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Street Game

Book Review of Street Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Street Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   December 29th 2009

Date Read:  May 29, 2015

The Blurb:
For Mack McKinley and his team of GhostWalker killing machines, urban warfare is an art. But despite a hard-won knowledge of the San Francisco streets, Mack knows from experience that too many things can still go wrong. Danger was just another part of the game - and now he's come face-to-face with a woman who can play just as tough.

She's Jaimie, a woman with a sapphire stare so potent it can destroy a man. Years ago she and Mack had a history - volatile, erotic and electric. Then she vanished. But now she's walked back into Mack's life again, as a spy with more secrets than are good for her. Against all odds, she's hooking up with Mack one more time to take on an enemy that could destroy them both, or bring them back together in one hot, no-holds-barred adrenaline rush.

My Review

               4 A whole new team Stars

“As I recall, you said in no uncertain terms you weren’t ready for any kind of commitment. I took you at your word. What did you think I’d do?”

Street Game is the 8th book in the Ghostwalker series, and in it we meet a whole new team. A 3rd team filled with a bunch of new people that we have never heard of, and a few that we have like Kane, and Brian. I didn't know how I would feel about a book with a bunch of new people, but I loved them! Street Game was a great read, and I connected easily with this new team. Christine Feehan is doing a awesome job at keeping this series fresh, and intriguing. 

“I know. If I told you I missed you every hour of every day, what would you say to that?” “I’d say you couldn’t possibly have missed me more than I missed you. You tore out my heart, Jaimie. Don’t do it again. I’m not going to be perfect at this. I’d rather you snap me out of it some way. Kick me in the shins. Punch me. Get my attention. But don’t walk out on me when I’m being dense.”

What this book is about

Mack McKinley is the leader of Ghostwalker team 3. Everyone on his team is his family. They grew up together. 2 years ago the Heart of the family, and the love of Mack's life Jaimie left him, taking his heart with her, and leaving Mack angry, and hurt. Mack's team gets a mission to stop some gun runners, and are sent to San Francisco to a warehouse where the shipment is suppose to be. In stead of finding guns Mack and his team find Jaimie. Mack knows he messed up big time with Jaimie, but now that he has found her, he isn't letting her get away again. Mack knows it's not going to be easy. Jaimie wants nothing to do with him, or the life he leads. Can Mack get his Jaimie back, and can he keep her, and his family safe when a enemy comes to take Jaimie out?

“I’m always ready for you,” she answered. “I crave you.”


“I don’t want to live in a world without you in it, Jaimie.” His mouth pressed tightly against her spine. “Never put yourself in jeopardy like that again.”

Mack is a Jerk. He is hardheaded, controlling, and doesn't know how to show the depth of his feelings for Jamie. And yet I like him! Man did he mess up with Jaimie, and then he lets his male pride keep him from going after her and winning her back. He feared how much he loved Jaimie, didn't show it, making Jaimie feel like it was just sex to him. He learns his lesson of course, and learns to show her how he feels, but it is slow going. Which I didn't mind because it made him feel realistic. He has a little of a fun, and playful side. He is super protective of his family. I love that even though him and Jaimie are apart two years they are both faithful to each other! 

“Like hell. Like hell I’ll stay away from you.” He stepped closer, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He burned for her. Every moment of every day. He couldn’t think straight without her. She stilled his mind. Made him human. “I can’t breathe without you, and damn you, you know it. You don’t get over what we had. You can’t. I can’t. We belong together no matter what bullshit you’re telling yourself.”

I should have told you I wanted you to stay. I know it’s not what you want to hear right now, but I was a fucking coward. Give me another chance with you. I don’t want to go through my life without you. I should have asked you to stay

“Listen to me. I laid here for hours figuring things out. You’re part of me and when I don’t have you, I can’t breathe right, let alone function. You make me whole. You keep me mellow. You’re the best person I know. I can talk about anything with you. Most of all, when I’m out there doing what I do, you’re the reason I do it. You’re the reason I know I’m going to make it back.” He brushed his mouth back and forth over hers in small, coaxing caresses. “With you, Jaimie, I’ve got everything. Without you, there isn’t much to life.”


