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Knights' Sinner

Book Review of Knights' Sinner  (MC Sinners Series)

Title:Knights' Sinner

Series: MC Sinner Series

Author: Bella Jewel

Date Published: October 23rd 2013

Date Read: May 10, 2017 

The Blurb:

Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and he figures it's about time he shows the world how much of a sinner he can be.

Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse.

He sends her on a mission.

On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners.

Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know?

Or will she betray Hogan for the man she's falling in love with?

My Review

3 Disappointed in Jackson's Actions Stars

Lots of Spoilers

Why my Jackson why???? This book was so a 5 stars read for me until Jackson did something I just couldn't believe. It was too much and I couldn't come back to my happy place after it. So Serenity our heroine is the daughter of Hogan, Jackson and the club's enemy #1. She was sent by her POS father into the club to spy. Hogan beat the shit out of her and told her that if she didn't spy he would kill her best friend's little girl, and since Hogan is a huge piece of shit that has no problem killing women and children Serenity does what she is told. She shows up at Jackson's club beat up badly and gives them no back story at all, and the club just accepts her no explanations. They don't think it was weird at all that right after they do a hit on Hogan's club, a woman just shows up beat the shit out of and can't tell them where she is from. They don't try to figure it out, do a little digging nothing? Whatever! I let that go. Then the book goes on and on about how old Jackson is. "I'm to old for you" "You're just a child" "old man" For fuck sake he is 39 not 70, and Serenity was 25 he wasn't that damn old. Of course those were just little small things that had me rolling my eyes. I could have over looked those things easily. Up til the 70% or so mark I was loving the shit out of this book. Jackson was sexy and sweet. Serenity had my sympathy. I thought they had great chemistry, and I was loving their story. Then it happened.

Serenity who just found out she was pregnant with Jackson's baby tells Jackson that she really was a spy for her dad and that he is going to try to take out the club when they go into lock down. Now here is where Jackson loses my respect. I totally understand him being pissed. He is a biker and so I can overlook at lot of things, but he treats her like complete shit. Which I could have forgiven if it stopped there but nope. She tells him she is pregnant, that Hogan beat her and was going to kill her bf's little girl and that she lied to her dad the whole time giving him fake info and still he pulls a gun on her, ties her up, lets her puke all over herself, and treats her like shit. Then he knows she is upset and not eating anything for days because everyone is telling him and he is like Don't give any fucks that she is starving herself or my baby. Again I could have forgiven all that but then he sends her back to her father.... WHO BEATS HER EVERY TIME HE IS NEAR HER..... pregnant with his child......knowing there is a really good chance she will be beat, and what do you know her dad beats the shit out of her. Does Jackson flip out? Nope. He just stands there frozen while everyone hears her being beaten. All the other men are yelling for him to pull her out before her father kills her and he just stands there. I couldn't believe it. Then he doesn't beg forgiveness. Doesn't rush her to the hospital to make sure the baby is okay after she was beat. Nope he starts in on how he is too old for her. It's not until she is bleeding that he takes her to the hospital then after seeing the baby on ultrasound he wants to be with her again and he loves her and Serenity is like sure cool everything is back to normal. Nope. Sorry it was too much for me. He sent her in Pregnant with his child and she got beat and I am just not ok with that. After that I just couldn't forgive and forget and move on. I lost my loving feelings. Jackson is sorry???? Yeah well so am I cuzz his stupid ass actions ruined a five star read for me.

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Heaven's Sinners

Book Review of Heaven's Sinners  (MC Sinners Series)

Title:Heaven's Sinners

Series: MC Sinner Series

Author: Bella Jewel

Date Published: September 23rd 2013

Date Read: May 9, 2017 

The Blurb:

A modern day biker romance.

Spike knows tragedy, he knows that feelings are better left hidden. He refuses to put his heart out there again, it's a pain he's not willing to feel a second time around. He's accepted he's going to spend forever alone. That's all he deserves.

But then there's Ciara, the sister of his deceased wife. She's beautiful and damned determined to throw herself into his life in hopes they can reform an old friendship, but Spike won't hear of it, and Ciara refuses to give up.

Who will win the battle of wills?

My Review

5 Shocked I loved this so much Stars


I went into this read prepared to take one for the team so I could get to Jackson book. A painful bump in the road of this series to get where I wanted which was Jackson HEA. I went in figuring I would hate this book and I would just have to suffer through it. I mean come on a love story where the heroine loved the hero, the hero loved the heroine, but then he turns around after taking the heroine's virginity and marry's the heroine's sister, then the sister is killed while pregnant. Now the hero is going to get with his dead's wife sister. I mean damn that is just a big fucking hot mess. I figured it would be full of drama, and angst and make me want to stab someone and I was right. Drama and angst just poured out of this book, so it shocks the shit out of me to say I really loved this book. I mean I lovedddddd this book. I loved Spike, I loved Ciara, and loved every pain filled, drama filled moment of this read.

