Thursday, June 30, 2016

Staking a Claim

Book Review of Staking A Claim

Title: Staking A Claim 

Series: Novel

Author: Devon McKay

Date Published: September 30th 2015

Date Read:    June 27th 2016

The Blurb:

For most people, seeing Alaska is a dream come true. For Miami Beach resident, Samantha Held, it is merely a job assignment. An advertisement for vacationing in Alaska is one step closer to achieving her career goal, partnership in Kolinsky’s Advertising Agency. As far as accepting the offer of assistance from Blake Langford, a hunky Fish and Game officer and local rancher, though it is offered in a sour manner, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Determined to sabotage Sam’s goal in every way, Blake isn’t willing to accept any exploitation of his beloved state, no matter how desirable the striking, southern blonde bombshell with fiery green eyes. Falling in love with the enemy was never part of the plan.

My Review

3 love thy enemy Stars

Staking a Claim was an okay read for me. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. It started pretty slow for me took a while to get to any real relationship then it ended abruptly. Blake was a jerk for most of the book and Although I like me some jerks he didn't really have enough nice moments to balance it out. Sam I like but I felt like she should have stuck up for herself a little more. Blake would be a jerk and she would just get over it like it never happened. She would bounce right back after he would hurt her feelings like a boomerang. Both Blake and Sam did have their good points, but by the time I warmed to them and was looking forward to some real romance the story was over. HFN not HEA and no epilogue. I feel like it would have been a great story had it been longer. As it is it was decent book with very little drama. A nice quick, easy read. This is the first book I have read from Devon McKay but I liked it enough I would give her another shot. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Stolen Bride

Book Review of The Stolen Bride (Hope's Crossing series)

Title: The Stolen Bride

Series: Hope's Crossing Series

Author: Cynthia Woolf

Date Published: April 29th 2016

Date Read:    June 25th 2016

The Blurb:

Isabella “Bella” Latham's callous father sold her into marriage to settle a gambling debt. Rather than face life with a cruel man more than twice her age, she runs from New York and becomes a mail-order bride. Bella's dreams are simple. All she needs to be happy is a home, children and an honorable man to love her. 

Alex Hastings lost his wife in a riding accident two years before. Left with two adorable but mischievous twin four-year-old daughters, he's convinced they need a mother to take care of them. Alex knows he must marry, but vows he’ll never love another woman. 

Bella's tenderness and fire melts Alex's stone cold heart. But when her jilted fiancé from New York sends men to capture Bella, will Alex be able to get back his Stolen Bride? 

My Review

5 Getting over the past Stars

I don't know what it is about Cynthia Woolf but her books just do it for me. All her books seem to follow the same formula (Mail order bride, husband that is awesome but refuses to fall in love with new wife, something bad happens one of the MC is hurt and the husband realizes he loves wife, lots of babies HEA), but they all somehow feel uniquely different and never get boring.

Maybe I love her so much because she always gives me what I want. She is my happy zone. I know that when I pick up her books I will have a nice happy read. Whatever magic Cynthia Woolf weaves she did it again with The Stolen Bride. I loved this book. The start of the book really grabbed me. I loved both the hero and the heroine. 

Isabella was great. She was strong willed, but sweet. She was very loving. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. She didn't throw fits and yell she but she didn't give up. I love how she was with her step daughters. But I especially loved how she was when she trouble arises. She was very brave but not stupid. I loved Alex too. He was a widower that loved his late wife and he fought his love for Isabella. He was sweet, and sexy but he did annoy me a little with his constant need to talk about his dead wife to Isabella and or compare the two. I got over my annoyance however when he tells Bella he loves her more and stronger then he ever loved his late wife. 

The twin girls Vi and Rose were totally adorable and I loved when the family was together. I also really enjoyed the side love story of Bella's mom and dad. The bad guy in this one was creepier than in other books. I really hated him and was glad that he got his. The epilogue in this book was very sweet and gave me everything I want in a HEA. Their book was a entertaining, quick read that made me smile. I can't wait to pick up another CW book!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Replacement Bride

Book Review of The Replacement Bride (Hope's Crossing series)

Title: The Replacement Bride

Series: Hope's Crossing Series

Author: Cynthia Woolf

Date Published:March 30th 2016

Date Read:    June 25th 2016

The Blurb:

Jesse Donovan spent the last four years chasing gold, hoping to convince his New York fiancee to join him. He's now rich, successful, and eager for his wife-to-be to make the trip out west. But now that it's time to travel to Hope's Crossing and marry Jesse, the New York socialite sends him a letter informing him of her intention to marry another. Heartbroken and lonely, Jesse contacts Matchmaker & Co. for a mail order bride. 

