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Syn's Broken Journey

Book Review of Syn's Broken Journey (Broken Pieces Series)

Title: Syn's Broken Journey

Series: Broken Pieces Series

Author: Kelly Moore

Date Published: April 20th 2017

Date Read:   April 26, 2016

The Blurb:

As the last unattached member of the Nolan family, Syn is ready to risk everything for a mission he’s been assigned to. He’s military born and bred. He loves two things – his country and his family. When it comes to love, he’s kept his distance. He’s watched his brother and his cousin settle down with families of their own and he’s more than content to play a role in their lives, but not give his heart away to any one woman.

Journey Valeur has had nothing but heartbreak. She fell for the wrong man, blindly following him, and it cost her dearly. She has no intent on ever giving her heart away again. Now, she’s hell-bent on revenge, but she has become the hunted, wanted for murder. She’s kept herself well-hidden, deep in the mountains of Utah, until one man is sent to find her.

Syn meets a beautiful woman on a train on the way to his mission. She lights a fire in him like he’s never felt before. They have a brief encounter, but he lets her go to stay focused on the mission at hand. Little does he know, their paths will cross again.

Syn has to decide whether or not to trust the story Journey is telling him. If he chooses to believe her, his mission becomes lethal for both of them. Syn will put everyone he loves at risk and his own life on the line for her. To save her, he will dodge bullets, cross borders, and defend her against a high-ranking military official. He’s taking on a deadly game that could easily be his demise.

Journey will have to make a choice to go it alone or trust a man again or be forced back into a life of terror.

My Review

4 Syn's Journey to love

Syn Nolan is the last of his family that is still single. Everyone else is settled down and marriage. I loved Syn in both Steel, and Gray's books and couldn't wait for him to get his HEA too. I really loved Syn and Journey's story but my favorite book is still Kell and Gray! Just sayin' Kell and Gray are hard to beat with their epic love. And can I just say I loved that I got plenty of Kell and Gray in this book. Along with tons of Steel and Ady too. I loved watching Syn fall hard for Journey. He was so sweet, sexy, and I loved that he didn't just jump into bed with her, but he waited until it meant something for both of them. Journey was awesome and kick-ass. I loved how much of a fighter she was. Brave, sassy, with a softer side that Syn slowly brings out of her she was a great heroine. 

Syn and Journey were hot as hell together. There was tons of sexual tension and a strong connection between the two. When they do come together fireworks. Syn was so sexy. I loved everything about this book but the bad guy. The villain was kinda cheesy. I kept picturing him rubbing his hands together and laughing menacingly. Other than that though I loved getting to catch up with all the past couples, seeing their families, seeing their love for each other was still going strong. I loved the epilogue. I felt it wrapped up everyone's HEA perfectly and gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies. A very exciting and sweet read. I'm sad to see the end. 

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Whatever You Need

Book Review of Whatever You Need (Haneys Series)

Title: Whatever You Need

Series: Haneys Series

Author: Barbara Longley

Date Published: April 11th 2017

Date Read:   April 25, 2016

The Blurb:

Painfully shy electrician Wyatt Haney is a pro at complex wiring jobs, but when it comes to women, he just can’t seem to make a lasting connection. If he had even half the courage of the superhero he penned for his comic book series, he’d finally be able to talk to his beautiful neighbor, Kayla—and stop hiding behind a hoodie. When an electrical fire breaks out in Kayla’s apartment, Wyatt comes to the rescue, sparking an attraction neither of them expected.

Kayla Malone has had enough surprises. First an unplanned pregnancy at eighteen, then losing her husband in war, and now a fire in her apartment. Thank God her hot neighbor has the skills to help. As Wyatt repairs Kayla’s apartment and forges a relationship with her son, he also makes inroads to her heart. It’s clear that Wyatt has fallen for Kayla, but is she willing to risk another heartbreak—or will she ignore the electricity between them and miss her happy ending?