Spike was gruff, kinky, damaged, but sexy as hell. I couldn't believe how much I loved him or how much I understood his choices and pain. I didn't feel for a minute that Ciara was second place to here sister, but I felt like Spike settled for Ciara's sister when he thought he couldn't have Ciara. Ciara at times made me want to slap the shit out of her but at the same time I could totally understand why she did the things she did. I wish she would have fought for Spike instead of stepping aside for her sister to have him, but I loved how much she grew into a stronger woman that learned from her mistakes and fought for the man she loved. Not gonna lie it was a bit icky that Spike slept with Ciara's sister, but I got over it pretty quick. I don't know about anyone else that read this book but I straight up hated Ciara's cunt of a sister, and was glad that nasty bitch was dead. I also hated Ciara's parents they were assholes. Spike and Ciara were so dirty and kinky I loved it. Spike's penis omg. I googled penis piercings and found out that what Spike has is called the Jacob's ladder piercing(I think) and wow can I just say the pictures OMFG! That shit looks painful just sayin'! The ending of this book has me looking forward to starting Jackson book. This was a surprisingly good read.

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Dangerous Redemption

Book Review of Dangerous Redemption  (Grahame Claire Series)

Title:Dangerous Redemption

Series: Paths to Love Series

Author: Grahame Claire

Date Published:  November 14th 3029

Date Read:  November 15th 3029

The Blurb:

A cartel king.
My throne is made of lies, blood, and revenge…
Faking my own death is my only chance of escape.
But when I run to my sister with the naive hope of never being found, I didn’t expect them.
A beauty and her son.
I promised her casual. But lies are easy for a man like me. And when I get my way, she won’t be able to let me go…
If my past doesn’t find me first.

Trouble magnet.
It’s followed me all my life no matter how far or how fast I run.
I’ve uprooted my precious little boy’s life in the hopes of escape.
Instead, I’ve landed us straight in trouble’s arms…literally.
They’re strong and protective and as dangerous as they are safe.
My son comes first. My pleasure comes second.
I swore I wouldn’t get my heart tangled up…
Turns out I’m in serious trouble.

My Review

5 OMG OMG OMG it's Carlos stars

OMG OMG Carlos was sooooooo yummy. This was my favorite Paths to love book to date! I fucking loved Carlos so much. I was a little worried that I wouldn't think Holly was good enough for my yummy damaged reformed bad boy, but I really loved her. From the moment Carlos showed up in this series there was something about him that I loved. Something dark, dangerous, tortured, sexy and sweet. I hungered for his story. I longed to get a deep look into this troubled man. I begged Grahame Claire to get his story done, so I could inhale it in one sitting. So imagine my annoyance when my migraine medicine failed and I ended up in and out of the hospital for almost a week. I had this book. One I waited for. One I had been so excited for, and yet I couldn't hold my head up. Let alone focus my eyes enough to read it. This is were audio book would have been amazing lol. Finally days later, an ER trip, a migraine cocktail, a doctor's appointment, and a new migraine medicine( a fun monthly shot this time) and I was finally able to sit down and read the book I have been waiting forever for. It was everything I wanted and more. OMG it was good!!!!!

Carlos was everything I love in a hero. He was sexy, protective, sweet, respectful, supportive and a fighter. He had a dark past, he did horrible things in his life, but he was a good man with honor. I loved everything about him and I wouldn't change a single thing. Perfect! Holly was amazing too. She was perfect for Carlos. She was smart, strong, and a great mother. She didn't play games and she spoke her mind. I loved that she wasn't judgmental, but she wasn't stupid and accepting about everything either. She was very relatable. Gabriel her son (my son's name too btw) was adorable. He had me melting. He was so cute and precocious. I loved what a little gentleman he was in the book. Together they all made such a cute family. I loved how Carlos fought for Holly and Gabriel. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. Holly fought too. I felt their love. I connected to them as a couple. The romance was great. Smexy time was smoking hot. The plot was really good. The sweetness was abundant. I read it in about 6 hours. Totally inhaled it. I loved every bit of it. I don't know how Grahame Claire plan to top this, but I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Sorry Dan and Viv, but this is the BEST read of the series. I recommend it to anyone that likes alpha reforming bad boys, with dark past, that will do anything to protect their love ones.

