die. Just kill me!” she screamed at him. “You’re a fucking loser. You’re nothing but a fucking asshole rapest.” She hoped he’d snap and kill her. She’d rather die than live through him touching her. “And that’s fucking pathetic by the way. I’m a doctor and I’ve seen a lot of them,” she taunted him. “Pathetic!” she screamed.

“You mean ‘bastard’, don’t you? Go to hell, Slade. Yes, the baby is yours in the biological way. In every other sense the baby is mine and mine alone. Don’t worry though. In the last weeks I’ve learned exactly what to expect from you so stay away from me just the way you have been. I waited a week for you to call or come see me. When you didn’t I was even hopeful for another week. Then you took this job and didn’t even have the decency to tell me you were leaving. You just left. I hate you for that, I really do, and I will never forgive you. You lied to me and you just blew me off. Well, I can do that too. Leave me alone and stop beating up my friends, because they actually care about me.” She took a ragged breath, fighting the urge to cry. “They don’t make me cry. They don’t abandon me or break my heart.” 

“I love being inside you.” Trisha turned her head against his chest. “I love you being there. Wow, Slade. Just wow.”

Even with Slade being a immature asshat for a good part of the book. It was still a pretty good read. There wasn't enough romance, but the sex was hott, and the friendships between Trisha, Brass, Moon, and Harley was too cute, and of course there is the baby. I am a sucker for babies!!!!!

Here is my favorite moment in the book:

“Oh God,” she moaned.
His mouth withdrew from her sensitive flesh. “I told you I was going to kiss you.”
“I thought you’d aim for my mouth.”
He tilted his head, regarding her. “Do you want me to stop? I have to admit I don’t want to. I’ve been dying to taste every inch of you. Don’t deny me, sweet thing.”
“Do you want to die? That’s what will happen if you do stop. Please continue.”

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Book Review of Fury (New Species Series)


Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: July 27th 2011

The Blurb: 

Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it.

Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.

Fury can’t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.

But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.

My Review

4.5 pioneer couple Stars

“Sense of smell. I know you want me. Your scent is so sweet when you are aroused. I want to lick you and feast on your desire. You’ve been torturing me for days.”

Fury is the First book in the New Species Series. This is my first time reading a Laurann Dohner novel and I really liked it. I really love the different take on the world of shifters that she made. I have read nothing like it before and that alone made me intrigued. Add to that a evil pharmaceutical company, illegal experiments, abuse, and forbidden love and you have a must read! 

“I knew it would be this incredible,” he stated in a raspy voice. “Too good.” Anger tightened his features then for a few heartbeats. “Damn you for affecting me this strongly, Ellie.”

Fury is filled with rage. A test subject held in a cell prison experimented on and abused most of his life now he is free and trying to help his people start their lives. He has never known kindness or love, until Ellie. She is so small so human, he knows he should stay away, but he just can't! Fury was a Total bad ass. Possessive, super protective, sexy, fun, and strong willed. I loved Fury's character!

“I want you. I hate it but I hurt to be inside you, to know what it would feel like to have you wrapped around me, and the pleasure I think I could find with you. I’ve never wanted a woman more. Tell me I can have you or help me remember that I can’t ever forgive what you did to me. Say something, anything, to remind me why I shouldn’t hurt to be with you so much it makes it hard for me to breathe.”

“I just want you. I paced the entire time you were gone, imagining the worst. I just want inside you. I want you screaming my name and your scent filling my head. I need to feel your wet heat, to bury myself in you deep and hold you there for as long as I can keep us connected.”

“I don’t have affairs. You are the only woman I want.”

Ellie worked for Mercile not knowing the evil things they were doing. Asked to go undercover and get the info on Mercile and help bring them down and help free the New Species! Since the day she seen subject 416 she can't get him off her mind. In order to get the deeds on the evil pharmaceutical company she has to do things that make her sick, but she will do what ever it takes to save 416 even if she hates herself. Ellie was playful, and sassy, and very loving, but she didn't really stand out to me. She was just kind of there not bad or anything but not unforgettable. 

Ellie shook her head. “You are going to rest or I swear I’ll borrow a Taser gun, shoot your ass, and tie you to the bed.” Fury growled viciously at her and his dark eyes narrowed. Ellie growled back at him and tugged harder. “Don’t snarl at me. I will do it right back. Now let’s get you undressed.” She glared up at him. “You are supposed to be in the hospital still. Don’t give me any shit, Fury. I love you to death but if you don’t lie down, I will borrow his Taser gun. I mean it.”

