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Imperfect Love

Book Review of Imperfect Love (4ever Series)

Title:Imperfect Love

Series: 4ever Series

Author:Isabella White

Date Published:   July 27th 2015 

Date Read: October 27, 2015

The Blurb:
At 24 years old, Holly Scallanger has the perfect life. Everything a girl could want; a beautiful man, a stunning home, as well as being in the midst of preparing for the wedding of her dreams. This all vanishes the night she catches her fiancĂ©, Brandon Morgan, in bed with her worst nightmare, Donna Sinclair, just a week before Holly is set to walk down the aisle. 

Attempting to recover from his betrayal, Holly swears off the affections of men in order to pick up the pieces of her crumbling life. Unfortunately, meeting Jake 'Hooligan' Peters is not part of her plan. The tall, dark-haired and handsome as hell med student, sweeps Holly away from the pain of her past and reveals to her the bright future that lays ahead. That is, until she falls pregnant just as Jake begins his internship at P&E; his family's hospital. 

Will this love at first sight lead her to the fairytale she has always craved? Or, will she fall victim to a betrayal of the heart yet again? 

My Review

                      4 Bee Puke Stars

Why? Why would you do this to me Isabella White? I freaking hate cliffhangers!!!!!!!!! It's like hell waiting for the next book to come out just to find out what is going to happen next, and I don't do good with waiting. OCD not big on patients, just sayin. OMG this book had me all over the place. It starts kinda slow, you get a nice relationship build up between Jake and Holly. Then shit started hitting the fan. This won't be one of my longer reviews, because if I say to much I will give away a huge part of the plot. I will say this I loved Jake. I thought he was great, sweet, funny, very romantic, and a all around good guy. I like Holly too, but she was a little immature at times, and pretty naive. Holly was also sweet and funny. They have a very sweet and loving relationship, the author did a great job of drawing me in and getting me invested in their love story. Loved all of Jake's family except for his mom. Jake's mom I FUCKING HATED!!!!!! God I hate that evil, crazy woman. 

The thing I had the hardest time with was the fact that Holly believed the crap that Jake's mom told her, because even though the book doesn't say it, I know she is lying. No way did Jake do a full 360 like that. And Holly just runs doesn't tell anyone where she is going, or why. Doesn't ask if it's true, doesn't tell her best friend, doesn't even give herself a day to sleep on it? Nothing! She even gets rid of her cell phone for God sake. It just didn't make since to me. I mean I get it, it has to be that way to make the story but in real life it makes no sense.

This book was harder to rate for me the story was intriguing and good, but there is no HEA. The last 30% or so of the book is just sad. Like make me cry and scream sad. To know that lies and miscommunication causes so much damn pain, and loss and not to have it resolved by the end of the book, suck big time. But in the end I had to give it a 4 star because it keep me on edge and interested to the point where I am freaking out dying to know when the next book comes out so I can buy it and find out what happens next. A very good, but emotional read.

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Reckless River

Book Review of Reckless River (Men of Mercy Series)

Title:Reckless River 

Series: Men of Mercy

Author:Lindsay Cross

Date Published:  October 21st 2015

Date Read: October 26, 2015

The Blurb:
They say you can’t go home again. Jared Crowe never wanted to. 

Home meant facing memories of abuse and neglect. Of dark closets and evil nightmares. Of his own relatives intent on killing him. But now his brother’s kidnapping forces him to face those demons. Only this time, Jared isn’t a scared little boy. He’s a full-grown Special Forces operative bent on revenge.

As a little girl, Sparrow Pickney risked her life to free two abused boys. As a grown woman Sparrow needs to earn a place in her adopted family’s business or be forced into a life of degradation. The chance to prove her family loyalty comes when she catches Jared spying on the compound and captures him.

When Jared sees his captor, he realizes she’s the girl of his dreams and vows to rescue her from a life of poverty. What Jared doesn’t know is Sparrow may not be the savior he remembers…but the one responsible for abducting and torturing his brother.

Jared is determined to find the truth. But that truth may be more than his heart can take.

