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Bite Me

Book Review of Bite Me  (Pride Series)

Title: Bite Me

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: March 25th 2014

Date Read:   September 08, 2015

The Blurb:

Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots. When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise.

That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up. But he’ll have to woo her at high speed: all hell is breaking loose, and Livy is leading the charge…

My Review

4.5 Honey Badger Don't Give A Shit Stars 

Some Spoilers

“I plan to rain down vengeance on the man who did this to my father and anyone protecting or helping him. And you trifling band of miscreant felons are going to help me.”

“You know how emotionally vested the wolves get about dominance. Why don’t you just go beat up some puppies, too?” Vic heard what sounded suspiciously like a giggle. “Okay! I get it,” she said. “I’ll send them an ‘I’m sorry’ basket of Milk-Bones to make it up to them.” “You are so mean.” “I know. It’s a genetic flaw.”

Bite Me is the 9th book in the Pride series and totally kicks ass. I was really worried after the last two books. OMG this book redeemed the last two boring books. I love the plot, love the MC, love the other characters, and I freakin love the Honey badgers. The whole time I was reading this book I was picturing that funny honey Badger video. (here is the link if you wanna watch said funny honey badger video) 

What this book is about

Livy Kowalski is honey badger, but she turned away from the honey badger way of life. "You know Honey badger just takes what it wants and honey badger just don't give a shit." Livy is the outcast of her family because she became a photographer. Vic Barinov is a grizzly bear/ tiger hybrid and a mercenary for hire. Livy and Vic like each other, but so far have only been friends until Livy turns to Vic for comfort when she finds out something very upsetting. Livy finds her father in a rich woman's living room, stuffed. She knows that she will stop at nothing to take down those who hunted, murdered, and stuffed her father! Vic knows he will be there for her, by her side helping her in any way he can. Sparks fly, lines get crossed and the honey badgers are out for blood!!!

“I’m okay,” she whispered, her legs wrapping around his waist, her arms clinging to his neck. “I really am.” “I thought I lost you,” he admitted against her neck. “You know my kind is too mean to go out that easy. We make a man work for it.”


Vic pressed his hands to either side of Livy’s face. “What are you doing?” “Thinking about how beautiful you look in the morning.” “I’m not making you breakfast.” “Come on,” Vic whined. “I’m starving!”

Vic is quirky like all hybrids. He has a crazy tail that has a mind of it's own. His bear side and his tiger side are at war with each other. Most of the time he is more bear laid back, and logical, but when he loses control and his tiger comes out he is rough, wild, and ready to pounce. Vic is really sweet, and thoughtful. He seems to read and understand Livy like no one else. Vic really is prefect for her. His bear side helps calm Livy and keeps her from getting to wild and his tiger side is rough enough to keep her interest. 

“But you’re going up against bears, Livy.” He pointed across the tent they were in. “I mean, look at that guy over there.” The eight-foot polar realized that Vic was talking about him. “Hey! What are you pointing me out for? Like I’m some kind of freak? That just hurts my feelings, man!” “Oh, suck it up,” Vic growled. “Your feline is showing,” Livy warned. “Because you’re not being rational and there’s an eight-foot, four-hundred-pound whiny baby over there begging me to claw the holy shit out of him.”

“I am Russian,” Vic said in a thick accent. “Vodka I know.” “I hate you,” Livy admitted, “because you sound really hot when you do that accent.” Vic leaned in and murmured in that damn accent, “I can do it more . . . just for you.”


“Stop looking so proud of yourself,” she snapped at him through her panting, “and get up here and fuck me.”

I freaking love Livy. OMG do I love her. I have a total girl crush. Livy is crazy, fun, sassy and will not think twice about going after anyone. Lion, bear, snake Livy don't care. She kicks major ass! Livy is rather mild when it comes to being a honey badger. Livy's family thinks she is soft because instead of following in the family steps of stealing, hurting others, and starting shit so she can and sitting back and watch other people's pain she would rather focus on her art photography. Livy is wild enough that Vic can let his cat off the leash and get rough. She also is accepting of his crazy tail and other quirks. 

“You make me want to burrow,” Livy told him, her arms moving down to his waist as she snuggled into his chest. “Usually I want to burrow away from people,” she murmured. “You’re the first I’ve ever burrowed toward.”