“It’s going to be all right,” Ellie promised softly. “We’re together and I’m going to sit here with you for however long it takes for you to feel better. You aren’t going to hurt me. I know you won’t because you love me as much as I love you.”

The story was a great read with tons of steamy sex, protective powerful sexy alpha males, and a strong interesting plot. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves PRN. I am on to the next book. I will leave you with my favorite moment from the book. 

Ellie moved closer, rising to her tiptoes to brush her lips against his ear. “I love your ass and the fact that you’re totally healed up. I can’t wait to get you alone.” “Ellie?” Slade spoke. Ellie turned her head. “I’m talking over here.” “And we’re all listening,” Slade chuckled while he tapped his ear. “Keen hearing. Glad to know Fury is back to a hundred percent though.” Blushing, Ellie glared at him. “What is it with you guys? Couldn’t you at least pretend you didn’t hear that?” Slade winked. “Where would be the fun in that? You blush so cutely.”

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Unexpected Fate

Book Review of Unexpected Fate (Hope Town Series)

Title:Unexpected Fate

Series: Hope Town

Author: Harper Sloan

Date Published: February 17th 2015

The Blurb: 
Have you ever felt like you were living your life for a future that was predetermined? Like there was some bigger picture you just prayed you would someday see clearly? That picture has been crystal clear to me since I was old enough to recognize it for just what it was.

Or I should say recognize him for who he was.

I’ve loved Cohen Cage since I was a small child. He’s been my everything for the last twenty-two years. I’ve loved him through every girlfriend he’s ever brought home. Through his college years and then mine. I’ve loved him through two deployments. And ever since the day I told him how I felt, he’s acted like I’m a stranger.

My name is Danielle Reid, and it’s time for me to get my man. 

Our future is an unexpected fate, and no matter what our parents, siblings, and friends say…it’s going to be worth every second of the fight to make it happen.

My Review

4.5 "Protect Dani from everything with a penis" mode Stars

OMG Fan girl Freak out !!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I am a huge fan of the Corps Security series, so to say that I was excited about Unexpected Fate would be a flippin understatement. I was over the moon to find out that Mrs. Harper Sloan was making a spin off series with the children of the couples I have grown to love. I had very high hopes for this book and I have to say it was everything I wanted and more. God did I love this book!!!

"Can't stop, Dani-girl. Now that I finally know what you taste like.... I can't stop,"

Cohen Cage:

Cohen grew up with Dani and even though she is a few years younger than he is, he has always wanted her, but because of their families being so close and with him being in the military, being sent overseas he doesn't act on it . Cohen for me was One sexy mofo. For real. He was protective, and brave, loving and playful, and all dominant yummy dirty talking alpha goodness!

"For years- years, Dani-you've been parading around this flawless body and teasing me with something I couldn't have. For weeks, we've been dancing around this attraction. I've had a taste, and now, I need my meal. So what we're going to do is get off this damn floor, walk out the back door, and I'm going to get your sweet little ass to my bed quickly. I mean it, Dani. Years I've thought about what your pussy would feel like with my cock deep inside you, and I'm not giving that up now."

"You silly girl," I laugh. "What are you so scared of? I'm not the big, bad wolf. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to eating you up." "Oh, God, that was corny," she chuckles. "You would like that though, wouldn't you ? Do you want me to eat you first, or do you want to be my Little Red Riding Hood and go for a long hard ride?" "Oh. God. Stop, Cohen. Those lines.... They're terrible."

"God, I hate that I can't be there to protect you. This is killing me, Dani. It goes against everything I feel to not rush to you."

Danielle Reid:

Dani grew up loving Cohen her whole life, she knows he is the man for her. She is just waiting for him to wake up and realize they are meant to be together. Dani for me was awesome , but I would expect no less from Izzy and Axel's little princess! She was strong , outgoing, sassy, playful and she is quite the little dirty talker herself!

"I don't think we have enough time to get into everything that I want from you, Cohen. Let's just put it this way. I want you. I want you and everything that comes with it."

"Do you want my cock?" I ask. "No," she pants. "I need your cock," she says breathlessly. "Fuck yeah, you do."