My Review

                   4.5 Mistrusting Stars 

Sparrow's questions haunted him. If she really were innocent, he would have to live with the fact that he'd mistreated a girl who had done nothing but try to save him. -Jared

"Kiss me." She stopped moving all together and her eyes narrowed in on his mouth. "Give me a kiss and I'll sing like a bird."- Jared

Reckless River, the 3rd book in the Men of Mercy Series, was a surprisingly darker, but good read. I have to say there are some dark parts in the first 2 books, but this book took a walk on the darker side. 

"I remember who you are now. You're the boy from my dreams. I....I thought you died. Miss Kay told everyone you and Hoyt were dead."- Sparrow

"You are mine. You will be my whore. You will do exactly as I say, when I say it."-Jared

What this book is about

When brothers Jared and Hoyt Crowe were little their parents died, and their aunt Mrs Kay abused and tried to kill them. The reason they are alive is because a little girl name Sparrow, with golden eyes, snuck in and set them free, saving them. Well Jared isn't a fearful little boy anymore, and he is hell bent on revenge. When Jared and Hoyt go home to get the revenge Jared needs, Hoyt is captured. Then while trying to save his brother Jared is also captured by none other than Sparrow. When Sparrow realizes who she has captured, she releases him, and vows to not only help him get his brother back, but to go with them. Jared and Sparrow are wildly attracted to each other, and want to start a life together, once they get Hoyt, and get back to safety. But that all changes when they find Hoyt hanging from the ceiling skinned alive and tortured near death. When Sparrow steps forward to help cut Hoyt down, he yells please don't let her cut me. Jared is seeing red now. He can't believe the woman he has dreamed about since she saved him, the woman he was going to try to start a life with, did this to his brother. Something Dark snaps inside Jared seeing his brother in so much pain, near death. He doesn't care if Sparrow swears she didn't do it. He ties, gags, and kidnaps her. She will pay for what she did to Hoyt. After some time Jared starts to question if this women who he wants so badly, who has helped him many times, could really hurt his brother this way. Will Jared find out the truth? And when he does will he find out the only woman he has ever cared for is evil, or will he be crushed with guilt over the way he treated Sparrow after he finds out she is innocent, and all she did was try to help him?

"Did you forget our little deal? You obey me without question." The girl didn't even falter "Yeah, I know. But it's awfully hard to obey you when you're acting like an idiot."-Sparrow and Jared

"I know what you think I did.... Why did you save me? Why didn't you just leave me there?" "I honestly don't know." He pushed a stray strand of hair from her cheek, the feeling of his fingers sending delicious tingles along her jaw. "What do you know?" Her heart raced faster. "That I'm glad you're alive." Her breath hitched under the intensity of his stare. There was no hatred in his gaze this time. "I know I want to kiss you so bad it hurts."-Sparrow and Jared

I really liked Sparrow she was very spunky. She had a horrible life, but she didn't let it beat her down. She learned to fight. Sparrow had a tough side, but she had a soft, innocent side. Sparrow's mother was a whore, and a pill popper, so she, never wanting to be like her mom, has never even kissed a guy. She gives her first everything to Jared. My heart broke for her. She fell in love with Jared hard and fast. It was hard to read how one minute he was sweet, tender, and kind then next a total mistrusting ass. Jared was a complex character. He was damaged, broody, and dark. But Jared also had this sweet side, and this broken child like side that when he showed it made him vulnerable and endearing. Boy could he be an ass! Some of the things he did, and the way he treated Sparrow after finding his brother, wow hard to read, but at the same time I could kinda understand. Hoyt was so messed up, I think anyone would lose their mind to find the one they love like that.

"You think I trust you to come back? Do I look like an idiot?" Sparrow stumbled back, a huge ache burning in her chest. "What do you mean? Last night...." "Last night was just sex. Don't think that you can use your body to try and control me. I'm not that stupid." -Jared and Sparrow

"You're driving me crazy." She stiffened. "I'm not trying to . All you have to do is release me. You'll never have to see me again." "Never." The thought of losing her now sent a wave of fear through him. She belonged with him. "You're mine."-Jared and Sparrow

One thing I really liked about Sparrow was that even though Jared didn't believe her. Even though he had her tied, gagged, and was treating her hostile, and harsh, she didn't just take it, or break down and cry. She raised her tied up hands and flipped him off. She gave him the slip a few times, and she fought him every step. Jared and Sparrow had a roller-coaster relationship. I loved that when Jared finally wised up, he apologizes. This book was all kinds of angsty drama. The only reason this book isn't five stars for me, is I wanted a little more of a HEA. They make up and that is it. The epilogue was about Hoyt, which is cool cause I can't flippin wait for Hoyt's book, but I would have liked to have seen a little into Jared and Sparrow's HEA. Maybe it's that way because the next book will pick up right where this one leaves off. What a deliciously angsty read. I hope Lindsay Cross writes a book for Merc too.