Clarissa "Clare" Griggs is the eldest daughter of a poor farmer who is barely surviving off the land. At twenty-three, she is an old maid and a burden on her family. Clare knows what love looks like, and she wants a family of her own. Volunteering as a mail order bride seems to be the perfect answer to her dilemma. Her family will be better off, and she can find her own love story, happiness and finally become a mother. 

But Hope's Crossing isn't the ideal location that Jesse or Clare dreamed. A bitter rival is trying to kill Jesse and take his mine. Jesse's broken heart won't allow him to love Clare the way she needs, and Clare refuses to live with a man who doesn't love her. When the enemy threatens Clare's life, Jesse realizes Clare has become a part of him, a vital piece of his heart and soul -- but is he too late? 

My Review

4 Replacement stars

The Replacement Bride the 2nd book in the Hope's Crossing series was very good. I enjoyed it more then I did the first book. Cynthia Woolf is one of my favorite Mail order bride authors. Her books always put a smile on my face. I liked both Jesse and Clare. I felt they both had a great connection. I liked that Clare had sass. I will say that This book did feel a little rushed and I don't know why. It was 278 pages but it flew by. I really liked getting to see where the couple from book one Sam and Jo are now and how things are going with them. I loved the ending. It was such a sweet epilogue, but would expect no less from Cynthia Woolf. She always delivers big with her HEA. This was a great read and I can't wait to read the next book Alex and Bella's story. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Knew You Were Trouble

Book Review of I Knew You Were Trouble (Texas Kings series)

Title: I Knew You Were Trouble

Series: Texas Kings Series

Author: Soraya Lane

Date Published:June 28th 2016

Date Read:    June 23rd 2016

The Blurb:

Faith Mendes needs to get her life in order and get a job--yesterday. Thankfully, the live-in house-keeper position at the King brothers' ranch is up for grabs. Problem is, she'd be working with her old childhood crush, Nate King. He's sexy, wealthy, and his Texas-sized charms are legendary...and, clearly, impossible to resist.

Nate never thought twice about his best friend's little sister. Back then, Faith was off-limits. But now that she's all grown up, Nate's whole world has turned upside-down. Razor-sharp, down-to-earth, and hotter-than-heck, Faith is everything Nate has ever dreamed of in a woman...and maybe even in a wife. But Faith has loved and lost enough already to risk it all on another known bad-boy. How can Nate convince her that he is the real deal--and that he's ready to rein it in and never look back?

My Review

1 Thank God it's over Stars


Damn this book was painful for me. Every minute torture! It took all my OCD willpower to get through with this book. Everything about this book rubbed me wrong Everything! I have only read a few books that have ever made me feel that way. I didn't like anything about this book at all. I found myself bored and or annoyed the whole book. I didn't like the hero. I didn't like the heroine. I didn't like the side characters. I didn't like the plot. I didn't like their relationship. I didn't like the writing style. I didn't like the dialogue. I didn't even like the sex in the book. I just didn't like anything. 

I thought the Hero Nate was superficial, shallow and a coward. He had no depth of personality. I didn't like or connect to him. Never once did I warm up to him. The Heroine Faith was the worst. She hit ever nerve I have. She was immature, wishy washy, boring, and a huge major coward. Her fear was so over the top with no real reason for it. Yes her mom walked out but she was so OTT about it that it didn't make sense to me. I really wanted to smash her face at times. She was such a baby. 

I just couldn't believe that both Nate and Faith were such cowards and cowardly behavior being my second biggest reading pet peeve just made for painful reading. I really came close to dnfing this book. I walked away twice, but of course stupid OCD pulled me back. God I didn't even like when he proposed to her towards the end. I was just rolling my eyes and praying for the end! Now I thank God it's over. I don't like giving one star ratings but when I can't think of one nice thing to say about a book when I can't think of one thing I even kinda liked it's the only rating I can honestly give. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tough Luck Hero

Book Review of Tough Luck Hero (Copper Ridge series)

Title: Tough Luck Hero

Series: Copper Ridge Series

Author: Maisey Yates

Date Published:June 28th 2016

Date Read:    June 22th 2016

The Blurb:

Ranching heir Colton West knew his wedding would be the talk of the town. But he didn't expect to get left at the altar—or to escape on the next flight to Vegas with Lydia Carpenter, the woman who gets under his skin like no one else. The only thing crazier than honeymooning with Lydia is waking up married to her. So why does he find himself entertaining his new wife's desire to stay married—and fantasizing about a real wedding night? 