“Inside me. Right now, Mack. I can’t wait.”

God I love Jaimie. She wanted a commitment from Mack, and when he wouldn't give it, she took a stand and left. Then when he shows up looking all yummy, and even with her still loving him, and wanting him bad, she stood her ground! Boy did she tell him what she thought, and I loved it. When she was letting him have it I was yelling at my Kindle " Yea honey you tell him!" Jaimie is funny, playful and super smart. Jaimie loves her family, and is very protective of them. She doesn't like violence, but she is brave in other ways, and she stands for what she believes in. 

“You broke my heart, Mack. You threw me away for your adrenaline rush. Well, you’ve got the life you wanted. I learned my lesson, and believe me, it was a hard one. You wanted sex and I was handy. I’m attracted to you and was willing to give you just about everything. I didn’t see for a long, long time that that” she jerked her chin toward the thick, rock-hard bulge in the front of his jeans “was all that mattered between us, all that you were ever going to give me. It isn’t ever going to be enough for me. I’ve got a life now, Mack. I’m never going to feel like that again, the way you made me feel. I hated myself. I don’t want to see you again. I’m asking you to just stay away from me.”

“I was a kid and anything you did was incredible and cool. I’m all grown up now and I know the difference between physical attraction and love. I want love. I want a family. I won’t settle for anything less and you don’t have that kind of commitment in you. You aren’t tearing out my heart, Mack. Go do your thing. Get your adrenaline rush, but when you come back all hot and bothered, find another woman to expend all that energy on, because I’m not available.”

“When you talk to me, Mack, sometimes you make me crazy, but I want to try again. Read some books on communicating with women, that’s my only advice to you, because you suck at it.”

“I know what I said, Jaimie. It was bullshit. I want a home. With you. A family. You are my family. You want children, we’ll have them. I don’t give a damn how many. Maybe a dozen so you don’t think about walking out on me again.”

Mack and Jaimie are a sweet, second chance couple. Their love felt real, and they had a ton of sexual tension. When they did come together it was hott! I love the new team. I really like Kane, Paul, and Javier. I love how they are all a very close loving family. They had a cute playfulness. I know Kane's book is next and I can't wait, but I hope Paul and Javier get books too. I really enjoyed this book! 

Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

“I live for you. I love being in Force Recon in the GhostWalker unit. That word you always want me to say to you. I love what I do. The missions. The action. The ability to make a difference in the world. I love that, Jaimie. But you’re my other half. You’re everything. I don’t know how else to say it to you. There are no words for the way I feel about you. I hurt you, I know I did. I wanted to be your everything, more than love. I didn’t want to believe you could walk away from me and I let pride get in the way. I wanted you to come back to me on your own.” His throat closed and he cleared it, pressing his fingers to his stinging eyes. “I could never have walked away from you. I still can’t. The thought never once entered my mind. We were supposed to be together always. Always. Through everything, no matter how bad it got. It was always going to be us.”

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Murder Game

Book Review of Murder Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Murder Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   December 30th 2008

Date Read:  May 27, 2015

The Blurb:
Games should be fun, but for two expert teams across the country, they’re murder – because the winning team is the one that gets the most kills. The participants in this violent challenge rumored to be GhostWalkers. And Kadan Montague isn’t happy about it.

Kadan is a GhostWalker and he’s determined to clear the GhostWalker name of the rumors. To do it, he’s going to need the help of psychic Tansy Meadows. But as soon as he sees her, he knows his mission will be more complicated than he imagined – and the “murder game” may not be at all what it seems.

My Review

                   5 Cinnamon Stars 

                  *May have spoilers*

“We fit. You don’t want to be alone and neither do I. Give us a chance, Tansy. I’m not easy, but I’m loyal, yours, all the way.”