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Hell's Knights

Book Review of Hell's Knights  (MC Sinners Series)

Title:Hell's Knights

Series: MC Sinner Series

Author: Bella Jewel

Date Published: August 18th 2013

Date Read: May 8, 2017

The Blurb:

A modern day biker romance.

Addison has had a hard life. Her mother is useless, and her father hasn't been in her life for years. When her mother dies, she's left with no money and an angry man after her. She goes to the only person she knows can take care of her right now - her father. She knows her father is the President of an MC club, but she doesn't quite realize just how much she will come to rely on that club.

Cade is everything she knows she should stay away from, and yet she can't seem to keep herself from wanting him. He's the club VP, gorgeous, rugged, charming and he makes her feel again. She should be running, she should be escaping the demons of her past, but instead she finds herself falling for the gorgeous biker.

Come on this whirlwind romance with two broken people, who figure out how to put each other back together.

My Review

4 Long Lost Biker Daddy Stars

Hell's Knights was a good read. Yesterday I read a different MC book by a different author and it came off cheesy and unbelievable. So I was a little worried starting a new MC series but I really enjoyed this book. I felt Bella Jewel walked that fine line between Bad-ass biker but still kept it romantic. I liked both Cade and Addison. I felt they had a great connection. Cade came off sexy but rough around the edges. I liked that he was bad-ass like a biker should be but didn't come off so dickish(lol That's a word right?) that he was unlikable. Addison was sassy, hard, and a fighter. I loved that she didn't take anyone's shit. She had a really hard life, and my heart bled for her. However there were a few times that she would do stupid shit just to prove she could because "NO ONE CONTROLS HER"! Really stupid shit like walk home alone in the dark, after her ol man and father told her it wasn't safe because they all knew a evil pimp was coming after her. She was totally adulting like a boss!

Cade and Addison had some hot smexy time. Cade was a sexy beast and Addison was game for anything. Which made for wild times.   I really liked Cade and Addison together. I also really loved Jackson, Addison's dad. I loved the plot of this book. I can't say this enough I hated Jasper(Addison's mom's pimp) and Addison's mom. I was so glad they both got what was coming to them. I know I'm bloodthirsty, but they were both pos and totally needed to feel pain. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to Jackson's book, but first I have to read Spikes and I am not really looking forward to Spikes book. I liked Spike but the whole dead wife and getting with said dead wife's sister drama doesn't sound like something I will care for. Also on another note I didn't read this book I listened to it on audiobook and the woman that read this book did the weirdest voice for Cade. She made his sound like a drunk southern colonel sanders lol it was weird!!!

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Book Review of Fallen  (Deep Ops Series)


Series: Deep Ops Series

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Date Published:September 24th 2019

Date Read: September 23, 2019  

The Blurb:

Too quiet. A talented hacker who got caught, Brigid Banaghan is now forced to work with a secret Deep Ops unit. But she won’t reveal any more to these renegade Feds than she has to. Especially not to Raider Tanaka, her control freak of a bodyguard and handler. It’s enough that his body is tensed for action and his heated gaze is always on her . . .
Too sharp. Raider knows there’s more to his new assignment than he’s been told. Why send a deadly agent of his experience to guard a computer genius—even a gorgeous, unpredictable, undisciplined one? But when Brigid’s estranged father is named in an investigation into Boston’s organized crime, Raider’s mind switches onto high alert, just like his senses . . .
Too close. To clear her father’s name, Brigid needs Raider’s help. The Unit’s idea that she bring a straight-laced Fed in as her “fiancĂ©” won’t fly, though—not unless Raider can release his inner bad boy and become the rebel Brigid can’t resist . . .

My Review

5 Bad boy dork Stars

Fallen is my favorite book of this series to date. OMG I loved Tanaka and Brigid. I have been reading each book as they come out, and I was really hoping this book would be Wolfe's. So when I got Fallen on Netgalley, I was a little bit sad it was Tanaka and not My crazy coffee drinking, kitten toting ex-soldier. However as I started reading I fell in love with Tanaka. He was so sexy and protective. OMG but he totally did it for me. I couldn't believe how much I ended up loving him. I really liked Brigid too. I loved how smart she was. She wasn't a kick-ass fighter, but she was very smart and could think fast on her feet. The whole team and I'm including Dana, KAT, Roscoe and Pippa (who isn't really part of the team) were amazing. They are all very likable, and interesting in their own way.

