Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Duke Is But a Dream

Book Review of The Duke Is But A Dream (Debutante Diaries Series)

Title: The Duke Is But A Dream

Series: Debutante Diaries Series

Author: Anna Bennett

Date Published:July 30th 2019

Date Read: July 27, 2019 

The Blurb:Once upon a time three young ladies vowed to record their first London seasons…and to fill in the gaps of their finishing school educations. Thus began The Debutante Diaries—and London will never be the same…


Miss Lily Hartley is the anonymous mastermind behind the ton’s latest obsession: The Debutante’s Revenge, a titillating advice column for ladies on the marriage mart. To keep her identity secret, Lily delivers her columns disguised as a chimney sweep—which is all well and good, until she unwittingly lands in the middle of an ugly tavern brawl. Fortunately, the devastatingly handsome Duke of Stonebridge sweeps in to rescue her.Unfortunately, Lily’s dressed as a boy—and holding rather incriminating evidence linking her to the scandalous column. Drat.


When Eric Nash, Duke of Stonebridge, sees a helpless lad receive a nasty blow to the head, he’s outraged. But when he discovers there’s a beautiful woman hiding beneath the chimney sweep’s cap, he’s positively stunned. Nash would happily escort her home, but she’s forgotten her name—leaving him little choice but to take her in himself until he can locate her family. But the closer he gets to finding them, the more he doesn’t want to let her go.


Lily’s trying to figure out exactly who she is…in more ways than one. With so much at stake—her column, her reputation, and even her heart—she needs a plan, and she needs it fast. Before Nash finds her family. Before he learns who she is. Before they fall totally, completely, and utterly inconveniently in love.

My Review

2 Yea didn't feel the dream stars


I will be giving some spoilers to explain why I don't like the book. Please don't read if you don't want spoilers.

I'm sorry, I tried. I really did, but I didn't like this book at all. I don't want to go into to much details. Especially with the plot, and drop any major spoilers, but I will try to give the reasons why this wasn't my jam. First off I have no clue what the time period is. There is no mention of a date, I just know it's historical. That only bugged me a little, but still it would have been nice to have a time frame. My biggest problem with this book, and it was something I just couldn't overlook at all, was that Lily and Nash didn't act like historical English aristocrats at all. This could have been set in 2019 the way Lily acted. Nash too, but his could be overlooked as men got away with more back then. Without saying to much, Lily gets amnesia. With no memory of who she is, and being a lady of (I'm guessing some time in 1800s, because again no timeline) She after 2 days of knowing the duke, is making out with him, going down on him, and willing to ruin herself, by having sex with a total stranger. She didn't know if she was married. Back in a day when women didn't do that, and even when they did it was with very little knowledge of the act going into it. Not Lily, she was going at it like a seasoned pro.

She didn't have any virginal shyness. She was DTF from the start. It was just too much. Even if she was full of passion, and love for Nash, and decided to go all the way she wouldn't have been so bold. Hello, she only knew him for a couple of days! Yet I'm to believe that a sheltered, young virgin, lady of the ton would be giving a handy, a bj, letting him go down on her, and losing her v card riding him. It was just so far out of the norm from that time-ish period that I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. She was like that the whole book. It was unbelievable. If I can't believe in the love, then I can't connect to the couple. This book was just not for me. I found myself bored, annoyed at the ridiculousness of it all, and I was happy to be done with it. I don't think I will be trying this author again, or at least not in the Historical Romance dept. Sorry.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Good Guy

Book Review of Good Guy (Rookie Rebels Series)

Title: Good Guy 

Series: Rookie Rebels Series

Author: Kate Meader

Date Published:July 30th 2019

Date Read: July 26, 2019 

The Blurb:

He's a Special Forces veteran making his pro hockey debut. She's a dogged sports reporter determined to get a scoop. She's also his best friend's widow...

Fans can’t get enough of Levi Hunt, the Special Forces veteran who put his NHL career on hold to serve his country and fight the bad guys. So when his new Chicago Rebels bosses tell him to cooperate with the press on a profile, he’s ready to do his duty. Until he finds out who he has to work with: flame-haired, freckle-splashed, impossibly perky Jordan Cooke.

The woman he should not have kissed the night she buried her husband, Levi’s best friend in the service.