"Yes, I do. I need to show you that I believe you." He kissed her gently "That I cherish you." He kissed her again. "That I need you." This time he took her mouth deeply and Sparrow felt every nerve in her body respond. "I'm so sorry I didn't believe you. I was a fool. Please forgive me. Stay with me, let me spend the rest of my life making it up to you."-Jared

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Resurrection River

Book Review of Resurrection River (Men of Mercy Series)

Title:Resurrection River 

Series: Men of Mercy

Author:Lindsay Cross

Date Published:  October 21st 2015

Date Read: October 24, 2015

The Blurb:
Ranger James accepted his best friend’s death like a good soldier. 

With guilt. Regret. Vengeance. But a forbidden desire keeps pulling him from his mission…

Desire for his best friend’s widow.

Killed in Action. That’s why Rachel Carter’s husband wasn’t coming home.

A war widow, alone and broke, Rachel struggles to revive her family’s crop dusting service to survive. Now she takes to the skies to find escape. Escape from the pain. From the guilt. From the earth-shattering desire for her husband’s best friend. 

Rachel and Ranger can’t fight the attraction between them any longer. But one fateful night cleaves their new found love in two...

Can they find the will to fight for true love? Or will an evil so shocking destroy their lives for good?

My Review

                3 Best Friend's Girl Stars

Resurrection River, the second book in the Men Of Mercy Series, was an okay read for me. I really expected to love it more then the first book, but one thing really ruined my enjoyment of reading this book. That would be the heroine Amy. Lord in heaven did she drive me crazy. The plot was good. Tons of suspense, and a plot twist that I never saw coming. A twist so big, I was truly shocked, and that doesn't happen much to me. I called my husband and was like OMG (I'm  always telling him about the books I am reading) because I was so shocked I had to share it with someone. I loved the Hero Ranger. Absolutely adored him. Ranger was the sweetest, most understanding, romantic, strong, and sexy hero. He was like perfect!

I do wish there would have been a little more detail on Ranger and Amy's past relationship. The book says they dated in high school, but I feel like important parts of their relationship are missing from the book. That is just a small thing and I could totally over look that, but what I couldn't over look was my hate for Amy. OMG I'm gonna rant a little here..... Amy, she is one of those fictional characters that have me yelling at my kindle like a crazy person, cussing and threatening bodily harm . Amy had no backbone, none ,zero, zip, zilch, nada. She was a huge coward, and that is one of my biggest pet peeves (next to cheating) that is a total killjoy when I am reading. She let her ex mother n law Mavis (her husband Shane you find out is dead in book one) treat her like shit, like total shit. Mavis tells her how she is the reason her son died, that she is a slut, a hussy, that her baby granddaughter isn't even really her son's because Amy such a slut. OMG and she just takes it. Lets that woman walk all over her and treat her like trash(which she also calls her many times).

"You little hussy. I don't need your smart mouth. You can go to the cemetery by yourself. I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on a piece of trash like you." -Mavis to Amy

"It's your fault he joined the military. It's your fault my son is dead."-Mavis to Amy

Top that off with the fact that Amy was wishy washy with Ranger pushing him away and being a big bitch to him at times and I just wanted to shake the shit outta her! I can't think of one thing I like about her, not one. 

I felt bad for Ranger. I can't tell you how many times they kissed, made love, or he told her he loved her, and wanted forever, and she would push him away, tell him to leave, and that she can't do this. Ripped his heart out all because she was a chicken that was too scared of Mavis talking trash on her and what people would think. Really? Some of the things she said to Ranger were so hateful that if I was him I would have walked away and found someone better. 