The plot of the book was good. The mob/human trafficking angle was a nail biter. The pace of the book was really good. Tons of action with tons of romance too. Tanaka and Brigid.... omg you could feel the sexual tension through my kindle. They made a great couple. I liked Brigid's dad, but I hated Rutherford. I kinda hope his hateful ass gets a little karma. Wolfe was amazing in this book. Of course he is amazing in every book. I truly love that fictional character like he was a real man. OMG everything about him is spot on. I really liked Dana too. I think she and Wolfe will make a great couple. My heart hurt for what Dana went through in the book. At the end of the book there is a little excerpt from the next book, Broken, which is Wolfe's (Thank you Lord!!!!!). That little taste was so damn good. I can not wait to get my hands on Broken...... OMG I just know it's going to be epic!

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Book Review of Vicious  (Sinners of Saint Series)


Series: Sinner of Saint Series

Author: L.J. Shen

Date Published:December 27th 2016

Date Read: September 5, 2019 

The Blurb:


They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares. He is a brilliant lawyer. A skilled criminal. A beautiful liar. A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.

Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist. Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom. Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down. She paid the price.

Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate. That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t. So she hates me. Big fucking deal. She better get used to me.

My Review

2 Nope, not for me stars

Sorry I just didn't like this book. I loved Sparrow and I was hoping I would like this book that much or more, but I couldn't stand Vicious. I love a sexy Asshole as much as the next girl, but said Asshole is suppose to have some kind of redeeming qualities. Something that makes you soften to him and fall in love with him. Not Vicious he was just a straight up asshole. At no point in the read did I think wow I can totally see why Millie loves him. At no point did I find him sexy or desirable. I did however find myself annoyed with him and bored with the whole book. I found myself wondering wtf was wrong with Millie that she would want a jerk like Vicious. How could she love him when he was never, ever nice to her. I didn't care about their relationship. I didn't really want to finish the book but I heard it got better. I felt the good part came way to late and was so different from the Vicious we knew this whole book that it felt forced. Overall I'm just disappointed and over it.

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Book Review of Heartbreaker (Paths to love Series)

Title: Heartbreaker

Series: Path To Love Series

Author: Grahame Claire

Date Published:September 12th 2019 

Date Read: August 31, 2019

The Blurb:


I have a secret.
And only he knows.
He took my carefully crafted world and turned it upside down.
Now my career hangs in the balance.
I swore I'd never give anyone control over my life again, but I may have done something worse...
Given him my heart.

I have a secret.
And she doesn't know.
What she calls a mistake, I call the beginning.
I've been respectful. Patient. A gentleman.
With everything on the line, including the company we've built with my family, that stops now.
She thinks I'll forget about what we've done.
But the truth is all secrets come to light...
Especially the ones we want to stay buried most.

My Review

3.5 Yummy Easton Stars

I love the Paths of Love series. I fell madly in love with Daniel and Viv. Rooted for Stone and Muriella's HEA. Enjoyed the sweetness of deep love and second chances with Juliana and Mitch. And I have been looking forward to Sassy, tough Mulaney, and bad boy Carlos getting their own books. Though it makes me sad to say, as much as I liked this book, I didn't love it like I loved the others. Don't get me wrong, the plot and the writing is good. I really loved Easton, but Mulaney kinda got on my nerves. Which really shocked me. I loved her in past books. The problem was next to cheating my second biggest reading pet peeve is cowardly behavior, and Mulaney's running in fear from her feelings was too much for my liking. 

Easton really carried this book for me. He was sexy and loyal and loved Mulaney something fierce. I loved how he pushed Mulaney's buttons, but knew when to give space, too. I really really loved that even while he gave Mulaney space to deal with her fear he didn't come off like a doormat. Which sometimes happens when one mc is pushing and pulling away in a love story. Easton had dignity and confidence. I totally loved him. Mulaney I had a harder time with. At times in the read I was reminded of the Mulaney from books past. Strong, smart, sassy and unafraid to speak her mind. Then at other times I wanted to shake some sense into her. I loved Easton and Mulaney together when she pulled her head from her butt and gave into her feelings. They had good sexual tension and made a great couple. 

The plot was really good. I was shocked at who the "Bad Guy" turned out to be. I loved getting to see past couples again. Anytime I get more Daniel is a total win for me. The part with Ruby broke my heart. I was glad it didn't go the way I feared. I love me some sassy Ruby. Easton's parents were so supportive and sweet. I ate up every moment with Carlos. OMG the the tension between Carlos and Holly. I can't wait to see what is happening there. I really need more Carlos in my life. Overall a pretty good read. While this book isn't one of my favorites in the series, I'm very much looking forward to the next one, and would highly recommend this whole series if you are looking for a sexy contemporary romance with delicious heroes.