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Embattled Hearts

Book Review of  Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found series)

Title: Embattled Hearts

Series: Lost and Found

Author: J.M. Madden

Date Published: December 13th 2013

The Blurb: 

John Palmer hasn't felt like a real man since he was injured during combat in Iraq. Though not content with his new life, he is mostly adapting, just like the other vets at the Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Service. When Shannon Murphy is hired on as the new office manager, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Before long, John finds himself wondering if he could ever be the kind of man Shannon needs.
Shannon Murphy wasn't really looking for love when she hired on at LNF, but finds herself hopelessly attracted to the sex-on-wheels former Marine, John Palmer. The man is grumpy and nearly impossible to work with, but his brand of masculinity appeals to her on a basic level. Soon Shannon is wondering just what it would take for John to want her the way she wants him.
When an old enemy tries to settle a vendetta against Shannon, John insists on protecting her. He moves into her house, fanning the spark of attraction into a blaze. But the danger continues to escalate. Will the connection that they've found survive when they’re thrust into a fight for their lives?

My Review

              4 I only wanted you! Stars

If you have not read The Embattled Road the prequel to this book, you should check it out. It will help you get to know the men in this series better and give you a look into their past. Embattled Hearts is the first book in the Lost and Found series. 

John Palmer is a former Gunnery Sergeant . He was badly injured in Iraq ending his Military career and leaving him in a wheelchair. John has no family and the only friends he has is the two Military brothers that he went into business with Chad and Duncan. For the last few years John has been picking up the pieces of his life and doing the best he can. Working for Lost and Found helps, but he is still grumpy and bitter over his disability. Six months ago they hired a new office manager Shannon Murphy, and he wants her bad. Feeling insecure and like less of a man, John doesn't feel like he has anything to offer her. Shannon has been crushin on her boss John since she met him six months ago. She has never wanted anyone as much as his grumpy, sexy ass. When her troubled past catches up with her, John becomes her protector. 

John: Was very real for me. He was angry, vulnerable, bitter, but trying to deal with what life has tossed at him. I love that he doesn't get out of his chair. In some books they all get the miracle cure, everything is fixed and they all live HEA, but not in this book. John has to overcome his insecurities and embarrassment of his disability. It makes him a real and wonderful character, with human flaws that are endearing. I fell hard for John!

"Shannon, I don’t want you to be…disappointed." He could feel his face burn with humiliation, and was thankful it was fairly dark in the bedroom. "Things don’t always happen the way I expect them to, if they happen at all."

“I can’t promise you anything beyond this, Shannon. Hell, maybe nothing will happen. My body isn't like it used to be. But I can make sure you’re taken care of.”

“I feel like I let you down, with everything. I guess I’m feeling defensive. Useless, to be blunt.”

Shannon: I loved Shannon as well. She was loving, and understanding. She gave him dignity and respect. She didn't look down on him and most of all she made him feel like a Man!

“I like you. A lot. I wasn't flirting with that cop because he didn't do anything for me. You’re the one that makes my heart race.”

"John, like I told you before, we can do as much or as little as you want. There’s no pressure, other than what you’re putting on yourself. I love being with you. If lying beside me is what you’re comfortable with, that’s what we’ll do."

This book was touching and sweet. Their relationship felt real, gritty and raw! These two characters complemented each other beautifully. I rooted for them, felt their pain and their struggles. 

“But I didn't want any of the other guys here. I only wanted you.” He frowned at her and shook his head, as if that wasn't what he wanted to hear. “I don’t know why. I’m a crippled, bitter, grumpy ass who swears too much.” “I know, but I've been half in love with you for months.” His eyes flared with heat before he looked down at his lap. “No, you’re not.”Shannon smacked him on the knee. “Don’t tell me I’m not in love with you.”

“And it doesn't apply to you. You’re the first person I've ever been with who doesn't make me want to shoot somebody out of boredom. You have spunk and heart and you’re sexy as hell, and you don’t mind my shit. And lady,” he said with a sigh, “I come with a lot of shit. I have a lot of baggage, and though I don’t mean to spew it on you, I know I will. I’ll tell you I’m sorry now and every day for the rest of my life.” He reached out and tugged her to lie across his lap. “But I'll also tell you I love you every day, which I do. I do not fucking deserve you. I know that. I've not done anything in this life to be given a gift like you. But I will cherish you, and honor you, as much as I possibly can. You make me feel like a man, and I cannot tell you how much I need that.”

This book is beautifully written, has tons of action, romance, and hot sex, but it didn't have a ton of silly drama which was nice. I loved this book and would totally recommend it to anyone who loves Military romances and broken heroes finding the love of a good woman!

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