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His to Seduce

Book Review of His To Seduce (Fireside Series)

Title: His To Seduce 

Series: Fireside Series

Author: Stacey Lynn

Date Published: March 21st 2017

Date Read:   March 17th 2017

The Blurb:

Becoming an ER doctor had been David McGregor’s mission ever since he could remember. But after tragedy strikes at his hospital in Chicago, David runs away from the guilt—all the way back to Latham Hills, Michigan, where he takes a job tending bar at his childhood friend’s restaurant. That’s how he meets Camden Reed, and the way Camden refuses to give him the time of day should be a turnoff. Instead, he’s drawn to her tough, tightly wound exterior, and soon David realizes that he has a new mission: to see her tightly wound beneath him.

Camden’s fighting tooth and nail to resist the desire she feels for David. Growing up dirt-poor, raised by a single mother, she worked twice as hard to get where she is today, and she doesn’t have any patience for the kind of guy who’d give up a decent paycheck to sling drinks. But when the sexual tension finally combusts between the sheets, Camden discovers that people aren’t always what they seem. As David pushes her past her limits, Camden begins to loosen up—and to trust that, when she falls, there will be someone waiting to catch her.

My Review

3 Hiding behind Walls Stars

Some Spoilers

His to Seduce the 4th book in the Fireside series was an okay read for me, but I just couldn't connect with it like I did all the others. I never got invested in the love story and I found myself skipping through the book because I was starting to get a little bored. I don't know what it was for sure that caused such a disconnect with me and this book as I loved the other books in this series but something was just not working for me. Not that I hated this book or anything. I didn't hate it. I actually really liked David and getting to catch up with the whole gang at Fireside. The only thing I can pin point that I didn't like was Camden. She just rubbed me wrong. I didn't feel like I got to really know her. She only really showed her closed off side which made her seem bitchy and cold. Because of her past I could understand some of her actions but I think she was just too closed off and didn't open up soon enough. David was a nice balance to her. He was sweet, fun, and very understanding. I did really think the ending was very cute. Overall this read was okay but my least favorite of the series. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beauty of the Beast

Book Review of Beauty Of The Beast (Fairy Tale Retellings Series)

Title: Beauty Of The Beast

Series: Fairy Tale Retellings Series

Author: Rachel L. Demeter

Date Published: March 15th 2017

Date Read:   March 11th 2017

The Blurb:

Experience the world’s most enchanting and timeless love story—retold with a dark and realistic twist.


Reclusive and severely scarred Prince Adam Delacroix has remained hidden inside a secluded, decrepit castle ever since he witnessed his family’s brutal massacre. Cloaked in shadow, with only the lamentations of past ghosts for company, he has abandoned all hope, allowing the world to believe he died on that tragic eve twenty-five years ago.


Caught in a fierce snowstorm, beautiful and strong-willed Isabelle Rose seeks shelter at a castle—unaware that its beastly and disfigured master is much more than he appears to be. When he imprisons her gravely ill and blind father, she bravely offers herself in his place.


Stripped of his emotional defenses, Adam’s humanity reawakens as he encounters a kindred soul in Isabelle. Together they will wade through darkness and discover beauty and passion in the most unlikely of places. But when a monster from Isabelle’s former life threatens their new love, Demrov’s forgotten prince must emerge from his shadows and face the world once more…

Perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the OperaBeauty of the Beast brings a familiar and well-loved fairy tale to life with a rich setting in the kingdom of Demrov and a captivating, Gothic voice.

* * *

Beauty of the Beast is the first standalone installment in a series of classic fairy tales reimagined with a dark and realistic twist.

Disclaimer: This is an edgy, historical romance retelling of the classic fairy tale. Due to strong sexual content, profanity, and dark subject matter, including an instance of sexual assault committed by the villain, Beauty of the Beast is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

My Review

5 Little Prince Stars

This is my first time reading Rachel L. Demeter and I freaking loved it! I fell in love with Beauty and The Beast as a little girl when I seen the Walt Disney movie for the first time. I guess it was my first taste of damaged, scarred bad boys. There is just something so beautiful about seeing past the surface and finding true love no matter the flaws. Plus beast gives Belle a whole library and what woman could resist a man that gives you a whole room full of books! So I try to get my hands on every retelling I come across. 