“Fuck,” Livy said as she buried her face in her hands. “What? What’s wrong?” She looked at him. Actually, it was more of a scowl. She scowled at him. “I’m in love with you,” Livy snapped. “And it’s your fucking fault.” “Uh . . . sorry?” “Oh, shut up.” “Well . . . if it makes you feel better, I’m in love with you, too.”

“Vic?” “Mhmmm?” “I’m starving.” “Oh, thank God. I’m so hungry.” “Why didn’t you say anything?” “It seemed tacky to come, roll off you, and go get something to eat. I hate tacky.” “I actually appreciate that. But right now I’m hungry.”

I really love Vic and Livy together they had a very sweet relationship. I found myself invested in this couple. I enjoyed the hell outta all the honey badger craziness in this book. The plot kept my attention. There was some more Eggie in this book. Yay!!! Love me some Eggie. Tons of humor in this book, some hot sex scene, and a very cute romance. Great read. I will definitely be reading more books by Shelly Laurenston! 

Below I leave a few of my favorite moments from this book:

“Hello, my hybrid brother!” Vic crowed. “Christ, Novikov,” Jake demanded. “How much vodka did you give him?” “I don’t know. A bottle. Or two.” He then picked Vic up in a fireman carry, and Livy rushed up the stairs to unlock the door. Novikov carried him to their room, dropping Vic onto the bed. “Can you make it back to the wild dog house?” Livy asked. “Of course,” Bo snapped. “I’m not weak like him. I’m strong. Cossack strong.” Then Novikov walked into a wall, stumbled back, and passed out on the floor by the bed.

“We will make the ones who did this to our brother pay and pay and pay until there is nothing left.” He finally released her from the hug, but he still kept one arm around her as he faced the rest of the family. “Now the world bleeds—” “Or,” Livy emphatically cut in, “we can just go after the ones who did this. Rather than taking it out on the entire world. That seems excessive.” “If you’re sure.”

“You get to work.” Vic put his hands behind his head. “And make it good, baby.” “Typical lazy feline . . . and bear,” she muttered as she placed her knees on either side of his hips. “Leaving it to the honey badger to do all the work.” “That’s because felines and bears are smarter than everybody.”

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Love Runs Deep

Book Review of Love Runs Deep (Changing Tides Series)

Title: Love Runs Deep

Series: Changing Tides Series

Author: Gail Chianese 

Date Published: February 21st 2017

Date Read:   February 20, 2017

The Blurb:

Active duty is no time for romance, but when two naval officers find themselves in truly close quarters on the USS California, the temptation to fraternize is hard to resist. Can two ambitious sailors follow orders long enough to see if love is on the horizon when they’re finally above water? 

Lieutenant Nic Riley is the only girl in a long-time Navy family, and she’s determined to prove she’s just as seaworthy as her brothers. When she aces training for submarine duty, it calls for a celebration—and one incredibly hot guy is happy to party with her all night long. But when Nic boards the sub and finds herself face to face with her hunky fling, the idea of spending six months underwater takes on a whole new meaning . . .

Having a girl in every port was Lieutenant Kyle Hutchinson’s style—until the explosive night he spent with Nic. Dating onboard is firmly off limits, but Kyle can’t get her off his mind much less out of his vicinity—until a junior seaman’s devastating stunt puts Nic’s career in danger. Kyle won’t let her take the heat alone, even when it means risking his own reputation, but fighting for a future together will be a whole new battle . . .

My Review

3.5 Deep Sea lovin' Stars 

Love Runs Deep the 1st book in the Changing Tides series was a pretty good read for me. There were things about it that I really liked and things that I just didn't care for. I liked that both Nic and Kyle's characters were well develop. I felt I really got to know them. Both were likable and relatable. I loved the navy sub theme. I liked Nic's family and Kyle's brother. I felt like Nic and Kyle had good chemistry and plenty of lust for each other. The thing is I never felt that Nic and Kyle's relationship went deep. I felt like both were just kinda along for the ride. It felt more like a fling than a love connection. I didn't feel no deep love from either although I did feel Kyle was more invested in the relationship than Nic. Also it really bothered me that Nic doubted Kyle the way she did. I also would have liked them to spend more time together. We readers get a lot of one on one time with each Nic and Kyle and I would have liked more romance. Overall an entertaining and enjoyable read. 