"I can't. Please, Ranger. I can't. Why are you doing this to me?" "Because, you're worth fighting for. Every damn day for the rest of my life."-Amy and Ranger

"All because you are too stubborn to let me in." Her own anger rose, but she forced it down. Amy knew it deep in her heart. "You're right. I am afraid. I'm afraid of what people will say when they find out about us. I'm afraid of what Mavis will try to do when she finds out."-Ranger and Amy

"I'm ruined. You ruined everything." Ranger rocked back on his heels in shock. He'd been expecting her to cry, to worry, to need him to calm her. "What? What are you saying?" Ranger reached for her, but she yanked back out of his reach. "This is a mistake." "No, it's not. We are not a mistake. Last night was the best night of my life." Ranger struggled to hold on to her, to find the right words. Amy flinched. "I can't do this. I thought I could, but I was wrong. Mavis will tell everyone that I betrayed my husband."-Amy and Ranger

Amy pushed him away so much that I didn't want them to be together. I didn't feel the love and I wanted him to tell her to kiss off. Instead he pretty much begs the whole book for her to give them a chance. I am all for a man knowing what he wants and fighting for it. That is sexy, but she was so cold and mean it was like she turned this sexy strong man into a love sick puppy begging for some time. 

"I know the chemistry between us is weird. Scary. But dammit it's real and it's here and now. You're just flying through the clouds because you don't want to see what's on the ground right in front of you." "The only thing I feel is annoyance. Are you so desperate that you have to chase after what you can't have? You dumped me first, remember?"- Ranger and Amy

"Dammit Amy Ann, I've never loved another woman in my entire life. It's always been you. Always." -Ranger to Amy

"Your temper might scare off a weaker man, but not me. Because deep down, I know you want me to stay. I know you've got some fucked up reason to tell yourself why you can't let me, but you want me too."-Ranger to Amy

"I'm asking you to give us a chance. I'm here, right in front of you and I love you."-Ranger to Amy

"You will regret this, Amy. Don't let her win." "I can't fight this." "You're too scared to fight. Stand up for yourself. For your family. For what you want." -Ranger and Amy

Ranger was such a great and sweet guy he could do so much better. Even with me hating Amy as much as I did, and God knows I did, Ranger, the story and all the other characters saved this book for me. I really liked getting to see Hunter and Evie again, and there are few others I would like to get their own books like bo and Merc. Even though I didn't love this book, I like Lindsay Cross's writing style and plan on reading more of her books. 

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Redemption River

Book Review of Redemption River (Men of Mercy Series)

Title:Redemption River

Series: Men of Mercy

Author:Lindsay Cross

Date Published:  October 21st 2015

Date Read: October 23, 2015

The Blurb:
Hunter James didn’t want or need redemption. 

Until one mission turns his world upside down. 

He left Mercy to fight for his country and escape a broken heart. Years later, he is hard. Cold. A man without mercy. Part of an elite Task Force, he tracks a brutal terrorist to his home town. And runs into the woman who betrayed him…

Evangeline Videl was destroyed when Hunter left. Determined to move on, she finds another man, but discovers too late the monster hidden beneath his smooth smile. Struggling to find the conviction to live, Evie finds her life spinning out of control. 

Then Hunter returns…

Forced to band together to find the terrorist before its too late, Hunter and Evie must learn to forgive or risk losing the promise of redemption and their lives…

My Review

4 Second Chance Stars

*I do want to take a moment to say there are some very graphic scenes in this book of physical abuse and domestic violence.*

"I want another chance, Evie. I know I don't deserve it, but I want it."

Redemption River is the 1st book in the Men of Mercy series and was action pact awesomeness. Dayum my weakness for yummy bad ass military men, this book, OMG, so many yummy sexy soldiers I was in heaven! I got the ARC of the second book in this series Resurrection River so OCD had me buying this book. That way I could read them in order since this book's hero and the next book's hero are brothers. This is the first time I have read a book from Lindsay Cross and I really enjoyed it. I also just want to say that the covers for this series are smokin' hot. 

"You are an idiot, Hunter James. I never wanted him. I wanted you. But you left."

What this book is about

Hunter James is back in his hometown on an under cover mission. A mission he doesn't want. He has to get close to his ex to see if she is involved in running guns to a terrorist group. He doesn't want to get close again to the only woman he has ever loved, the woman who broke his heart when he saw her kissing another man. Will Hunter be able to put his past hurt aside to do his mission? Or will he find out that things aren't always what they seem? 