Wow Murder Game was awesome. Man can Christine Feehan write a intriguing plot. I loved this couple, and I loved this book. 7 books into this series, and I am still just as hooked as I was after reading the first book. I do want to say this book was darker, and there is some details about murder, rape, and the torture of men, women, and children.

“At the end of the day, when we sit in our rocking chairs, Tansy, and watch our grandchildren play, I can promise you, being with me will have been worth it.”

What this book is about 

Someone is committing murders, and the Ghostwalkers are getting the blame. Kaden has been ordered to find the murderer, and take him or her out, before all the Ghostwalkers are eliminated. Kaden needs the help of fellow Ghostwalker Tansy, who can read objects when she touches them, and she is helping them whether she wants to, or not. The only problem is the minute he smells her, he knows she is his genetically matched mate, and she is destroying all his ice cold control!

“But not tonight. Tonight I want to be so deep inside of you that you’ll never get me out. I want to brand you mine forever.”


Everyone believes Kaden has ice running through his veins, because he never shows emotions, until Tansy! I absolutely adore Kaden. He has one of the saddest backgrounds of the whole series. The only way he survives his past is by burying all his emotions, and having complete control at all times. I love how Tansy turns his whole world inside out. Kaden is very Passionate. I feel Christine Feehan did a wonderful job of keeping Kaden true to himself. Tansy softened Kaden a lot, but it was a slow melt, and he was still Kaden. Still bossy, and dominant, and rough around the edges. Kaden is very loyal, and determined. I found Kaden to be a sexy caveman beast! I didn't feel he was too controlling, or mean, just your typical yummy alpha male losing his cool over a woman. 

“I’m the only man who is ever going to lie with you at night and hold you close and keep you safe. I’m the only man who is going to make love to you anywhere, anytime, any way we both need or want it. More importantly, Tansy, I’m the man who is going to kill anyone who threatens you. So you can damn well listen to me.”

“My mind shares yours. If you’re determined to go through with this, then know wherever this takes you, you won’t be alone, Tansy. I’m strong. I’ll find your mind and I’ll bring you back.” “Last time I broke into a million pieces.” “I’ll find each one.”

“Never doubt that I want you every minute of every day. Night and day. I’m always hungry for you.” He tossed his wet shirt aside. “If I had my way, you’d just walk around naked waiting for me to bury myself in you.”


Her hands caught his face. Her gaze stayed locked on his. “I do love you. Every part of you. Can’t you feel it when I give myself to you? Feel me, the way I need you.”

I really like Tansy. She is sweet, and giving , but she stands up to Kaden, and his iron will when she truly wants something. She is brave, and wants to do the right thing. She is driven, and single minded when she starts a task. She needs to see it to the end. She loves wholeheartedly , and doesn't play with Kaden's feelings, which I loved! She softens Kaden with her love, understanding, and total acceptance of who he is. 

“You can bark out orders all you like, big man, but I’m not under your command. I’m not exactly an amateur at this business, and I don’t fall under the category of your underling, so get over that notion as well. Just who do you think you are, anyway?”

“I’m absolutely all right with you touching me. I love your hands on me. I especially love your mouth on me, and if you want to be inside me, say the word and I’m there. Just try not to throw me on the kitchen table in front of everyone and we’ll be fine.”

“You’re nothing like they are. Not a single part of you. You feel so much, so deeply, and your mind shuts that off to protect you. You aren’t a cold, unfeeling monster, Kadan, you never have been. That part of you is necessary, it keeps you from losing your mind. It’s a protection. Without it, you couldn’t do the things you need to do to keep the world a safer place. I know that sounds silly and trite, but it’s still the truth.” She brushed her mouth gently over his eyelids. “I love you exactly the way you are. I love that cold warrior who keeps this man you sane and alive and coming back to me.”

“Understand I’m telling you the truth. The one thing in your life, from now until the end, is that you can always count on me.”