"I want your cock, husband. First, I want to lick you from your neck to your balls, and then I'm going to suck them deep until you're begging me to take your cock in my mouth." She pauses in her speech to lick one of her fingers before tracing her puckered nipple with it. "Then I'm going to fuck myself with your fingers. If you're a good boy, I'll let you lick them clean. And when your balls feel like they're about to bust from the power that your orgasm promises, I'm going to ride you until you come deep inside me." "Fuck yeah, you are," I growl and pounce. She jumps back, laughing, and I swallow her happiness when I take her mouth in a bruising kiss. "Fuck me, wife,"

This book was so hott. Dani and Cohen were panty meltin together. Their connection felt very strong and real. My heart broke with them when Cohen got shipped out. I felt Dani's heartbreak and sadness as she waited for Cohen. I felt Cohen's frustration at being overseas and not being able to be there for Dani to love and protect her. They were very cute together, in that life long friends to lovers way. 

"This isn't goodbye," he vows. "Never goodb-b-bye," I stutter. "It's 'see you soon'," he whispers. "Every time I close my eyes," I promise.

"But, Dani-girl, I'm also a selfish man, because even knowing all of that, it doesn't make a difference. It's you and me, baby. You and me against the world."

"Why the tears?" "I love you," she says, not answering me. "Dani. The tears." "I love you. That's why the tears. But if you plan on marrying me, you better ask me when you haven't just fucked me raw." I laugh, kissing her again, "Noted."

This book was funny as hell too. I was laughing from chapter one. I loved seeing all my old favorite couples especially Izzy and Axel. Lord Axel had me laughing so hard . He was over the top, too funny, over protective of Dani. It was also very cute to see Izzy and Axel as parents, still madly in love after all these years. And I was freakin dying over Axel and Cohen going head to head about Dani. 

"I didn't say that, Axel. I plan on marrying your daughter the first chance I get, but that is something that is between the two of us. I respect you enough that I had planned on coming to you privately to ask for your blessing, but I have to be honest with you- I will be marrying my girl whether you give that to me or not. With all due respect, I love your daughter and I couldn't really give two shits if you want to bless that or not."

"You didn't think I would be able to do it, did you?" he asks me. "Not for a second," I laugh. "If you make her cry one tear that isn't out of happiness, I'll cut your balls off," he warns. "Noted." "I'm proud of you, Cohen. Of the man you've grown to be and for the love you have for my girl. I mean it when I say that I couldn't have picked a better man for her myself."

Great read. Beautiful love story . I just adored the ending The only negative thing I have to say is that there is really starting to be a pattern. In Corps Security I seen a pattern to the story lines. That goes like this >>>>> Manwhore meets woman ,falls hard, someone has a crazy stalker, some how the woman ends up in the hospital fighting for her life, man is gutted , she pulls through, and they live HEA! I saw a little bit of it here too. I am worried that it will become to predictable getting old or boring. I will just have to see what the next book holds. 

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Fifty Shades Freed

Book Review of Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades Series)

Title: Fifty Shades Freed

Series: Fifty Shades

Author: E L James

Date Published: April 17th, 2012

The Blurb: 
When unworldly student Anastasia Steele first encountered the driven and dazzling young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both of their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and, ultimately, repelled by Christian’s singular erotic tastes, Ana demands a deeper commitment. Determined to keep her, Christian agrees.

Now, Ana and Christian have it all—love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of possibilities for their future. But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades will not be easy, and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian’s opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own identity. And Christian must overcome his compulsion to control as he wrestles with the demons of a tormented past.

Just when it seems that their strength together will eclipse any obstacle, misfortune, malice, and fate conspire to make Ana’s deepest fears turn to reality.

My Review

4.5 I'm yours. I will always be yours Stars *May have 


What a Awesome conclusion to the Fifty Shades trilogy. So bittersweet that it had to end, but Christian and Ana deserve their happily ever after. God knows they worked hard for it! IF you have not read the first two books in this series you really need to, to understand this book. They all go together and should be read in order. 

"So beautiful," he says as he deftly undoes the first button. "You have made me the happiest man alive today." 

So in Fifty Shades Freed we pick up while Ana and Christian are on their honeymoon, and we get little flashbacks of their wedding. Which was very sweet. We also get a flashback of Christian when he was four and get to see what it was like the days after his mother killed herself until he is found laying next to her dead body , and it broke my heart! Poor lil four year old Fifty! 

I poke him with my elbow. "Mrs. Grey, you wound me." He clutches his side as if in pain. "Wimp," I mutter disapprovingly. "Wimp?" he utters in disbelief. He slaps my behind, making me yelp. "Hurry up with my food, wench. And later I'll show you how wimpy I can be."