As Copper Ridge's prospective mayor, Lydia can't risk a divorce scandal so close to election time. But pretending to be blissfully in love with her new husband is more confusing than she'd thought. For a man who's always rubbed her the wrong way, Colton suddenly seems to know exactly what to do with his hands. And his lips. Now Lydia's wildest mistake could turn out to be her luckiest move, if they're both willing to take the ultimate gamble…

My Review

4 Waking Up Married stars 

Mild Spoilers

"You're my accessory." As soon as she said that, she got a little giddy kick in her chest. She was enjoying the idea a little too much. "The arm candy." "I'm your arm candy?" "My trophy husband."-Lydia and Colton

Tough Luck Hero is the 6th book in the Copper Ridge series but it can be read as a standalone. This book was a very enjoyable read. I would have given it 5 stars except for one thing the heroine did towards the end that really made me mad. I have read a few book by Maisey Yates before and I really love her writing style and her sense of humor. 

I liked both the hero and the heroine, but I liked the hero a little bit more. Lydia had some major scars and I can understand her fear of letting someone close to her. She was very determined, outgoing, and smart, but she kept everyone at arm's length. I liked Lydia but at the same time her cowardly tendencies really bugged me. There were a few times that she really frustrated me by constantly letting fear rule her and her relationship with Colton. A few times I wouldn't have minded shaking her really hard. Just sayin'! And then there was the thing she did towards the end that had me deducting a star from my rating.  She tells Colton over and over again that she doesn't love him when he came to her and told her that he loved her. Then she turns around and leaves him standing there brokenhearted. Although she does come back a few hours later confesses her love for him in a big way and apologizes. 

"Colton, I like you best with your zipper down and your mouth shut."-Lydia

"Yes," she said, "I'll beg. I'll do whatever you want. Just please." "Please, what?" Heat spread over her skin like a rash. "You know what." "Maybe I don't. Maybe I need you to tell me, peaches." "Now you're being a jerk," she said, gasping as he flicked his tongue over her clit. "Tell me what you want," he said, his mouth hovering just above her core. "I need to come, damn you." "Say please, Lydia." "Bastard." "Never," he responded. "I'm an upstanding citizen." -Lydia and Colton

Colton I really liked. He was definitely sexy, hard working and loyal. He was protective of his family. Giving up his dreams to take care of his sisters and mom. Both Colton and Lydia had an A typical personality. They both were all about control and responsible. They both had very similar characteristics. I liked that they had a kind of hate/love relationship. They were so full of passion they were either ripping each other's heads off or each other's clothes off. I liked all the side characters expect for Colton's ex thank God she was barely in the book. I really liked Colton's siblings. I think I'm going to go back and read their books too. Gage the runaway brother really intrigued me. This story had a nice pace, never got boring, and was very sweet. Most of the drama was dealing with the fact that got mcs didn't want to let their walls down and feel. The epilogue was perfect. Overall I really liked this book and I can't wait for Gage's book which I believe is next. 

"Nothing about you is dumb, Lydia Carpenter. Don't play stupid now. You are my real wife. I married you, I sleep with you every night, I damn well love you. Tell me what isn't real about that?"-Colton

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Secretly Hers

Book Review of Secretly Hers (Sterling Canyon series)

Title: Secretly Hers

Series: Sterling Canyon Series

Author: Jamie Beck

Date Published:June 21st 2016

Date Read:    June 14th 2016

The Blurb:

On her thirty-first birthday, hopeless romantic Kelsey Callihan has all but given up on happily ever afters, which is why she agrees to a risqué proposition from Sterling Canyon’s notorious playboy, backcountry skier Trip Lexington. After all, every girl needs a little fun, and with Trip, there are no mixed signals or risks of a broken heart. And if his tips can help her land a husband in the process, all the better.

Trip couldn’t be happier with his secret, no-strings fling with sweet and sexy Kelsey until she calls it quits after meeting a man she believes could share her dream of marriage and family. His jealousy turns to outrage when he discovers that the man is his estranged half brother and lifelong rival.
Now Trip must decide whether the fire in his gut is due to sibling rivalry or something much more dangerous…like love.