Kaden and Tansy have a insta-love, but it worked for me. They are full of passion, and set my kindle on fire. I love them together, and rooted for them all the way. I love the comradery the Ghostwalkers have with each other. I love the way they are always ribbing each other. This book had a great story line that kept me on the edge of my seat dying to know what was going to happen next. Murder Game is a terrific addition to the Ghostwalker series. I can't wait to see what else this series has in store. I am on to the next book. 

Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

He frowned and leaned close to Kadan, sniffing. “Cinnamon?” “Shut the hell up,” Kadan snapped and pushed past him. Ryland took another whiff and gave a low whistle. “You smell yummy. I’m getting hungry. Maybe cinnamon buns.” Kadan flipped him off rudely. Nico stood waiting by the front door. As always he was their backup. He frowned when the two GhostWalkers got close. “What the hell is that smell?” “Kadan’s new spicy cologne.” “Go to hell, Rye,” Kadan said and shot him a look that should have withered him on the spot. “Both of you can go to hell.” “I think his blood sugar’s dropping,” Ryland explained. “Must have been all the cinnamon candy he got tonight.” Nico put on an innocent face. “That woman of yours smells a little like cinnamon.” “Makes you hungry, doesn’t it?” Ryland said. “Yep. Can’t wait to tell Dahlia about this one. The ice man gets all hot and bothered around cinnamon spice. Who would have guessed?” “Don’t make me shoot you.” Kadan yanked open the front door. “Because I’ll do you both in a heartbeat and never look back.” Ryland smirked at him, not in the least intimidated. He began humming a tune overly loud under his breath. Kadan shot him a look of intense irritation. “What are you doing now?” Nico nudged him. “Don’t you know that tune? I’d think it was your favorite. You’re such a music cretin. Neil Young wrote some great songs.” When Kadan still looked blank, Nico sang the lyrics while Ryland hummed. “I wanna live with a cinnamon girl . . .” “I really am going to shoot you both.” Kadan shook his head.

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Predatory Game

Book Review of Predatory Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Predatory Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   February 26th 2008

Date Read:  May 25, 2015

The Blurb:
Saber Wynter is running from her past when she meets ex-Navy SEAL and Ghostwalker Jess Calhoun. But the riddles of both their pasts are about to collide, shattering the promise of their future with the ultimate betrayal.

My Review

5 friends to lover stars

* May have spoilers*

"Who is this idiot, Jess? He’s willing to kill you and rape a woman, but doesn’t want to hurt a minor. Is he kidding?" "Criminals have to have some standards, baby." Jess sounded amused.

Another hit for the Ghostwalker series! Predatory Game was flippin awesome. The series just keeps getting better and better. Although I will say that as the series goes on it does seem to be getting darker as well.

“Pressure switch. Now they know who they’re dealing with. Fucking amateurs want to play with me in my own house.” “And all this time I thought you were so sweet.”

What this book is about

Jesse and Saber have been living together for almost a year now, ever since Jesse took her in. Jesse knows Saber is running from something, but he doesn't know what. Jesse and Saber are best friends. Jesse and Saber are in love with each other and hiding it from the other. Jesse and Saber are also both Ghostwalkers and hiding it from each other. What will happen when the truth comes to light and the past catches up with them?

“You’ve always got one foot out the door, Saber. No matter how much I tell you I love you or that I want you, no matter how many times I tell you that you’re my world and I’d give up everything for you, it isn’t going to matter if you don’t feel it too. I can’t make you want to stay. And I’m not holding you against your will, as much as I’d like to.”


“I’ll never let you go,” he warned softly, implacably. “Be certain, Saber, if you come to me like this, you’re mine. If you do this, you’re mine.”

Jesse who we first meet in the 2nd book, is in a wheelchair. That isn't going to stop Jesse. He is a fighter and he is determined to walk again. He is very level headed. If him and Saber fight he doesn't go all caveman. He gives them time to cool off and listens to how she feels, but if Jesse wants something he goes after it like a shark. Jesse is super loyal. Loyal to his country, family, Ghostwalker team, and Saber. He is highly intelligent, but still kicks total ass even in a wheelchair( he kills 4 soldiers all by himself).