Beauty of the Beast was a great retelling of the classic. I felt it was like a cross between Beauty and the beast, phantom of the opera, and maybe a touch of Cinderella thrown in there. I love that instead of Adam, the beast, being a magical cursed beast he was just severely scarred. Adam's backstory was a heartbreaking and dark one. Seeing what he lived through at the age of 11 got me right in the feels! My heart bled for Adam and I fell in love with him too. Isabelle was easy to love. She had such a bright spirit. She loved her father and was loyal to her step sisters even though they were worthless and didn't deserve her loyalty. She was caring and had a good heart. She was a perfect Belle. 

Adam and Isabelle were adorable together. There was such a sweet build up to their love that it felt natural and real. I loved how because there is no magic in this that Adam doesn't magically because handsome. Isabelle truly loves him scars and all. I felt Rachel L. Demeter did a great job of writing a complex and multifaceted villain. Raphael was evil but his character was so well developed that I could understand why he was evil and though I hated him I at times felt sorry for all he had lived through too. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I loved the epilogue. It had everything I adore about the classic Beauty and the Beast with just enough difference to still feel new. Beauty of the Beast was a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Beauty and the Beast!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Deep Into Trouble

Book Review of Deep Into Trouble (Unbroken Heroes Series)

Title: Deep Into Trouble

Series: Unbroken Heroes Series

Author: Dawn Ryder

Date Published: March 7th 2017

Date Read:   March 5, 2017

The Blurb:

Saxon Hale lives for the hunt--taking down the bad guys, stopping them dead in their tracks. His latest mission has him in New Orleans, where people go for the party that never ends. But fun is the last thing on Saxon's mind now that he's a breath away from closing in on a vicious overlord known only as the Raven. Until an innocent young woman unknowingly enters the very deadly game...

Ginger Boyce is a librarian who's growing tired of being so buttoned-up on the job, and when she attends a conference in the Big Easy, she decides to taste the wild side of life. But when her dance with darkness becomes lethal, she's in dire need of protection--and ends up in the embrace of a man who radiates danger and desire. Soon Saxon finds himself Ginger's shield against an enemy whose power they haven't yet begun to face. But will he be able to keep his mind on his mission while the very woman under his care drives him beyond distraction?

My Review

3.5 Getting Personal Stars

Deep Into Trouble the 3rd book in the Unbroken Heroes series and the 2nd book I have read of the series was a pretty good read. I liked our hero Saxon but not as much as I like his brother Vitus the hero from the last book. I felt I didn't get to know Saxon as well. He was very closed off and professional for most of the book. I liked Ginger a lot. I thought she was fun, spunky, and brave. I thought Saxon and Ginger had some great lust and major heat but I didn't really feel the love. I liked the action in this book and I liked getting to know the other members for the team a little better too. I loved getting to catch up a little bit with Vitus. The bad guys Tyler and Carl Gawd I really hate those two jerks and can't wait for them to get their comeuppance Overall it was an entertaining read and I will continue with the series!

Grappling for Position

Book Review of Grappling For Position (Against The Cage Series)

Title: Grappling For Position

Series: Against The Cage Series

Author: Melynda Price 

Date Published: March 2nd 2017

Date Read:   March 4, 2017

The Blurb:

This battle of wills is about to go below the belt…

Willow Scott is sweet, innocent, and 100% untouchable. She’s the epitome of everything MMA fighter Regan “Rapscallion” Matthews has always wanted, but will never have. A woman like her deserves more than a scrapper from the wrong side of the tracks—the Scott’s charity case.
Unfortunately for Regan, his best friend’s little sister is all grown up and she’s tired of playing by the rules. When Willow sees something she wants, she goes after it—damn the consequences—and her sights are set on him. With a shot at the Welterweight title finally within his grasp, Willow Scott is a distraction Regan can’t afford. But this willful woman is determined to make him tap-out.
Willow has been in love with Regan Matthews since she was in pigtails and braces. Over the years, she’s all but given up hope of her brother’s friend returning her affection, but a part of her never stopped praying that someday he would see her as more than Kyle Scott’s annoying little sister. If Willow has her way that’s all about to change, and Regan must decide if he’s willing to risk losing his best friend and the Welterweight title for a woman he doesn’t deserve but cannot live without.