Christian in this book does some more growing , but he also has some set backs. Which made him feel more human. He isn't a instant fix and he is still healing. He is still everything that makes him Christian Grey sexy, bossy, kinky, fucked up control freak, who is trying real hard to let go, and better himself. Christian has a very sweet and romantic side too. He can be very cute and playful and when he is, it just makes the book!

"Anastasia, if you leave me, you might as well take everything. You left me once before. I know how that feels." Holy Fuck! "That was different," I whisper, moved by his intensity. "But . . . you might want to leave me." The thought makes me sick. He snorts and shakes his head with mock disgust. "Christian, you know, I might do something exceptionally stupid - and you . . ." I glance down at my knotted hands, pain lancing through me unable to finish my sentence. Losing Christian . . . fuck. "Stop. Stop now. This subject is closed, Ana. We're not discussing it any more. No prenup. Not now - not ever."

"You turned my world on its head." He closes his eyes, and when he opens them again, they are raw. "My world was ordered, calm and controlled, then you came into my life with your smart mouth, your innocence, your beauty, and your quiet temerity . . . and everything before you was just dull, empty, mediocre . . . it was nothing." Oh my. "I fell in love," he whispers.

Ana was great in this book. She was strong and sassy, sweet and bold, but she did have a few moments that I was like Huh? Moments in which I feel she should have tore into him a little more , fought a little harder , but if she came out the gate kicking ass and taking no prisoners I don't think she would be the real Ana. I love how she starts to really get some confidence in herself in this book and in her relationship with Christian!

"You're right to be nervous, Gia, because right now your work on this project hangs in the balance. But I'm sure we'll be fine as long as you keep your hands off my husband." She gasps. "Otherwise, you're fired. Understand?"

"I love philanthropic Christian," I murmur. "Just him?" "Oh, I love megalomaniac Christian, too, and control-freak Christian, sexpertise Christian, kinky Christian, romantic Christian, shy Christian . . . the list is endless." "That's a whole lot of Christians." "I'd say at least fifty."

"Christian, I've been yours since I said yes." I scoot forward, cupping his beloved face in my hands. "I'm yours. I will always be yours, husband of mine. Now, I think you're wearing too many clothes." 

"I love you so much." Trailing kisses from the nape of my neck to the edge of my shoulder. Between each kiss he murmurs, "I. Want. You. So. Much. I. Want. To. Be. Inside. You. You. Are. Mine."

Fifty Shades Freed was so damn good , from the minute I started reading I didn't want to put it down. Ana and Christian together * Fans self* OH Good lord, Hot as Hell! I love their playful emails, I loved the drama , and OMG the Sex after the Car chase!!!!!!!!! 

"Why, Mrs. Grey, you have a dirty, dirty mouth." Christian feigns an offended expression, but I can hear his amusement. "That's because I'm married to a dirty, dirty boy, Mr. Grey."

Towards the end Mrs. E.L. James Really started dropping bombs, and I was freaking out , doing a little happy dance, fighting tears, and wanting to shake Christian, then forgiving him, wanting to shake Ana , then fighting tears again, AND the End OMG the epilogue!!!!! I Freakin loved the epilogue it made the whole damn book for me!!!!! Totally heartwarming.

"Oh, baby, please come back to me. I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. Just wake up. I miss you. I love you..."

I loved the Fifty Shades series and would recommend it . I know it's not for everyone, but I truly enjoyed all three books. I will end this review with Christian and Ana's wedding vows which are just beautiful!

"I give you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, to stand by your side in good times and in bad, to share your joy as well as your sorrow," I murmur. He freezes. His only movement is to open wide his fathomless eyes and gaze at me as I continue my wedding vows. "I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals and dreams, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, to share my hopes and dreams with you, and bring you solace in times of need." I pause, willing him to talk to me. He watches me, his lips parted, but says nothing. "And to cherish you for as long as we both shall live." I sigh. "Oh, Ana," he whispers and moves again, breaking our precious contact so that we're lying side by side. He strokes my face with the back of his knuckles. "I solemnly vow that I will safeguard and hold dear and deep in my heart our union and you," he whispers, his voice hoarse . "I promise to love you faithfully, forsaking all others, through the good times and the bad, in sickness or in health, regardless of where life takes us. I will protect you, trust you, and respect you. I will share your joys and sorrows and comfort you in times of need. I promise to cherish you and uphold your hopes and dreams and keep you safe at my side. All that is mine is now yours. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this moment on for as long as we both shall live."