"It's been raining a shit-ton since I've been back." Jesus Christ, he might as well be talking to the grocery store clerk. Evie burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" "Nothing. Just, you know. The weather?" "Would you rather me talk about how bad I want to fuck you right now?"


I loved Hunter! He was all kinds of yummy goodness. Kick ass super solider, protective, and a little playful. He had major home issues when he lived with his real parents, before he was adopted and those issues color his judgement. He jumps the gun and thinks Evie cheated on him and leaves for years without saying a word to her. Hunter felt very realistic to me. He wasn't a perfect hero he made some mistakes, but he has a good heart. 

"I've been thinking about you for a long time. Holding you. Touching you like this. I don't know how much longer I can keep myself in check." 


Evie bless her heart, has had it rough the last 5 or so years. The love of her life just leaves and doesn't tell her why. Then when she finally decides to move on with her life she gets into an relationship with a abuse jerk that almost kills her. And now he is trying to use her to run what he told her was drugs but really it's gun to Mexico and launder money. Evie has lived though hell but she is still fighting to piece her life back together. She is a survivor. Evie is very sweet, and loving, and she tries to be brave even when she is scared to death. My heart hurt for Evie. She was very endearing.

"Who the hell are you to interrogate me? It's none of your business who sends me texts." Evie managed to pull of the affronted act even though she was quaking like a terrified little girl inside. "I'm the guy who saved your life. And it's looking like this won't be the only time I'll need to step in." Hunter turned her around, his hands heavy on her shoulders. Evie yanked free of his grip. "Aren't you forgetting one teeny tiny fact? You left me. And you show up expecting me to just bow down before you?"

"You little wild cat. I'm going to tan your ass for that."

Hunter and Evie together are super hot. They have a past and I wish I could have seen a little more of it. Evie is very forgiving because if Hunter would have just asked her about things, it would have saved them both a ton of hurt. I really liked the secondary characters especially Jared, and Ranger. Redemption River is a non stop thrill ride. The only reason it's a 4 star and not a 5 is because there was a few times at the start of the book that I was a little confused and even though the book is like 300 or more pages their relationship felt rushed. Loved the HEA, and I can't wait to start Ranger and Amy's story. Below I leave a couple of my favorite quotes:

"I know you can't keep your hands off me, but we gotta get out of here," Hunters said. Evie punched his arm and he couldn't hold back a grin. "You kissed me," She said. "Your come-fuck-me look was calling my name sweetheart." "" "Angel?" Hunter supplied, enjoying the angry flush spreading across her cheeks. "Devil."

"Nice song. I didn't know you listened to JT." "I've found I have a taste for songs about revenge." "Really? Or just boy bands?"

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Book Review of Conversion (Conversion Series)

Title: Conversion

Series: Conversion

Author:S. C. Stephens

Date Published:  September 3rd 2013

Date Read:  July 29, 2014

The Blurb:
Emma is content. She's got a promising career in front of her, great friends, and a pretty amazing family. But her love life has been a little lacking lately. That's when fate steps in, and she crashes into a tall, dark and handsome man—Teren Adams.

He’s single, successful, an extraordinary gentleman, but he’s also secretive. And some of his secrets are more unusual than most people’s. For instance, he’s a “little bit” vampire. He has fangs, incredible hearing, unbelievable speed, and, on occasion, he enjoys drinking a steaming cup of blood. But he’s also very much alive. He has a heartbeat, loves steak as well as cappuccinos, and has no problems walking around during the day.

Since Teren acts human the majority of the time, the pros far outweigh the cons in Emma’s book. But when it becomes apparent that Teren’s condition is much more serious than he first lets on, and that being in a relationship with him requires more sacrifices than most would be willing to make, will Emma stay? Is love enough to compensate for a life that will never be anywhere near normal? But then again...what's normal anyway?

My Review


Very Sweet story. Very Romantic.

Teren: is very sweet and gentleman like not alpha male controlling, but romantic and kindhearted, and still very sexy.

Emma: is very down to earth and normal. She is pretty and sweet but strong when she needs to be. 

"Hey, boy, I missed you." I scratched him behind his ears. He thumped his tail and I could have sworn he smiled.
Teren sat up on the other side of him. "You missed the dog? Did you miss me?"
I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe...a little."
He leaned over Spike to kiss me. "It seemed more than a little last night."
I grinned and pulled him down to me, making Spike scoot out of our way. "Okay...maybe a lot. Maybe I was miserable. Maybe I cried all the time. Maybe I told off my boss. And maybe I even got wasted and danced inappropriately with my friend's boyfriend. Maybe..."