My Review

4 Hoodie Hero Stars

Mild Spoilers

Ever since I read the first book in The Haneys Series, What You Do To Me(Sam's book), and was introduced to Wyatt, the super shy, burn scarred brother of Sam, I have been longing for his story. I have a thing for scarred and damaged heroes. So when I seen Whatever You Need on Netgalley I did a little happy dance. I was already in love with Wyatt from his brother's book and I needed him to get his HEA. 
Wyatt was absolutely amazing in this book. I fell in love with him all over again. He was super sweet, shy, playful, supportive, and very very sexy. The things he said and did had me swooning all over my kindle. His struggle with his shyness and his battle to push himself so he could get the woman he has wanted for a long time was adorable. The way he was with Kayla's son Brady was very cute too. At times he was like a big kid playing with Brady aka SuperKid. Kayla was great too. I liked her, and I understood how hurt she was from her past with her dead husband. I really didn't like how long it took for her to come around and make my Wyatt happy. I thought Kayla was smart, a great mom, sweet and very self-sufficient. I loved how supportive of Wyatt she was, how she encouraged him to take his hood down. Building him up. Letting him know that he was a sexy good looking man and that the scars were not that bad. 

Now here is the reason I gave this book 4 Stars. Wyatt was this painfully super shy virgin, so I was expecting a realistic slightly awkward first time together, filled with some nervousness. Wrong! Wyatt, shy virgin Wyatt, went all sexpert, caveman beast mode on me and I just wasn't buying it. Here I was reading along happy as a lark then I read their first time making love, Wyatt's first time ever and it totally threw me off how amazing he was. I mean no shaking hands, no nerves, no problems with the condom, no fumbling, and he was an expect at oral and the deep stroke. It wasn't believable and it was kinda disappointing. I was looking forward to his shy self discovering the joys of love making and coming out of his shell not being an insta-beast. Other than that this book was great. What I love about Barbara Longley's books are they are feel good, lower angst, sweet reads. I really liked Sam, and Wyatt's sister and I'm looking forward to her book. 

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The Baby Bombshell

Book Review of The Baby Bombshell (Shadow Creek Montana Series)

Title: The Baby Bombshell

Series: Shadow Creek Montana Series

Author: Victoria James

Date Published: April 10th 2017

Date Read:   April 24, 2016

The Blurb:

Lily Cookson has a few rules for the New Year, the most important being don't fall for Jack Bailey. The gorgeous, rugged man returned with a new look and a determination to win her back, catching her off guard. After a forbidden night in his arms, she vows never to let it happen again. But when morning sickness kicks in a few weeks later, Lily realizes staying away from Jack just got a whole lot harder. 

Jack Bailey left Shadow Creek behind five years ago when his world imploded around him, knowing it would be best for everyone if he was gone...including Lily. It took him a long time to get his life back on track and grow into the kind of man she needs him to be. Now he's determined to prove to Lily that he's back for good and ready to commit, but the secrets she's holding onto are nothing compared to the bombshell he drops...

My Review

4 Jack's Back Stars

Mild Spoilers

The Baby Bombshell is the the 2nd book in the Shadow Creek Montana series. It can be read as a stand alone. I didn't read the 1st book and I had no problem following the story. This book was very sweet. Even in the sad moments I couldn't help but smile at the characters in this story. They were all just so lovable and down to earth. Jack was very sweet. He knew he messed up and he was willing to do what ever it took to get the love of his life Lily back. I could understand Jack's pain. He suffered a great loss. I was upset that he was gone for 5 years without saying anything to Lily, but I was so glad that he was faithful to her the whole 5 years. He did other sweet things too while gone that really helped me forgive him. Lily was so relatable. I could feel her pain, her love for Jack and her fear. My heart broke for all the pain she went through when Jack up and left. I loved both Jack and Lily together. Their relationship had a nice build up. No insta forgive and forget. Jack had to earn her trust back. I also loved Jack's whole family. His sister Gwen was funny and very likable. So was his ex-sister n law and his best friend who's love story is in book 1. Now I kinda want to go back and read their book too. The ending of this book was very sweet but more of an HFN than a HEA. I am looking forward to more books by Victoria James. 

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Dark Notes

Book Review of Dark Notes

Title: Dark Notes

Series: Novel

Author: Pam Godwin

Date Published:  June 29th 2010

Date Read:   April 6th 2016

The Blurb:

They call me a slut. Maybe I am.

Sometimes I do things I despise.
Sometimes men take without asking.