Unexpectedly Hers

Book Review of Unexpectedly Hers (Sterling Canyon Series)

Title: Unexpectedly Hers

Series: Sterling Canyon Series

Author: Jamie Beck 

Date Published: February 21st 2017

Date Read:   February 19, 2017

The Blurb:

By day, bashful wallflower Emma Duffy works at her family’s bed-and-breakfast. By night, she secretly pens erotic romance hot enough to melt the snow in their cozy Rockies town.

But Emma’s real life is about to heat up when her mother books the entire inn to a professional snowboarder, hoping the publicity will put them on the map. In a karmic twist of fate, that guest is Wyatt Lawson, the man with whom Emma had shared the secret one-night stand that became the inspiration for her novel and its dreamy hero. Worse, a film crew is documenting his comeback just as her debut is about to hit the shelves. Emma’s only saving grace is that Wyatt doesn’t remember her—and hopefully he never will.
When Wyatt arrives in Sterling Canyon for several weeks of intense training, the last tumble he expects to take is falling for a girl, especially one as shy as Emma. Unlike groupies with their hidden agendas, she isn’t using him—or so he believes…until the film crew uncovers Emma’s pen name and steamy novel.
Wyatt’s comeback run can withstand a fall or two, but can his heart recover from this crash and burn?

My Review
3 Unexpectedly bland stars

Some Spoilers 

I love Jamie Beck and I loved the first two books in this series, giving both those books 5 star ratings, but this one just didn't do it for me. I really liked Emma in the other 2 books and I was looking forward to her book, but I just didn't care for her in this one. The biggest problem I had with Emma was the way she was with her mother. Emma is a 31 year old woman and in this book she acts like a child afraid of getting in trouble with mommy. It drove me crazy. Her childish behavior threw her whole character off for me and I didn't connect to her. This quote totally summed it up for me.

"If this gets back to my mother..." Emma stopped herself, realizing that, at thirty-one, she sounded pathetic to be worried about her mother's opinion.

And can I just say that I really really didn't like Emma's very bitter, selfish and judgmental mother. I would have loved for Emma to stand up to her and grow up but instead the whole book Emma was like the naughty child hiding things from mommy so she wouldn't get grounded. I mean my god her mom calls her and chastises her 31 year old daughter for kissing a guy. Kissing a guy, 31 years old I mean come on! Even at the end of the book she still lived with mommy and was still trying to please her mom by using her own money to fix her mom's Inn. 
Wyatt was okay for me but he didn't really stand out. It really bothered me that Wyatt and Emma had a one night stand years ago and he never remembered her. Talk about a blow to the pride. Now Wyatt's brother Ryder I loved him. He had depth and I would have loved to see Emma with him! Truly I would read Ryder's book in a New York minute. I really connected to him, totally got invested and I want more Ryder!

Now because I never connected to Emma I never got invested in her and Wyatt's relationship. I didn't feel any chemistry between them. That colored my whole outlook on the book. So the whole read for me was kinda bland. I did really enjoy the parts with Ryder but other than that it was just an okay read for me. I didn't even like the ending. The HEA was just kinda whatevs.  He is just moving to town. They aren't moving in together. Not getting married and she is still living with her mom at 32 years old.   I still love Jamie Beck and I will still read her books, but this one was a miss for me. 

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Wolf with Benefits

Book Review of Wolf With Benefits (Pride Series)

Title: Wolf With Benefits

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: March 26th 2013

Date Read:   September 07, 2015

The Blurb:

Ricky Lee has no plans of getting serious about anyone, but he will protect Toni Jean-Louis Parker. Not just because he’s been hired to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do. And if that means traveling around the country with one complicated She-jackal, dealing with chocolate-eating wild dogs, instigating trouble between his brothers, and having the most amazing sex he’s ever had…well, who said his job didn’t have perks?

Toni doesn’t know how she keeps getting herself into these situations. But even she has to admit there’s something about Ricky Lee Reed that she finds kind of interesting…and downright sexy. Now they just have to survive long enough to figure out if what they have is worth fighting for…

My Review

3.5 Are You My daddy? Stars 

Wolf with Benefits is the 8th book in the Pride series and it was a little better than the last one, but no where near as good as the other ones. I again found myself getting bored at parts of this book. It got better towards the end when there was a little more action. I like Ricky Lee okay. There is nothing real special about him that stands out and makes me take notice. He is just kinda there. Toni is okay I guess. I went back and forth on her between her annoying me and me just not caring. She didn't really stand out either except when she was getting on my nerves. I can't really tell you much about each character because there isn't much to tell. Toni is the average one in a family full of prodigies. She is pretty much used as a nanny, and she is fearful of starting a life for herself and lets her family walk all over her and use her. Ricky Lee is from Tennessee he says darlin' a lot. That is about the depth of these two characters. 