Teren raised his eyebrows at me. "Wow, you were busy. I just sulked a lot." He cupped my face in his strong hands. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you everything right away. I was so afraid you'd leave me."

I enjoyed this story very much. Teren and Emma together are great and when Emma meets his family for the first Oh God too funny.

Imogen sighed, and I looked up to find her watching Alanna and Jack. Meeting my gaze, she said, very quietly, "Do you not find Teren attractive, dear?"
I blinked and my mouth surely hit the table. Do I what?

"Gran," Teren growled at her, and her youthful eyes regarded him before returning to mine.
"We know he's trying, young one, but you seem to be rejecting him. We don't mean to eavesdrop, but...he's such a good looking boy, surely you feel some desire for him?"

Towards the end when Emma saves them it was great because she wasn't this kick ass heroine she was just normal but she found strength to kick ass in the end and save her and her vampire!

"You were wrong. I told you he wouldn't kill me." I flicked a glance down his dirty body. "He won't even kill you." My eyes found his again; his seemed more alert and I knew I only had seconds left before he could fight me off. I leaned forward over his body. "He's too good a man to kill you."
I raised the bar, and with one hard push, I shoved it into the soft spot at the hollow of his throat. The man jerked in surprise as the iron ripped through his flesh and hit his spine.
"I'm not so good," I growled.

And of course the book gives you a Happy Ending with Twins!!!!!

When he reached my hips, he stopped and looked up at me, a little irritated. "What is that?"
I tried to control my heavy breath, as I pushed his head back to my skin. "What's what?"
He looked back up at me, like I was intentionally doing something to annoy him. "That noise? I've been hearing it for a few days and it's really distracting right now..."
"God, Teren, I don't could be hearing a moon landing with those ears of yours."
He sat back on his heels, further frustrating me. I put my hands on my hips as he stated, "'s coming from you."
He dismissively waved his hand at me. "No...I know those sounds." He brought his fingers to his chin, while he sat there thinking. "This is's almost like-"
I cut him off, my face heating. "You know those sounds? Teren! You do not have permission to listen to noises that my body makes. We need to talk about boundaries."
He shot to his feet and took two steps away from me. "Oh my God, Emma."
I looked over his shocked face with scrunched brows. "I'm just saying I don't want you eavesdropping on my digestive track. It's nothing to freak out about."
His face broke into a strange expression. He took a step towards me, cocking his head, like he was intently listening. "Oh my God, Emma," he said again, almost reverently.
My heart started racing at the odd look on his face. "You're freaking me out, Teren."
He looked down my body and then looked back to my eyes; a crystal clear tear fell down his cheek as he regarded me in awe. "Oh my God..."
He took another step towards me and I stepped away from him, until the backs of my legs hit the bed. Confusion added to my trepidation. My heart felt like it was going to burst right out of my chest. I was about to yell at him to tell me what the hell was freaking him out, when I finally noticed where his eyes were going when he looked at my body. The realization hit me at the exact moment his hand came up to rest on my abdomen.
My eyes flashed up to his. "Teren, do you...hear a heartbeat?" A tear rolled down my cheek at the very idea.

God I love happy endings with babies I am on to the next book

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                Book Review of Hooked 

Title: Hooked

Series: Novel

Author: Allen Wolf

Date Published:  February 10th 2015

Date Read:  October 17th 2015

The Blurb:
Desperate to find a soulmate in New York City, Shawn experiences one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He asks her out, but his autism prevents him from understanding she's actually a prostitute.

Drawn in by his kindness, Violet appreciates Shawn's quirky nature but conceals what she does after dark. Shawn soon imagines Violet could be his perfect wife while Violet thinks Shawn could be her ticket to a new life.

This comedic tale of two misfits takes a dramatic turn when they face an unexpected crisis. Their only hope for a future is to discover the courage that comes from loving someone deeply.