“You’re afraid, Saber. You’re fighting me us because you’re afraid to be crushed, to give yourself to me when I might betray you. Really betray you. You’re afraid to give me your heart because you’re afraid I could hurt you worse than anyone ever has. Why would you think that, Saber?” He held her face so that she was forced to look at him when she wanted to turn away from the truth. “I’ll tell you why. It’s because you love me. You love me so much it scares you. And you know how I know that? Because I love you, just as much. All of you, every part of you, from that poor little child who was forced to kill, to the beautiful, courageous woman who’s trying so hard never to kill again. I love you, Saber. I love you. And, if you leave me, you might as well kill me before you go, because I will be dead without you anyway.”

“No, it just pisses me off. These men work for whoever is betraying our country and whoever that is ordered them to torture my sister. I’m taking them all to hell, but before they go, they’re going to know they fucked with the wrong family.”


“The wheelchair has never mattered, Jess. If something happens, you’ll get us out. I know you will.” Her blue eyes met his. “I trust you completely.”

My heart bled for Saber. I felt very connected to her. I understand her fear. She has had one of the hardest lives except for maybe flame. Even with everything she has lived through she still has dreams. She stands up for what she believes in and she tries to find happiness where she can. She is playful and sweet. She doesn't like hurting people, but if anyone tries to hurt the people she loves(Jesse and his sister) She will take them out!

“I know you so well, dragon king, you only get that particular look on your face when you’re burning to give me one of your lectures.” “Do I give you lectures?” He frowned. She grinned. “Oh, I don’t mind. I think you’re kind of cute when you do, and I don’t really listen anyway.”

“It’s so easy for you, Jess. You have it all. The parents. Patsy. Your friends. Everyone respects you. I come from nothing. I don’t even have a name or a birthday. I can do all the things Patsy can do because I was educated for the purpose of fitting into any society to kill. That was my main goal for everything I ever learned.”

“I really do love you, Jesse. So much I don’t know what to do with it,” she whispered.

“Well, I believe in fairytale endings,” he told her. “My parents have been together for years and they’re still very much in love. I want a family, Saber with you.”

Jess and Saber have a very sweet romance because they have been best friends for months. They know each other so well already that there is a close intimacy to their relationship and a playfulness that is cute. They also have this pent up passion that explodes when they come together!! I love them together. Someone has a baby in this book. There are bad guys coming out of the woodworks in this book. This book I feel is a turning point in the story plot, and things are really starting to heat up. They are all kinda going underground now because they don't know who is friend or foe, and they have people coming at them from every side. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am on to the next book below I leave my favorite moment in the this book:

“It was. I was abandoned. Left behind. Deserted. I’m dreaming of retaliation right now and you’re disturbing me.” He brushed the tip of her breast with his lips, feather light. “What kind of retaliation?” He felt her stomach muscles bunch in answer. “I’m finding one of the very hot Special Forces marines to take your place. He will adore me and never leave me.” “He will get his throat slit and you will be punished severely. Go back to sleep and dream about a proper retaliation such as killing me or something. That’s much more appropriate. And no jarhead could ever take the place of a SEAL, baby.” 

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Deadly Game

Book Review of Deadly Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Deadly Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   February 27th 2007

Date Read:  May 24, 2015

The Blurb:
It begins as a mission to protect a politician from an assassination threat. But the operation takes an unexpected turn when Mari, a mysteriously beautiful GhostWalker, is taken hostage. At the same time, Ken Norton, expert assassin and himself a GhostWalker warrior, is on a mission of his own—one that reaches into Mari’s own past. No stranger to the ways of violent warfare, Mari must join forces with Ken and trust his every move—each one more intimate than the last.