There was no real romance between the two. I felt no connection, pull, or sexual tension. Nothing! It was like they're just there and then the next thing they are sleeping together and then they're in love . I am just looking at my kindle going What? How did that happen? Whatever I don't really care! The book was a little funny, but again not as funny as others in this series. I enjoyed reading about Bo and Toni's little brothers and sisters way more than the couple who couldn't hold my interest. I really like Livy, and Ric sounds interesting. I know their book is next and I am looking forward to it. I really hope it is better than the last two. 

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Bear Meets Girl

Book Review of Bear Meets Girl (Pride Series)

Title: Bear Meets Girl

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: March 27th 2012

Date Read:   September 06, 2015

The Blurb:

He's big, burly, and way smarter than your average shapeshifting bear. He's also about to get trapped by own his game. . .

Lou Crushek is a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy. But once someone starts killing the scumbags he works so hard to bust, that really gets under his fur. Especially when that someone is a curvy she-tiger with a skill set that's turning Crush's lone-bear world upside down--and bringing his passion out of hibernation. . .

As a member of an elite feline protection unit, Marcella Malone has no problem body-dropping anyone who hunts her kind. But Crush is proving one major pain in her gorgeous tail. The only reason she's joined forces with him is to track down the wealthy human who's got her entire species in his ruthless sights. It sure isn't because Crush's stubborn and contrary attitude is rubbing Cella in all the right ways. .

My Review

3 pretend boyfriend Stars

Ok I'm gonna keep this one short. This book just didn't really do it for me. I don't think it was a bad read, but it was a slower read and I didn't really connect with the main characters. Both Crush and Cella felt flat and one dimensional. I didn't really feel their relationship, what little one they had, and there was a serious lack of romance in this book. They seemed to dislike and or annoy each other almost the whole book. They didn't really hang around each other a lot unless they were having sex. This book was not very funny, a few laughs maybe, but not funny. Which is weird because most all of Shelly Laurenston books are hilarious. It was just a okay read for me. I did enjoy the characters from past books and that helps save the book. Oh well they can't all be hits I guess :)

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Big Bad Beast

Book Review of Big Bad Beast (Pride Series)

Title: Big Bad Beast

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: May 1st 2011

Date Read:   September 04, 2015

The Blurb:

When it comes to following her instincts, former Marine Dee-Ann Smith never holds back. And this deadly member of a shifter protection group will do anything to prove one of her own kind is having hybrids captured for dogfights. Trouble is, her too-cute rich-boy boss Ric Van Holtz insists on helping out. And his crazy-like-a-fox smarts and charming persistence are making it real hard for Dee to keep her heart safe...

Ric can't believe his luck. He's wanted this fiercely-independent she-wolf from day one, but he never expected teamwork as explosive as this. And now is his last chance to show Dee what she needs isn't some in-your-face Alpha male-but a wily, resourceful wolf who'll always have her back in a fight…and between the sheets.

My Review

5 Like a dog with a bone stars 


“Just look at the brave little rich boy,” she murmured. “Well, I do have excellent medical care and doctors willing to make house calls so I can afford to be brave.”

Big Bad Beast is the 6th book in the pride series, and I freaking loved it. Not only did I love the MCs in this book I love that Eggie is in this book. GOD I love Eggie! Big Bad Beast is now tied with The Mane Squeeze as my favorite books in this series.

“I’m glad you came back,” Ric told her, lifting another forkful to her mouth. “So am I.” She grinned. “Because you’re lookin’ sexy.” “I’m not a whore, Dee-Ann. You can’t just come here to use and abuse me before going on your merry way. Unless, of course, you’re naked.”

What this book is about

Ulrich (Ric) Van Holtz and Dee Ann Smith have been working together for a little while now, and Ric has wanted the deadly She-wolf since he laid his eyes on her. Now all he has to do is sneak his way into her heart. That should be easy right? After all they are working together to take down the people who are kidnapping hybrids and forcing them into dogfights. Now he just has to figure out how to show Dee Ann that he isn't just a pretty face, rich boy that can cook. That and to keep her daddy Eggie from killing him for touching his sugar bug. 