My Review

                   2 I loved Shawn Stars

   Spoilers below and some ranting

Let me just start out saying that this book is nothing and I do mean nothing like I thought it would be. The plot sounded so good. I knew going into this book that the heroine was a hooker and the hero was autistic. I was prepared for the heroine to have been with many men and for her pass to maybe follow her and cause problems in her and Shawn's relationship. I was okay with that. I wanted so much to like this book. I really did. The writing style is good. But a lot of things didn't work for me. It was just an okay read , but this story just made me sad almost the whole book. Like depressed sad. Maybe it just hits to close to home for me, having a autistic niece and all, but this book just made me sad to think that someone could treat my niece the way everyone treated Shawn the hero. I feel like he was treated badly, hurt and kinda taken advantage of the whole book. Let me just tell you all the things that I liked about this book then I will say why it just didn't work for me. I loved Shawn. I thought he was realistic and sweet. I like the fact that this book brings to light the human trafficking problem and 10% of book sales went to helping stop human trafficking. That is all I liked about this book. Now on to all the things that didn't work for me.

First off I feel there isn't enough character and relationship development. I felt so bad for the way everyone treated Shawn. His parents abandoned him. Everyone at his work ignores, and or mocks him. At one point a worker is passing out invites to a work party, and gives everyone, but him one. When he asked for one she says the boss Jack doesn't want him there. He tells her that if she gives him a invite he won't eat or drink anything. Feeling sorry for him she sneaks and gives him one while telling him loudly so the whole office can hear that he can't come. He doesn't get the hint because he is autistic so she whispers to him to come but hide from Jack. Really???? Poor Shawn. Then he meets Violet at the party and asks her out on a date. She thinks he is a John shows up realizes that he didn't know she was a prostitute and thought it was a real date. So she texts her pimp and he tells her to get to her next trick. Shawn thinks she is a actress and she lets him believe that telling him that she has an audition. She lets him walk her to her next trick goes has sex with someone else and then lets him walk her to her next trick over and over. That is their relationship. Him walking her to her next trick and waiting while she has sex with her johns. And yes I know her pimp makes her go, but it bugged the shit outta me. It was like she was taking advantage of the fact that he was autistic. He is just sitting down waiting like a chump thinking she is the one for him and she is suckin and fuckin some other guy. At one point she comes out of a johns place swishing some mouth wash and spits. Really???? CTFO! Maybe if she told him the truth that she had a pimp and she couldn't get free, but that she wanted to be with him, and he still wanted to be with her I could have handled it better, or if she tried to leave, or maybe more time together loving special moments to develop the relationship it would have helped. I don't know. All I know is it drove me crazy and made me feel like she was using him. Then he asked her to marry him, she says yes and still hasn't told him she's a prostitute. She marries him then they go to meet up with his grandma and brother to tell them the good news that they are married and it's his grandma and brother that has to tell him she is a prostitute and instead of talking about it she runs. When he gets to her apt she is getting into a car with another man Really? a few days later he comes to her home again to talk to her to tell her he misses her and she says the meanest shit to him. 

"Do you miss me?" "I don't miss any of my clients," she declared from the other side of the door. "You saw me as a client?" "A non-paying client. The worst kind." Shawn's face darkened. All he could do was let out a scream. "Aaaaaahhh!" Violet swung her door open. "You wanna get me in trouble?" "I thought you cared about me. I thought we had a future" "That's all part of what I do. Maybe you'd have seen that if you weren't so autistic."

WTF! Then he tries to buy her from her pimp. When he comes back and tells her he could only come up with 7,000 dollars of the 15,000 the pimp wants for her freedom, she has been beaten by her pimp and tells him that her pimp will never let her go. So now they finally decide to run from him and hide her. With a plan to fake break up in front of the pimp so he won't look for her at Shawn's place. Which ends with Shawn getting the shit beat outta him by her pimp. Poor Shawn. Then they meet up go to the hospital and then to Shawn's place. Where his grandma tries to pay Violet to leave her grandson with 20,000 and Violet is like no my husband is priceless, and that's it now grandma is totally cool with their relationship. Just like that. From hating her to it's cool I like you now with one sentence. Sorry I don't buy it. 

All this book did was make me sad and feel sorry for Shawn. My God he got the short end of the stick. Then the fact that I didn't like the book makes me feel like a jerk because Violet is a prostitute not by choice and is being forced by her pimp. All I can think about is that she is sleeping with other men while with Shawn so now I feel like a insensitive prick on top of the sadness. So yea not the book for me .