But I have a musical gift, only a year left of high school, and a plan.
With one obstacle.

Emeric Marceaux doesn’t just take.
He seizes my will power and bangs it like a dark note.
When he commands me to play, I want to give him everything.
I kneel for his punishments, tremble for his touch, and risk it all for our stolen moments.

He’s my obsession, my master, my music.
And my teacher.

My Review

   5 “I’m fucking my teacher.” Stars

It’s universally known that the more forbidden something is, the more desirable it becomes.-Emeric


Wow this book was amazing. Dark Notes by Pam Godwin has been on my radar for a while now, but I have been putting it off until I got in a dark read kind of mood. See I love me some Dark reads but I have to be in the right mood for them. But now that I read this book I wish I wouldn't have waited so damn long. It wasn't nearly as dark as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong it's dark. About a 6 or 7 on a dark scale of 1-10, 10 being the darkest, but I have read darker. I really enjoyed Pam Godwin's writing style. She captivated me from the start and made me fall in love with the main couple. Besides being a darker read it was a taboo read. You have a forbidden teacher/student love. The hero is 27 the heroine is 17. Very naughty and right up my alley!

“I can’t stay away.” Another drugging kiss. “I want you.” He nibbles my lower lip, licks just inside the seam, then rests his forehead against mine. “You make me want things I can’t have.”-Emeric 


“It’s against the law. You’re my teacher!” “You’re my girl.” He lazily swipes the screen on his phone. “That’s the only law you need to worry about.” What? My head hammers. “You’re insane.” “You’re mine.” “What if someone finds out?” He scrolls through his email, not a care in the world. “My problem.”-Ivory and Emeric 

Emeric was extremely sexy. I loved his over the top protectiveness. The way he loved and took care of Ivory. He was all dominant, but was still supportive, comforting and sweet. He was also a bad bad boy! A kinky, naughty teacher tasting the forbidden fruit. I loved that he knew she was worth everything. He didn't fight his feelings long. She was his and he would have her period! I love that shit!!!! Emeric was like her Dark knight he comes and he saves her and then spanks her. Ivory has had a shitty life ever since her dad died. Abused by her mother, brother and raped repeatedly. Ivory does what she has to, in order to survive. She has a plan and she is going to overcome. She may have been beaten down many times but she was so strong and it shined through the pages. 

“You’re sort of charming when you get all serious and bossy.” She lowers her chin and deepens her voice. “Like I’m the man, laying down the law, and this is how it’s going to be.”Cute. I shake my head, fighting back a grin. She tightens her fingers against my scalp and moves her mouth a hair’s width away. “But I have my own mind and voice, and you’re going to hear it whenever and however I want.”-Ivory 

“You need to stop giving me those eyes.” “What eyes?” A smile teases his lips. “The ones that say…” I deepen my voice. “Come here, Miss Westbrook. Look at me, Miss Westbrook. On your knees—” He surges up with a roguish grin on his face. I roll out of reach, my mocking tone tumbling into laughter. “Suck my cock, Miss Westbrook.”-Ivory and Emeric 

There was some major sexual tension in this book. I'm a sucker for the whole student/teacher love stories. Emeric and Ivory had major chemistry. The heat was rising from my kindle because not only is there the whole taboo age/teacher/student thing going on in this book, but Emeric is all Dom and there is a generous sprinkling of bdsm kinkery too. Their relationship wasn't all kink though. This book didn't just have sex scene after sex scene filler there was a nice relationship build up. They don't even have full on sex until like the 80% mark. They also have a supportive, sweet, loving, and playful relationship. They don't judge each other. For a dark book I found myself laughing a lot. Like the part where she throws the marker at Emeric and it bounces off his forehead and leaves a mark, I could actually picture it in my head. 