My Review

5 Forbidden Fruit Stars

Some Spoilers

OMG I have been waiting for Regan and Willow's story since Passing His Guard and it was amazing!!! I love me some brother's best friend love stories! I started this book and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up til 4am finishing it and I was sad when it ended! Willow was stubborn, strong, and so brave. I love that she fought for what she wanted and what she thought was right. Regan was sexy, playfully, funny, and very loyal. Both Willow and Regan were endearing, and relatable. Both had a very hard life. Willow losing her parents and almost being killed herself. Regan suffering the abuse of an alcoholic father. Both were fighters picking themselves up and making a life for themselves.

Willow, her brother Kyle, and Regan all grew up together. Willow has always loved Regan and Regan fell in love with Willow when she was 16 although he fought his feelings. Regan felt that Willow was forbidden fruit. That it would be disloyal to be in a relationship with his best friends baby sister. Regan and Willow's relationship was angsty with some push/pull balanced out with plenty of sweet. And the heat omg the heat. Regan and Willow had a strong connection. The sex in this book was hot! What is it about the forbidden fruit that just makes it sweeter? I loved getting to see Regan and Willow give into their relationship. I was also on pins and needles waiting for Kyle to find out about his baby sister and his best friend. And boy did the shit hit the fan when Kyle found out. I loved Regan, Willow and Kyle. I thought their dynamic was sweet. I felt bad that Kyle took things so badly and I want more Kyle! I loved everything about this book but the epilogue. I felt the epilogue was kinda weak. I love this series and I hope Kyle and Grim get their own books!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Falling Hard

Book Review of Falling Hard (Colorado High Country  Series)

Title: Falling Hard

Series: Colorado High Country Series

Author: Pamela Clare 

Date Published: February 21st 2017

Date Read:   March 1, 2017

The Blurb:

A war widow alone… 

Ellie Meeks promised her pilot husband that if anything happened to him, she would live her life to the fullest. Three years later, she is still alone, raising the twins he never met. She has no interest in dating or meeting men—until one snowy night when a stranger helps her get her sick kids safely home. That stranger turns out to be a former Army Ranger and a member of the elite Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. He’s also tall, rugged… and irresistibly sexy.

All it takes is one kiss… 

Jesse Moretti came to Colorado to get Iraq out of his head, using the adrenaline of extreme sports and high-risk mountain rescues to keep his mind off the past. But getting involved with Ellie might be the riskiest thing he’s ever done. It’s not just their explosive chemistry. There’s something about Ellie that gets inside him, opening him to feelings he’s tried hard to ignore.

When passion ignites… 

Ellie feels alive in Jesse’s arms and happier than she ever thought she’d feel again. But their relationship comes at a price for him, and soon Ellie sees that she must help Jesse fight the demons of his past to protect the love of a lifetime—and save the heart of a hero.

My Review

5 Moving on Stars


OMG my feels! Pamela Clare did it again. I loved Falling Hard. Every single minute of it. Colorado High Country the series has been a total hit for me. I have loved every single book in this series. And while Eric and Victoria are my favorite couple of the series, Jesse and Ellie come in a very close second. This book had everything you could want in a romance. Sexy abs...Check. Sexy fantasy role playing.... Check. Adorable 3 year old twins..... Double Check! 

Ellie had a rough past. Her husband died in Iraq when she was 4 months pregnant with their twins. Ellie did her best to raise her babies as a single mom but she hadn't really moved on from losing her beloved husband until she met Jesse. What I really liked was that Ellie loved both her dead husband and Jesse. Sometimes when I read widow books the widow either didn't really love their dead spouse or they loved them so much that the dead spouse is like a ghost that haunts the new relationship making me feel like the new person was second place. In Falling Hard I never felt like Jesse was second but I still felt like Ellie had a real love with her dead husband. A respectable love and then she moved on with an equally strong love for Jesse. It was a nice balance. 