My Review

                    4 Rough love Stars 

                      *Some Spoilers below*

“I tried to save you. Whitney has my profile too. He knows me inside, where no one else does, and he thought it would be fun to pair you with the devil.”

I really enjoyed Deadly Game. It is a great read, but I want to give a heads up to some things that might be hard to read. The heroine has been raped repeated in the past and beat. The book doesn't go into great detail about the rapes or beatings but there is talk of it. Also she is almost raped in this book. The Hero was tortured horrendously in the past and mutilated. The book talks of that as well. 

“You’re incredibly beautiful, Mari,” he whispered. “This isn’t Whitney’s pheromones talking. This is me, wanting you so bad I’m almost afraid to touch you.”

What this book is about

Ken Norton and his team are on a mission to protect the Senator that set him up to be caught, and tortured in the Congo. He smells a trap, so they plan to do their job, and get the hell out even if he would love to see the Senator die. Ken sees a sniper in a tree, and takes two shots. Both hit but not where he meant them to, and he almost never misses. He runs over to grab the man he shot to take prisoner. When ken gets to the prisoner he knows he is in trouble. He is looking into big beautiful brown eyes , eyes he knows belong to his sister- n -laws twin Mari, and She is his Mate. He knows he has to fight this pull he feels for her because he is a hideous monster, and knows he would destroy her just like his father destroyed his mother. Can Ken keep his promise to bring home Briony's sister without giving into this attraction?

I’d never give you freedom. Mari, think about this, think about what I am. I’d be possessive and jealous and want you in my sight every minute of every day. I’d be terrified of losing you. And I’d want to touch you, eat you alive, kiss you endlessly, and take you whenever I wanted, which, by the way, would be all the time.

Ken and Mari:

“Listen to me, honey. Neither of us has ever done this. We’re bound to panic, but it doesn’t matter. You hear me, Mari? It doesn’t matter. This is us. The two of us. What is normal for everyone else doesn’t matter. We’ll build our relationship brick by brick, and it will be so strong no one will ever tear it down. I’ll never walk away from you. Never. If there is one thing you can count it, it’s me standing by you. There aren’t mistakes here. We’ll just work it all out at our own pace.”

Ken is a very lovable character. He acts like he is playful, and easy going, but he is hurting so bad. He has so many demons. He hides his insecurities, and fears behind a smile, a laugh, or a joke, but he has a vulnerability that just makes me want to hug the crap out of him. He wants Mari but feels like he isn't good enough for her with his looks, and his controlling ways. He is jealous, rough, and feels she could never really love him. It really bothers him that he can't make slow love to her because of the damage to his manhood. He can only feel through the scars with rough touch. 

“Oral sex? Is that what you thought that was?” He rubbed the scar splitting his lip with the pad of his thumb. “I don’t think so, honey. That was more like gobbling you up. Eating you alive. And just talking about it is making me hard all over again.”

Mari was okay for me. I liked her one minute and she got on my nerves badly the next. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a few pet peeves that just drive me up the wall. 1. Cheaters 2. Cowards 3. books that are less than 32 pages. Really even most Children's books at least have 32 pages for God sakes. 4. The main couple being apart for a lot of the book 5.The H or H being with someone else after they have met and know they like each other. 6. H or H with my children's name. I so don't want to read a detailed sex scene with my child's name in it!!!!!!!!!! But i digress a little. The point to all that was Mari acts like a coward a lot when it comes to Ken, and it drove me batty. She is like a yo yo. One minute she wants to be with him, and the next she knows she just can't stay with him bla bla bla. Grrrr Grow so damn balls Mari for real! Ken needs someone to be there for him and show him how lovable he is, how special. Not some yo yo pulling, and then pushing him away adding to his insecurities. I mean I get Mari has had a hard life, and I understand some fear, but Gawd fight for him, and for your happiness. Mari you are suppose to be so strong and kick ass . Sorry ranting a little.