My Review

5 Prince Charming Stars


OMG this book was an emotional ride. I cried, I laughed, and I swooned. Damn this book worked me over. I have been waiting for Trip's book since I read the first book in this series Accidentally Hers, back in Oct 2015. I knew there was more to Trip then his playboy act and I wanted to see him shine. This book was everything I wanted and more! Better than the first book and that is saying something since I can still remember how much I love that book a year after reading it. 

"Happy birthday, princess." He grinned, leaned closer to Kelsey, and practically purred in her ear. "Does the birthday girl want a kiss?" Yes. Her insides sprang to life like Mexican jumping beans, but she remained outwardly calm. "No, thanks. No telling where those lips have been in the past twenty-four hours."-Trip and Kelsey

Trip was so much more than what I expected. He was sexy of course he played the manwhore since book 1, but he was also sweet, caring, and protective. He had this vulnerable side that made me want to hold him and make everything better for him. Most of the time when I read the manwhore trope I don't really feel their reasoning behind their commitment phobia, but with Trip I could totally understand where he was coming from. I felt such empathy for him and the way he was raised. I loved Trip. I loved Kelsey too. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. She was sweet and sassy. She wore her heart on her sleeve but she was real and honest. I loved that she didn't settle for anything less than what her heart wanted. 

"Beneath this whole playboy persona is a bit of a gentleman. Just a bit, of course. But it's in there. Once upon a time, your mom must've taught you how to treat a lady."-Kelsey

Their relationship was sweet, hot and heartbreaking at times. It felt real. I really cried at some of the things they went through. Then the next minute I was swooning at one of the sweetest scenes I have ever read. Trip really pulled out the Prince Charming and in the end he wowed me. Trip's dad I liked but I was surprised I liked Trip's half-brother Mason even though he was a jerk I could again empathize with the way he felt too. Although I wish he was less of a jerk to Trip. I wouldn't mind seeing Mason getting his own HEA. Kelsey's niece was adorable and added major cute points to this book. I loved seeing Avery and Grey again and getting caught up on their relationship. I also liked getting to see Em again. I really liked her from book 1 too and I hope Em's book is next. My only wish was that I would have got a deeper epilogue but that didn't take away from my love of this book. I'm so glad I got this book and I can't wait til the next one comes out. 

"You take my breath away," he said, his eyes locked on hers. "I can only hope to be worthy of your kind heart."-Trip

Monday, June 13, 2016

Protect Me

Book Review of Protect Me (The Donovan Family series)

Title: Protect Me

Series: The Donovan Family Series

Author: Margaret Watson

Date Published:November 11th 2015

Date Read:    June 13th 2016

The Blurb:

Police officer Mia Donovan is studying for the detective's exam when her captain offers her an assignment – be Finn O'Rourke's personal bodyguard for the next three weeks. He's in town to film a movie, he has a stalker, and the threats are escalating. 

Mia isn't interested – she's focused on the looming exam. But her captain convinces her that successfully protecting Finn will look very good on her record when promotion decisions are made. So, reluctantly, she takes the assignment. 

Finn isn't the arrogant, egotistical actor Mia expected. There's more than meets the eye when it comes to the 'most hated man in America', Finn's nickname since he cheated on his girlfriend, a beloved pop star. 

But his stalker is lurking and the threat is escalating. Although Mia's feelings for Finn are growing, her job is to protect Finn, not fall in love with him. 

My Review

3.5 Stalker Stars


Protect Me, the 6th book in The Donovan Family series and the 3rd one I have read was pretty good but I liked the other two better. I felt this book was much slower then the other two books I read and there wasn't as much action. Although I never got bored I wish it would have flowed a little bit better. I like Mia a lot. Finn on the other hand didn't really wow me. He was just there. I guess standing next to yummy twin cops with sexy, protective, alpha personalities like Connor from book 4 and Quinn from book 2 Finn kinda fell flat. It also didn't help that it took him a little over 3 months to figure out that walking away from Mia was the biggest mistake of his life. I was glad that Mia was a strong female lead. She didn't take crap from no one and she handed out the sass. I loved that when Finn came back she didn't just throw herself into his arms and let him off the hook but made him work for it. I loved the parts with Rose and Pete! Overall an entertaining read, but Quinn's my favorite.