Jesse was so sexy and yummy and God I loved him! Former Army Ranger, Rocky mountain search and rescue team member, toddler whisperer, and just all around sexy beast Jesse had it all. I loved the way he was with the twins. I loved how protective he was. He was so heroic always trying to save everyone. Jesse had a rough life and some scars but they just added to his depth and gave him that sexy damage bad boy edge. There was nothing about Jesse I would change!

Jesse and Ellie had an instant strong connection, lots of lust, but their love had a nice build to it. I loved that even though in the start of their relationship he felt a little jealous of Dan(Ellie's dead husband) he never let it show. He didn't act petty or try to replace Dan. Ellie never made me feel like Jesse was second place in her life or the twins. Although I did wish she would have taken off her wedding ring a little sooner. This book brought out a lot of emotions. I could feel Ellie's pain from the lost of her first love. The struggle she had to raise the twins when their dad never even got to meet them. I could feel the guilt Jesse felt when he couldn't save someone. His fear that his baggage would hurt Ellie and the twins. His love for her and the twins. Everything felt raw, real and just jumped off the pages making me tear up a few times. I also really enjoyed getting to catch up with the beloved couples from the past books. Seeing Lexi and Taylor are starting a family, know how strong Vic and Eric's love still is. Overall I loved this book. I love this series and I love me some Pamela Clare. I can't wait to see who's book is next. I am hoping for Chaska Belcourt's book!!

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Bite Me

Book Review of Bite Me  (Pride Series)

Title: Bite Me

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: March 25th 2014

Date Read:   September 08, 2015

The Blurb:

Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots. When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise.

That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up. But he’ll have to woo her at high speed: all hell is breaking loose, and Livy is leading the charge…

My Review

4.5 Honey Badger Don't Give A Shit Stars 

Some Spoilers

“I plan to rain down vengeance on the man who did this to my father and anyone protecting or helping him. And you trifling band of miscreant felons are going to help me.”

“You know how emotionally vested the wolves get about dominance. Why don’t you just go beat up some puppies, too?” Vic heard what sounded suspiciously like a giggle. “Okay! I get it,” she said. “I’ll send them an ‘I’m sorry’ basket of Milk-Bones to make it up to them.” “You are so mean.” “I know. It’s a genetic flaw.”

Bite Me is the 9th book in the Pride series and totally kicks ass. I was really worried after the last two books. OMG this book redeemed the last two boring books. I love the plot, love the MC, love the other characters, and I freakin love the Honey badgers. The whole time I was reading this book I was picturing that funny honey Badger video. (here is the link if you wanna watch said funny honey badger video) 

What this book is about

Livy Kowalski is honey badger, but she turned away from the honey badger way of life. "You know Honey badger just takes what it wants and honey badger just don't give a shit." Livy is the outcast of her family because she became a photographer. Vic Barinov is a grizzly bear/ tiger hybrid and a mercenary for hire. Livy and Vic like each other, but so far have only been friends until Livy turns to Vic for comfort when she finds out something very upsetting. Livy finds her father in a rich woman's living room, stuffed. She knows that she will stop at nothing to take down those who hunted, murdered, and stuffed her father! Vic knows he will be there for her, by her side helping her in any way he can. Sparks fly, lines get crossed and the honey badgers are out for blood!!!

“I’m okay,” she whispered, her legs wrapping around his waist, her arms clinging to his neck. “I really am.” “I thought I lost you,” he admitted against her neck. “You know my kind is too mean to go out that easy. We make a man work for it.”


Vic pressed his hands to either side of Livy’s face. “What are you doing?” “Thinking about how beautiful you look in the morning.” “I’m not making you breakfast.” “Come on,” Vic whined. “I’m starving!”