Mari’s fingertips were feather-light on his face as she traced the pattern of his scars. “You’re so silly sometimes, Ken. You don’t see yourself as you really are at all.” “How do you see me?” He wanted to sink his teeth into her finger, to draw it into the warmth of his mouth, but he kept himself absolutely still, not daring to really breathe, in case she stopped touching him. “You’re extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary.”

“I’ll say it now, Mari. I never want you to leave me. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I can give you time—whatever you need.” 

This book is full of action, has a great plot, and is darker than the others. Dr. Peter Whitney is in this book. I loved getting to finally see the evil Dr. Peter Whitney in action and learning a little more about him. Boy does he make the perfect villain he is evil to his core and creeps me out. Ken and Mari together are more sexual then romantic to me, but they do have some very sweet moments. I love it when Jack and ken are together. They make the book for me. This was a great addition to The GhostWalker series. I am on to the next book. Below I will leave some of the brotherly banter with Jack and Ken:

You’ve never walked away from a fight in your life. This is the biggest, most important battle you’ll ever have. You’re going to leave her to Brett? Or Sean? Hell, if you do, Ken, you don’t deserve her and you’re not man enough to have her. She needs someone who will stand up for her.

“You don’t know, Jack. I have this driving need to keep her in a little cocoon, wrap her up in bubble wrap and force her to do every single thing I say. What the hell kind of man thinks that way?” Jack snorted. “Pretty much all of them. We aren’t that far from swinging in the trees, Ken.”

You lying bastard. Jack snorted in derision. You walk away from sex. She isn’t just sex to you, bro. She’s the fucking Fourth of July and Christmas all wrapped up in one neat package. Kenny’s in love. Keep it up, Jack, I’ll tell Briony you stuck a gun to her sister’s head. You wouldn’t dare.

Jack nearly snorted coffee through his nose. “Is that what you think? Briony pretty much tells me how it’s going to be, except maybe in the bedroom, and even then, she likes what I do to her or she wouldn’t be doing it. Don’t kid yourself, bro, my woman makes up the rules and yours will too.”

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Conspiracy Game

Book Review of Conspiracy Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Conspiracy Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:  October 31st 2006

Date Read:  May 22, 2015

The Blurb:
GhostWalker Jack Norton is a genetically enhanced telepathic sniper on a mission to rescue his brother in the jungles of the Congo. Then he meets Briony, a beautiful rebel on a mission of her own - and hiding secrets that a shadowy enemy would kill to discover.

My Review

5 Sexy Twin Stars 

* Spoilers below*

“You talk to her like that again around me and I’m going to rip out your heart. We clear on that?”

Conspiracy Game is the 4th book in the GhostWalkers series and it was flippin awesome. What is better than a book about Sexy twin Super Soldiers Nothing!!!!!!

“I want you more than anything, Jack. I’m absolutely sure.”

What this book is about

Jack Norton has been taken prisoner by Rebels in the Congo after rescuing his brother from the same Rebels. They have been torturing him and he knows he won't make it much longer. Jack makes a break for it and escapes. While running he meets up with Briony who is a Ghostwalker like him. She saves his life and patches him up. The heat between them is so hot neither can fight it. They end up having wild sex. Jack knows he can't have Briony even if she is the only woman he has ever wanted a life with. He knows he is messed up and wants her to have a good life with a man that is better for her so he leaves her. It is the hardest thing he has ever done. 8 weeks later Briony shows up at his home asking for help. She is pregnant with his children and Dr. Peter Whitney is trying to kidnap her to get his hands on their children. In that moment Jack knows two things for sure. He will protect her and his babies with his life and he won't let her go this time. 

“I want you to see me for what I am, Briony. I’m hard and can be cruel and I don’t have those gentle feelings you deserve in a man.”