Hockey-stick-up-his-butt-serious Levi Hunt might despise Jordan for reasons she can’t fathom—okay, it’s to do with kissing—but her future in the cutthroat world of sports reporting hangs on delivering the goods on the league’s hottest, grumpiest rookie. So what if he’s not interested in having his life plated up for public consumption. Too bad. Jordan will have to play dirty to get her scoop and even dirtier to get her man. Only in winning the story, she might just lose her heart...

My Review

4 Levi Hunt Stars

Good Guy was my first time reading Kate Meader, and I really liked it. Though this can be read as a standalone novel, It was very evident that this was a spin off series. In the first few chapters I felt like that friend that tagged along to a party were everyone knows everyone, and I was the outsider. It didn't bother me though, it just made me want to go read their books(which I totally will be doing) so that I know them better. Levi, OMG he was just so yummy. I fell madly in love with Levi. In my eyes he was perfect. I love how protective and respectful he was. The title of the book was spot on, he was such a Good Guy. Truly, Levi made the whole book for me. I liked Jordan a lot, but there was a few times when I didn't understand her choices. Still I found her strong, smart, and a good match for Levi. I thought they made a very cute couple. The sexual tension was off the chain. I loved how Jordan worked so hard to get Levi to open up. It made every smile and laugh special. 

Someone else that really stood out in this book was Theo (Superglutes) Kershaw. He was so damn funny and sexy. I can't wait for Superglutes to get his HEA. The story plot was good. Kate Meader's writing style was smooth like butter. I love when an author can make me laugh and this book had some really funny parts. I think my only problem with this book, and it wasn't a big thing, but at times I felt that it got a bit preachy. What I mean by that is this book brought up subjects of Social Justice. Which isn't a problem in itself. No the problem was there was just so much of it like there was a Social Justice Warrior check list, and it checked them all off. It got into sexism in a male dominated professions, homelessness, metal health, domestic violence, sexual harassment, bullying, social media bullying, hunger and poverty, etc etc. I'm all for bringing light on these subjects, but maybe not so many in one story. Overall I really liked the book. I liked it enough to head to Amazon and get the Chicago Rebels series, and the Hot in Chicago series. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Untamed Delights

Book Review of Untamed Delights (The Phoenix Pack Series)

Title: Untamed Delights

Series: The Phoenix Pack Series

Author: Suzanne Wright

Date Published:July 16th 2019

Date Read: July 8th, 2019

The Blurb:

Cat shifter Mila Devereaux can’t help but see it as a betrayal. That her one true mate imprinted himself on another female was hard enough to accept. Struggling to be at peace with her loveless fate, she doesn’t fight the suggestion of entering an arranged mating. Then she meets Dominic, a pack enforcer with a notorious reputation. It’s in his very scent. This irresistible playboy—and delicious badass wolf—is making Mila’s fantasies come alive again.

Alarming, compelling, and heady with sensual energy, Dominic is an expert at making women shed their inhibitions. Now everything about him—his killer smile, his perfectly sculpted body, and his smooth-as-honey voice—is drawing in a captivating new catch. But for the first time in his life, Dominic is feeling more than a fling. He finds himself tantalized by a female who makes him think of forever. He wants all of Mila and won’t be satisfied until he has it.

As the passion grows wild, so does the risk. They’re falling in love in the shadows and secrets of their pasts. And it’s threatening to destroy everything Mila and Dominic are fighting for. And are destined for.

My Review

4 Dom Stars

It's no secret that I love Suzanne Wright. She is one of my favorite authors. The Phoenix Pack was my favorite of all her series. Dominic stole my heart from book one with his corny pick up lines and playful charm. I was both excited and sad when I got Untamed Delights. Excited that I was finally getting Dom's HEA. Sad that it is the last book in the Phoenix Pack series. I don't want my favorite set of sexy badass shifters stories to stop. So I felt a little better at the end of the book when the author notes said we will still see our beloved favorites again in the new spin off series Olympus Pride. Though not my favorite in the series, I still really loved Untamed Delights. Dom was yummy and funny as always. I liked Mila a lot. They had off the wall sexual tension. I loved getting deeper with Dom and seeing new sides to him. I love the pallas cat shifters they are so crazy funny. Mila and Dom made a really cute couple. Seeing all the pack mates again and the kids melted my heart. It sometimes amazes me how attached I can become to a series. Reading this book made me want to go back and reread the whole series. I really loved Mila's family. Both sides were funny as hell. and I hope her brother Alex gets a book in the new spin off. I think one of my favorite parts in the whole book was the other males giving Dom a little pay back for all the flirting he did with their mates over the years. Overall a really good ending to a much loved series.