Vic is quirky like all hybrids. He has a crazy tail that has a mind of it's own. His bear side and his tiger side are at war with each other. Most of the time he is more bear laid back, and logical, but when he loses control and his tiger comes out he is rough, wild, and ready to pounce. Vic is really sweet, and thoughtful. He seems to read and understand Livy like no one else. Vic really is prefect for her. His bear side helps calm Livy and keeps her from getting to wild and his tiger side is rough enough to keep her interest. 

“But you’re going up against bears, Livy.” He pointed across the tent they were in. “I mean, look at that guy over there.” The eight-foot polar realized that Vic was talking about him. “Hey! What are you pointing me out for? Like I’m some kind of freak? That just hurts my feelings, man!” “Oh, suck it up,” Vic growled. “Your feline is showing,” Livy warned. “Because you’re not being rational and there’s an eight-foot, four-hundred-pound whiny baby over there begging me to claw the holy shit out of him.”

“I am Russian,” Vic said in a thick accent. “Vodka I know.” “I hate you,” Livy admitted, “because you sound really hot when you do that accent.” Vic leaned in and murmured in that damn accent, “I can do it more . . . just for you.”


“Stop looking so proud of yourself,” she snapped at him through her panting, “and get up here and fuck me.”

I freaking love Livy. OMG do I love her. I have a total girl crush. Livy is crazy, fun, sassy and will not think twice about going after anyone. Lion, bear, snake Livy don't care. She kicks major ass! Livy is rather mild when it comes to being a honey badger. Livy's family thinks she is soft because instead of following in the family steps of stealing, hurting others, and starting shit so she can and sitting back and watch other people's pain she would rather focus on her art photography. Livy is wild enough that Vic can let his cat off the leash and get rough. She also is accepting of his crazy tail and other quirks. 

“You make me want to burrow,” Livy told him, her arms moving down to his waist as she snuggled into his chest. “Usually I want to burrow away from people,” she murmured. “You’re the first I’ve ever burrowed toward.”

“Fuck,” Livy said as she buried her face in her hands. “What? What’s wrong?” She looked at him. Actually, it was more of a scowl. She scowled at him. “I’m in love with you,” Livy snapped. “And it’s your fucking fault.” “Uh . . . sorry?” “Oh, shut up.” “Well . . . if it makes you feel better, I’m in love with you, too.”

“Vic?” “Mhmmm?” “I’m starving.” “Oh, thank God. I’m so hungry.” “Why didn’t you say anything?” “It seemed tacky to come, roll off you, and go get something to eat. I hate tacky.” “I actually appreciate that. But right now I’m hungry.”

I really love Vic and Livy together they had a very sweet relationship. I found myself invested in this couple. I enjoyed the hell outta all the honey badger craziness in this book. The plot kept my attention. There was some more Eggie in this book. Yay!!! Love me some Eggie. Tons of humor in this book, some hot sex scene, and a very cute romance. Great read. I will definitely be reading more books by Shelly Laurenston! 

Below I leave a few of my favorite moments from this book:

“Hello, my hybrid brother!” Vic crowed. “Christ, Novikov,” Jake demanded. “How much vodka did you give him?” “I don’t know. A bottle. Or two.” He then picked Vic up in a fireman carry, and Livy rushed up the stairs to unlock the door. Novikov carried him to their room, dropping Vic onto the bed. “Can you make it back to the wild dog house?” Livy asked. “Of course,” Bo snapped. “I’m not weak like him. I’m strong. Cossack strong.” Then Novikov walked into a wall, stumbled back, and passed out on the floor by the bed.

“We will make the ones who did this to our brother pay and pay and pay until there is nothing left.” He finally released her from the hug, but he still kept one arm around her as he faced the rest of the family. “Now the world bleeds—” “Or,” Livy emphatically cut in, “we can just go after the ones who did this. Rather than taking it out on the entire world. That seems excessive.” “If you’re sure.”

“You get to work.” Vic put his hands behind his head. “And make it good, baby.” “Typical lazy feline . . . and bear,” she muttered as she placed her knees on either side of his hips. “Leaving it to the honey badger to do all the work.” “That’s because felines and bears are smarter than everybody.”