“Ah, fuck.” The headboard groans in his grip. “Look at you.” I open my eyes and collide with his, a smile pulling at my cheeks. “I’m fucking my teacher.” “Jesus Christ, Ivory.” His biceps flex above his head, his thighs hardening beneath me. “Give me your mouth.”-Emeric and Ivory 

Yes, I’m her teacher. Yes, I shove my cock in her, rigorously and with unadulterated depravity, morning and night. But the depth of my feelings for her goes so far beyond bullshit laws I really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.-Emeric 

I know some will have a problem with their ages, but I didn't. I also found that I really enjoyed the fact that Emeric's mom and dad were so supportive of him. They didn't look down on Ivory, didn't treat her bad. I loved that he could be 100% honest with them. I hated Ivory's mother, brother, and her brother's best friend Lorenzo. I read a few reviews where readers didn't like what happens with Lorenzo. Not me I was glad, I would have liked more pain, I know I can be a bit bloodthirsty, but I own that shit! I also felt her mom and brother didn't get their comeuppances and it really disappointed me. Just sayin' how they gonna get off after all the hell they put Ivory through. Emeric and Ivory's HEA was super sweet and well deserved. Overall I loved this book and can't wait to get my hands on more Pam Godwin books. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves dark, taboo, love. I would tell anyone who has issues with rape not to read this book, because this book get real rapey!

“We’re a timeless concerto.” I kiss his lips. “A musical masterpiece.” He drags his mouth across my jaw, his cock jerking inside me. “Like Scriabin’s ‘Black Mass?’” Too dissonant. I arch my neck for his lips. “I was thinking along the lines of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy.’” “Lame.” He bites the skin beneath my ear. “We’re more like Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher.’”-Ivory and Emeric 

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Love in the Afternoon

Book Review of Love In The Afternoon  (The Hathaways Series)

Title: Love In The Afternoon

Series: The Hathaways Series

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Date Published:  June 29th 2010

Date Read:   April 18, 2016

The Blurb:

She harbors a secret yearning.

As a lover of animals and nature, Beatrix Hathaway has always been more comfortable outdoors than in the ballroom. Even though she participated in the London season in the past, the classic beauty and free-spirited Beatrix has never been swept away or seriously courted... and she has resigned herself to the fate of never finding love. Has the time come for the most unconventional of the Hathaway sisters to settle for an ordinary man—just to avoid spinsterhood? 

He is a world-weary cynic.

Captain Christopher Phelan is a handsome, daring soldier who plans to marry Beatrix's friend, the vivacious flirt Prudence Mercer, when he returns from fighting abroad. But, as he explains in his letters to Pru, life on the battlefield has darkened his soul—and it's becoming clear that Christopher won't come back as the same man. When Beatrix learns of Pru's disappointment, she decides to help by concocting Pru's letters to Christopher for her. Soon the correspondence between Beatrix and Christopher develops into something fulfilling and deep... and when Christopher comes home, he's determined to claim the woman he loves. What began as Beatrix's innocent deception has resulted in the agony of unfulfilled love—and a passion that can't be denied.

My Review

4 Mistaken Identity Stars


“From the Times. It’s reported on every day. Don’t you read the papers?” “Not the political section. My parents say it’s ill-bred for a young lady to take an interest in such things.” “My family discusses politics every night at dinner, and my sisters and I all take part.” Beatrix paused deliberately before adding with an impish grin, “We even have opinions.” Prudence’s eyes widened. “My goodness. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. Everyone knows your family is . . . different.”-Bea and Pru 

Love in the Afternoon is the last book in the Hathaways series......NO! I don't want it to be over. As far as ending a series goes this book was great, but I really am not ready to let go of my Hathaways. I am abnormally attached to this series and this fictional family. 

Families are grieving for the lives I’ve taken. Sons, brothers, fathers. I’ve earned a place in hell for the things I’ve done, and the war’s barely started. I’m changing, and not for the better. The man you knew is gone for good, and I fear you may not like his replacement nearly so well.-Christopher in his letter to Pru


You ask if there is a peaceful place in the world, and I regret to say that it is not Stony Cross. Recently Mr. Mawdsley’s donkey escaped from his stall, raced down the road, and somehow found his way into an enclosed pasture. Mr. Caird’s prized mare was innocently grazing when the ill-bred seducer had his way with her. Now it appears the mare has conceived, and a feud is raging between Caird, who demands financial compensation, and Mawdsley, who insists that had the pasture fencing been in better repair, the clandestine meeting would never have occurred. Worse still, it has been suggested that the mare is a shameless lightskirt and did not try nearly hard enough to preserve her virtue.-Bea acting as Pru to Christopher in her first letter to him 