Jack is broody, and hard. He and his brother ken have had a hard life. Jack never lets himself get close to anyone because he fears he will become the monster his father was. He is your total bad ass alpha male. Domineering, protective, and possessive. It is so sweet how hard he tries to soften himself for Briony. He wants to make her happy and he tries to be romantic, but he is more caveman. He is antisocial so it is sweet the way he opens himself up for Briony. He has a very vulnerable side that makes him more endearing. The way he is about the babies. OMG I am a sucker for babies in stories and good fathers are so sexy. I love Jack. 

“It’s so fucking real, baby, I want to pick you up, wrap your legs around my waist, and bury myself deep inside you right here. Right now.” His voice roughened. “I can taste you in my mouth. I’m breathing you in with every breath I take. Don’t tell me it isn’t like that for you. It’s real and we both know it.”

“Hello in there. Come to attention. This is your father talking. Your mom’s a little afraid of this twin thing. We’re going to have to ease her into it, so don’t go kicking too hard at first. Give her a little time to adjust.” “The baby book says the baby can hear and eventually recognize our voices, but not this early.” “But they aren’t talking about our babies, Briony. They hear me. They know. And they aren’t going to be little soldiers for Whitney and his fucked-up plans.”

“This is it, Briony. This is me loving you. I’ve never felt for anyone else or wanted anyone else in my life the way I do you. I don’t know how to romance a woman, or how to be gentle or tender… ” 


“You make me feel safe when you hold me, Jack,” Briony confided. “I’ve always been so afraid, but even now, surrounded by our enemies, you make me feel safe.”

Briony is great. She is very brave. She has fears about a lot of things but she faces all her fears head on and I love that. I really felt for Briony because when Jack left her the first time he was a jerk about it and it really hurt her. It took a lot of courage to go to him for help. She is very sweet and a little shy. She is loyal and loves her brothers. She knows how to pick her battles and how to handle strong willed men, but she does not let them push her around. She does what she feels is right no matter what. I love that she always shows her true self whatever she is thinking or feeling she is up front about it. She is very good for Jack because she is understanding , patience, and gives her love unconditionally!

“I’ve been keeping the baby safe, tough guy. You ran off, after fucking me, remember? Being the baby’s biological father doesn’t give you the right to dictate to me. In fact you have no rights when it comes to me. I asked for help protecting the baby, not someone to order me around.”

“Hello! Are you both morons? I’m pregnant. That means emotional. I’m not supposed to be the one with the cool head here. I’m supposed to fall apart at the drop of a hat; it’s my prerogative. You two are supposed to smile and nod and agree with everything I say.”

“I’m asking you to love me, Jack. If you can love me and accept me for myself, I can do the same for you. I can give you anything you need. I don’t want to be here, forcing you to give up your life for me because we happen to have made a baby together. And I’m no martyr to give up my life for you with nothing in return but protection.”

“This is how it all starts, bro. She’s getting bossy. I’ve heard women do that. They start out all soft and kittenish, leading a man on, and then the claws come out and they dig in and take over.” 

Jack and Briony together are so sweet. They balance each other well. So much of the story is about the babies and Jack, Briony, and Ken as a family. It was just melt your heart touching. I love the brother bonding. Conspiracy Game was action packed and kept a nice pace, but you got a nice slow build up on jack and Briony's relationship. I love everyone in this book and I felt just as attached to Ken as I did to the leads. I am so glad to see Flame and Lily doing better together. Another great book for this series. I am on to the next one. Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

“Boys?” She caught his head in her hands, forcing him to look up at her. “Not boys. Boys are difficult. They do all sorts of boy things.” “Not girls, Briony. Can you see me trying to keep up with two little girls? And what happens when they get older and some boy wants to take them on a date?” He groaned and once again stretched out, turning on his side to prop himself up with one elbow. “I’d either lock the girls in closets or spend my life picking off hopeful horny teenagers.” “Hopeful horny teenagers?” she echoed. “We’d have to homeschool the girls and put up a twelve-foot barbwire electric fence complete with a security system.” “Let me get this straight. If we have boys, they can run wild and be free, but our daughters will be locked up in closets and behind fences for all time.” “That’s about right,”