Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Love Runs Deep

Book Review of Love Runs Deep (Changing Tides Series)

Title: Love Runs Deep

Series: Changing Tides Series

Author: Gail Chianese 

Date Published: February 21st 2017

Date Read:   February 20, 2017

The Blurb:

Active duty is no time for romance, but when two naval officers find themselves in truly close quarters on the USS California, the temptation to fraternize is hard to resist. Can two ambitious sailors follow orders long enough to see if love is on the horizon when they’re finally above water? 

Lieutenant Nic Riley is the only girl in a long-time Navy family, and she’s determined to prove she’s just as seaworthy as her brothers. When she aces training for submarine duty, it calls for a celebration—and one incredibly hot guy is happy to party with her all night long. But when Nic boards the sub and finds herself face to face with her hunky fling, the idea of spending six months underwater takes on a whole new meaning . . .

Having a girl in every port was Lieutenant Kyle Hutchinson’s style—until the explosive night he spent with Nic. Dating onboard is firmly off limits, but Kyle can’t get her off his mind much less out of his vicinity—until a junior seaman’s devastating stunt puts Nic’s career in danger. Kyle won’t let her take the heat alone, even when it means risking his own reputation, but fighting for a future together will be a whole new battle . . .

My Review

3.5 Deep Sea lovin' Stars 

Love Runs Deep the 1st book in the Changing Tides series was a pretty good read for me. There were things about it that I really liked and things that I just didn't care for. I liked that both Nic and Kyle's characters were well develop. I felt I really got to know them. Both were likable and relatable. I loved the navy sub theme. I liked Nic's family and Kyle's brother. I felt like Nic and Kyle had good chemistry and plenty of lust for each other. The thing is I never felt that Nic and Kyle's relationship went deep. I felt like both were just kinda along for the ride. It felt more like a fling than a love connection. I didn't feel no deep love from either although I did feel Kyle was more invested in the relationship than Nic. Also it really bothered me that Nic doubted Kyle the way she did. I also would have liked them to spend more time together. We readers get a lot of one on one time with each Nic and Kyle and I would have liked more romance. Overall an entertaining and enjoyable read. 

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