While visiting her friend Pru, Bea Hathaway found out that the man that had been courting Pru, Captain Christopher Phelan, wrote Pru a letter of his changes since going to war. Pru being the shallow person she was decided she wouldn't write Mr. Phelan back since he wrote about ugly and boring things that she cared nothing for. Bea ask to see the letter as it spoke of a dog the Captain found. While reading the letter her heart ached for the once shallow Captain who was much changed and hurting from all the ugliness of war. So she ask Pru if she could write him to try to help cheer him up and sign it as Pru. Pru agreed but didn't much care either way. What started out as kind gesture turns into deep feelings of love. When Captain Phelan returns from war will he find out that it wasn't Pru writing him? Will he hate Bea for tricking him?

“Captain Phelan and I dislike each other,” Beatrix told her. “In fact, we’re sworn enemies.” Christopher glanced at her quickly. “When did we become sworn enemies?” Ignoring him, Beatrix said to her sister, “Regardless, he’s staying for tea.” “Wonderful,” Amelia said equably. “Why are you enemies, dear?” “I met him yesterday while I was out walking,” Beatrix explained. “And he called Medusa a ‘garden pest,’ and faulted me for bringing her to a picnic.”-Bea, Christopher, and Amelia 

“I don’t think you should blame yourself,” she said. “But it doesn’t matter what I believe. You’ll have to come to that conclusion on your own. It wasn’t your fault that you were faced with a terrible choice. You must give yourself enough time to get better.”-Bea 

Bea I adored. I loved all her little quirks. She had a true love for animals and nature. She was outspoken, opinionated, and a little wild. Bea had a sense of humor and she was very sweet. I love the way Bea was with Christopher. I loved that she would use her dog training voice on him. Christopher I loved at first. Then I got a little pissed at him . Then I loved him again so uh yeah! Me and Christopher had a up and down relationship. I ached for all he went through in war, but when he first got home he would act rude or judgmental to Bea and it made me want to thump him. I love that when he realized it was Bea that had wrote the letters that he told her it was her he loved. I also loved that he wanted her before he knew she wrote the letters. 

“No, it wasn’t a game . . . Pru showed me your letter, and she said she wasn’t going to answer it. And I had to. I felt as if it had been written for me. It was only supposed to be once. But then you wrote back, and I let myself answer just once more . . . and then one more time, and another . . .” “How much of it was the truth?” “All of it,” Beatrix burst out. “Except for signing Pru’s name. The rest of it was real. If you believe nothing else, please believe that.”-Bea and Christopher 

“Talk to me. Would you really have let me marry Prudence?” “If you seemed happy with her. If she was the one you wanted.” “I wanted you.” He kissed her, his mouth strong and punishing. “It nearly drove me mad, looking for the things I loved in her and not finding them. And then beginning to see them in you.”-Christopher and Bea 

Bea and Christopher had a powerful connection. Bea was able to heal his battered soul and bring him peace. Christopher was able to accept and love Bea for who she was. He made her feel safe. I want to say that I hated Pru with a deep passion. I wanted her suffer. She was such a selfish, shallow, air headed bitch that every time she showed up in this book I wanted to scream. I was glad that Bea stole Christopher from Pru. I wish she would have did worse. I know, I'm mean. Sorry not sorry! I loved how the series wrapped up. Love seeing all the other couples and their growing families. I loved the HEA that Bea and Christopher got as well. It has been a really long time since I got a book hangover, but I have one now. I finished this book yesterday and put off writing the review because I wasn't ready for it to be over. Now I feel like I am having Lisa Kleypas withdrawal. I can't believe there will be no more Hathaways. How will I know if they have more babies????? I loved every moment of this series, loved this family , and I love Lisa Kleypas. 

“I know that she steals things unintentionally. She wears breeches, and references Greek philosophers, and has read far too many veterinary manuals. I know that she keeps the kinds of pets that other people pay to have exterminated.” Thinking of Beatrix, he felt an ache of yearning. “I know that she could never reside in London, that she could only thrive by living close to nature. I know that she is compassionate, intelligent, and brave, and the only thing she truly fears is being abandoned. And I would never do that, because I happen to love her to distraction.”-Christopher