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Predatory Game

Book Review of Predatory Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Predatory Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published:   February 26th 2008

Date Read:  May 25, 2015

The Blurb:
Saber Wynter is running from her past when she meets ex-Navy SEAL and Ghostwalker Jess Calhoun. But the riddles of both their pasts are about to collide, shattering the promise of their future with the ultimate betrayal.

My Review

5 friends to lover stars

* May have spoilers*

"Who is this idiot, Jess? He’s willing to kill you and rape a woman, but doesn’t want to hurt a minor. Is he kidding?" "Criminals have to have some standards, baby." Jess sounded amused.

Another hit for the Ghostwalker series! Predatory Game was flippin awesome. The series just keeps getting better and better. Although I will say that as the series goes on it does seem to be getting darker as well.

“Pressure switch. Now they know who they’re dealing with. Fucking amateurs want to play with me in my own house.” “And all this time I thought you were so sweet.”

What this book is about

Jesse and Saber have been living together for almost a year now, ever since Jesse took her in. Jesse knows Saber is running from something, but he doesn't know what. Jesse and Saber are best friends. Jesse and Saber are in love with each other and hiding it from the other. Jesse and Saber are also both Ghostwalkers and hiding it from each other. What will happen when the truth comes to light and the past catches up with them?

“You’ve always got one foot out the door, Saber. No matter how much I tell you I love you or that I want you, no matter how many times I tell you that you’re my world and I’d give up everything for you, it isn’t going to matter if you don’t feel it too. I can’t make you want to stay. And I’m not holding you against your will, as much as I’d like to.”


“I’ll never let you go,” he warned softly, implacably. “Be certain, Saber, if you come to me like this, you’re mine. If you do this, you’re mine.”

Jesse who we first meet in the 2nd book, is in a wheelchair. That isn't going to stop Jesse. He is a fighter and he is determined to walk again. He is very level headed. If him and Saber fight he doesn't go all caveman. He gives them time to cool off and listens to how she feels, but if Jesse wants something he goes after it like a shark. Jesse is super loyal. Loyal to his country, family, Ghostwalker team, and Saber. He is highly intelligent, but still kicks total ass even in a wheelchair( he kills 4 soldiers all by himself).

“You’re afraid, Saber. You’re fighting me us because you’re afraid to be crushed, to give yourself to me when I might betray you. Really betray you. You’re afraid to give me your heart because you’re afraid I could hurt you worse than anyone ever has. Why would you think that, Saber?” He held her face so that she was forced to look at him when she wanted to turn away from the truth. “I’ll tell you why. It’s because you love me. You love me so much it scares you. And you know how I know that? Because I love you, just as much. All of you, every part of you, from that poor little child who was forced to kill, to the beautiful, courageous woman who’s trying so hard never to kill again. I love you, Saber. I love you. And, if you leave me, you might as well kill me before you go, because I will be dead without you anyway.”

“No, it just pisses me off. These men work for whoever is betraying our country and whoever that is ordered them to torture my sister. I’m taking them all to hell, but before they go, they’re going to know they fucked with the wrong family.”


“The wheelchair has never mattered, Jess. If something happens, you’ll get us out. I know you will.” Her blue eyes met his. “I trust you completely.”

My heart bled for Saber. I felt very connected to her. I understand her fear. She has had one of the hardest lives except for maybe flame. Even with everything she has lived through she still has dreams. She stands up for what she believes in and she tries to find happiness where she can. She is playful and sweet. She doesn't like hurting people, but if anyone tries to hurt the people she loves(Jesse and his sister) She will take them out!

“I know you so well, dragon king, you only get that particular look on your face when you’re burning to give me one of your lectures.” “Do I give you lectures?” He frowned. She grinned. “Oh, I don’t mind. I think you’re kind of cute when you do, and I don’t really listen anyway.”

“It’s so easy for you, Jess. You have it all. The parents. Patsy. Your friends. Everyone respects you. I come from nothing. I don’t even have a name or a birthday. I can do all the things Patsy can do because I was educated for the purpose of fitting into any society to kill. That was my main goal for everything I ever learned.”

“I really do love you, Jesse. So much I don’t know what to do with it,” she whispered.

“Well, I believe in fairytale endings,” he told her. “My parents have been together for years and they’re still very much in love. I want a family, Saber with you.”

Jess and Saber have a very sweet romance because they have been best friends for months. They know each other so well already that there is a close intimacy to their relationship and a playfulness that is cute. They also have this pent up passion that explodes when they come together!! I love them together. Someone has a baby in this book. There are bad guys coming out of the woodworks in this book. This book I feel is a turning point in the story plot, and things are really starting to heat up. They are all kinda going underground now because they don't know who is friend or foe, and they have people coming at them from every side. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am on to the next book below I leave my favorite moment in the this book:

“It was. I was abandoned. Left behind. Deserted. I’m dreaming of retaliation right now and you’re disturbing me.” He brushed the tip of her breast with his lips, feather light. “What kind of retaliation?” He felt her stomach muscles bunch in answer. “I’m finding one of the very hot Special Forces marines to take your place. He will adore me and never leave me.” “He will get his throat slit and you will be punished severely. Go back to sleep and dream about a proper retaliation such as killing me or something. That’s much more appropriate. And no jarhead could ever take the place of a SEAL, baby.” 

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