“Don’t be mad at me, Dee.” “You accused me of terrorizing children.” “No. I accused you of being really good at your job, where little things like age or infirmity or the inability to count past ten without your mommy’s help don’t really stop you from getting the truth.” “Man,” she griped. “You kick one walker out of an old sow’s hands and suddenly you’re all levels of evil.”
Ric is awesome. Rich, but not a snob. Sexy, caring, sweet, funny, smart, and he cooks. Hello Every woman's dream!!! Ric may be sweet, but he can take care of business, if someone comes at him. He is no wimp. He loves Dee Ann just as she is and he doesn't try to "Hem her in" or tame her. Ric is very caring and wants to help the hybrids. Ric is kind of like glue all through the series. He brings the whole group together and makes them a family. A weird mix of crazy people "family". I love Ric.

“Oh, come on. Can I at least sit here and watch you strut into the bathroom bare-ass naked?”“No, you may not.” He threw his legs over the side of the bed. “However, you may look over your shoulder longingly while I, in a very manly way, walk purposely into the bathroom bare-ass naked. Because I’m not here for your entertainment, Ms. Smith.”

“Okay. Fine. I’m sleeping with her.” “Have you lost your mind?” “No.” And then, just to irritate, “But I have lost my heart.” “You idiot.” “I love you, too, Uncle Van.” “She’s a Smith.”“She’s amazing. And cute.” “There is nothing cute about Dee-Ann Smith. What is wrong with you?” “What can I say? There’s just something about her. I think she’s—” “Don’t say it.” “—the one.” “Christ, you said it. What is wrong with my people? You’re all running around, looking for ‘the one.’ ”

Dee Ann is a kick ass now never getting around to the names kind of woman. Just like her daddy she is always ready to "Start the Killin' " Kind of a lone wolf she doesn't have a lot of friends but those she care for, she is very protective of. Surly and rude she is true to her character, but she does soften with Ric. I know a lot of my friends that have read this series didn't like her and thought she was a big bitch, but I loved her. I liked her bitchy ways, but that's just me. 

“Fuck control, darlin’.” She brushed her forehead against his chin. “Fuck rules and supervisors and what’s right and what’s wrong. Fuck it all.” She pressed her lips against a little spot right under his ear. “But right now, with that big cock of yours takin’ up all that room inside my pussy, it’s time for you to fuck me.”

“Sometimes I look at you,” Dee stated flatly, “and I just want to pull your little head off and play basketball with it.” “You are so mean,” Teacup snapped, storming off before Dee could bother not arguing with her. “You are kind of mean, Smith,” Malone told Dee. “There’s no ‘kind of’ about it. I just am.” Desiree grinned. “And yet you sound so proud.” “Girl’s gotta know her strengths.”

OMG can I just say that I freaking loved the start of the book when Ric and Dee Ann met as kids and he gives her a candy bar and blurts out Marry me. So Damn Cute!!! The whole prologue had me in tears I was laughin so hard. Ric and Dee Ann have some smokin' hott chemistry. The sex scenes in this book are some of the hottest of the series. I love getting to see characters from past books, but I was so damn happy that I got so much Eggie in this book. I loves me some Eggie!!!!! There is a ton more action in this book than there is in the others of this series, but just as funny. I really loved this book. Below I leave a few of my favorite quotes from this book:

“She’s right,” Ric agreed. “But I don’t have time to make bread this morning.” “They’re selling fresh French bread right over at that stall.” “Bought bread?” “You act like I just suggested roach-infested bread from Satan’s bakery.”

“I’m here with Eggie.” All eyes focused on Ric and he suddenly felt like he’d just been handed a speedy death sentence. “Not for that!” Miss Darla gasped, then added with a firm nod. “Don’t you worry one bit, Ulrich. I made Eggie fill in that shallow grave before we drove up here.” Lock grimaced and Ric swallowed. “Thank you?”

“I owe her so much,” Desiree said and Dee shook her head. “Please, Desiree. No more tears. I can’t handle any more.” “Look, bitch,” Desiree snapped. “If I wanna be fuckin’ grateful for you people protecting my son, I’m going to be mother-fuckin’ grateful.” “My delicate flower,” Mace muttered. “Shut up.”