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Deadly Game

Book Review of Deadly Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Deadly Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   February 27th 2007

Date Read:  May 24, 2015

The Blurb:
It begins as a mission to protect a politician from an assassination threat. But the operation takes an unexpected turn when Mari, a mysteriously beautiful GhostWalker, is taken hostage. At the same time, Ken Norton, expert assassin and himself a GhostWalker warrior, is on a mission of his own—one that reaches into Mari’s own past. No stranger to the ways of violent warfare, Mari must join forces with Ken and trust his every move—each one more intimate than the last.

My Review

                    4 Rough love Stars 

                      *Some Spoilers below*

“I tried to save you. Whitney has my profile too. He knows me inside, where no one else does, and he thought it would be fun to pair you with the devil.”

I really enjoyed Deadly Game. It is a great read, but I want to give a heads up to some things that might be hard to read. The heroine has been raped repeated in the past and beat. The book doesn't go into great detail about the rapes or beatings but there is talk of it. Also she is almost raped in this book. The Hero was tortured horrendously in the past and mutilated. The book talks of that as well. 

“You’re incredibly beautiful, Mari,” he whispered. “This isn’t Whitney’s pheromones talking. This is me, wanting you so bad I’m almost afraid to touch you.”

What this book is about

Ken Norton and his team are on a mission to protect the Senator that set him up to be caught, and tortured in the Congo. He smells a trap, so they plan to do their job, and get the hell out even if he would love to see the Senator die. Ken sees a sniper in a tree, and takes two shots. Both hit but not where he meant them to, and he almost never misses. He runs over to grab the man he shot to take prisoner. When ken gets to the prisoner he knows he is in trouble. He is looking into big beautiful brown eyes , eyes he knows belong to his sister- n -laws twin Mari, and She is his Mate. He knows he has to fight this pull he feels for her because he is a hideous monster, and knows he would destroy her just like his father destroyed his mother. Can Ken keep his promise to bring home Briony's sister without giving into this attraction?

I’d never give you freedom. Mari, think about this, think about what I am. I’d be possessive and jealous and want you in my sight every minute of every day. I’d be terrified of losing you. And I’d want to touch you, eat you alive, kiss you endlessly, and take you whenever I wanted, which, by the way, would be all the time.

Ken and Mari:

“Listen to me, honey. Neither of us has ever done this. We’re bound to panic, but it doesn’t matter. You hear me, Mari? It doesn’t matter. This is us. The two of us. What is normal for everyone else doesn’t matter. We’ll build our relationship brick by brick, and it will be so strong no one will ever tear it down. I’ll never walk away from you. Never. If there is one thing you can count it, it’s me standing by you. There aren’t mistakes here. We’ll just work it all out at our own pace.”

Ken is a very lovable character. He acts like he is playful, and easy going, but he is hurting so bad. He has so many demons. He hides his insecurities, and fears behind a smile, a laugh, or a joke, but he has a vulnerability that just makes me want to hug the crap out of him. He wants Mari but feels like he isn't good enough for her with his looks, and his controlling ways. He is jealous, rough, and feels she could never really love him. It really bothers him that he can't make slow love to her because of the damage to his manhood. He can only feel through the scars with rough touch. 

“Oral sex? Is that what you thought that was?” He rubbed the scar splitting his lip with the pad of his thumb. “I don’t think so, honey. That was more like gobbling you up. Eating you alive. And just talking about it is making me hard all over again.”

Mari was okay for me. I liked her one minute and she got on my nerves badly the next. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a few pet peeves that just drive me up the wall. 1. Cheaters 2. Cowards 3. books that are less than 32 pages. Really even most Children's books at least have 32 pages for God sakes. 4. The main couple being apart for a lot of the book 5.The H or H being with someone else after they have met and know they like each other. 6. H or H with my children's name. I so don't want to read a detailed sex scene with my child's name in it!!!!!!!!!! But i digress a little. The point to all that was Mari acts like a coward a lot when it comes to Ken, and it drove me batty. She is like a yo yo. One minute she wants to be with him, and the next she knows she just can't stay with him bla bla bla. Grrrr Grow so damn balls Mari for real! Ken needs someone to be there for him and show him how lovable he is, how special. Not some yo yo pulling, and then pushing him away adding to his insecurities. I mean I get Mari has had a hard life, and I understand some fear, but Gawd fight for him, and for your happiness. Mari you are suppose to be so strong and kick ass . Sorry ranting a little.

Mari’s fingertips were feather-light on his face as she traced the pattern of his scars. “You’re so silly sometimes, Ken. You don’t see yourself as you really are at all.” “How do you see me?” He wanted to sink his teeth into her finger, to draw it into the warmth of his mouth, but he kept himself absolutely still, not daring to really breathe, in case she stopped touching him. “You’re extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary.”

“I’ll say it now, Mari. I never want you to leave me. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I can give you time—whatever you need.” 

This book is full of action, has a great plot, and is darker than the others. Dr. Peter Whitney is in this book. I loved getting to finally see the evil Dr. Peter Whitney in action and learning a little more about him. Boy does he make the perfect villain he is evil to his core and creeps me out. Ken and Mari together are more sexual then romantic to me, but they do have some very sweet moments. I love it when Jack and ken are together. They make the book for me. This was a great addition to The GhostWalker series. I am on to the next book. Below I will leave some of the brotherly banter with Jack and Ken:

You’ve never walked away from a fight in your life. This is the biggest, most important battle you’ll ever have. You’re going to leave her to Brett? Or Sean? Hell, if you do, Ken, you don’t deserve her and you’re not man enough to have her. She needs someone who will stand up for her.

“You don’t know, Jack. I have this driving need to keep her in a little cocoon, wrap her up in bubble wrap and force her to do every single thing I say. What the hell kind of man thinks that way?” Jack snorted. “Pretty much all of them. We aren’t that far from swinging in the trees, Ken.”

You lying bastard. Jack snorted in derision. You walk away from sex. She isn’t just sex to you, bro. She’s the fucking Fourth of July and Christmas all wrapped up in one neat package. Kenny’s in love. Keep it up, Jack, I’ll tell Briony you stuck a gun to her sister’s head. You wouldn’t dare.

Jack nearly snorted coffee through his nose. “Is that what you think? Briony pretty much tells me how it’s going to be, except maybe in the bedroom, and even then, she likes what I do to her or she wouldn’t be doing it. Don’t kid yourself, bro, my woman makes up the rules and yours will too.”

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