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The Twisted Road to You

Book Review of The Twisted Road to You (Perfect Indiana Series)

Title: The Twisted Road To You

Series: Perfect Indiana Series

Author: Barbara Longley

Date Published:  October 20th 2015 

Date Read:  October 9th 2015

The Blurb:
Struggling with both PTSD and the trauma of his ex-wife’s infidelity, retired Marine Wesley Holt seeks a simple civilian life. His favorite waitress at the Perfect Diner secretly stirs his heart. Yet Wes—scarred by betrayal and racked by guilt over his fallen comrades in Afghanistan—stays quiet, convinced he can never love again…or be loved.

Waitress and single mother Carlie Stewart hides fear behind her smile. Her ex-husband has escaped from prison and wants their son—and revenge. When the fugitive arrives to wreak havoc, Wes insists Carlie and her son stay with him for protection. Finally daring to let her guard down, Carlie divulges her dark past to Wes, and to her surprise, Wes appreciates her strengths and longs to trust her with his tattered heart. The safer they feel with each other, the more trust and passion grow. But can they overcome the demons in their pasts—and the heartbreak they’ve carried into the present—to build a lasting future together?

My Review

            4 You Can Take That To The Bank Stars 

"But you can trust me, Carlie. I swear that I will do everything in my power to keep you and tyler safe. You can take that to the bank."- Wes to Carlie 

"He's a coward and a punk. I'm a Marine. You've got nothing to worry about."- Wes to Carlie

OMG I have such a hard on for books with military men in them. And I hit the jack pot in this book, there are so many yummy ex military men running around this book I think I may have drooled a little. The Twisted Road to You is the 4th book in the Perfect Indiana Series and I had no problem following the story line even though I have not read any of the other books in this series, so this book can be read as a stand alone. That being said this book was so good I plan of going back and reading the first three books soon! 

"You always smell so damn good.... feel so good....Carlie.....want you so much,"- Wes to Carlie

What this book is about

Wes and Carlie both like each other. Everyday Wes comes into the diner where Carlie works just so he can see her. Wes suffers from PTSD and he has been burnt bad by his cheating ex wife, so Wes doesn't plan to make a move on Carlie. He is content to just watch her from afar. When he goes to the diner for his daily dose of Carlie and finds she is not only not there, but that she didn't call in and isn't answering her phone, which is not like her at all, he is worried. When Carlie's boss tells Wes that Carlie has a abusive ex husband, Wes goes out to her home to make sure she is okay. When Wes gets there he finds Carlie's ex- husband holding her and her 6 year old son Tyler at knife point and hears him telling Carlie that he is going to kill her and take their son. Wes kicks in her back door and goes after Carlie's ex but he gets away. Knowing Carlie and Tyler are not going to be safe until her crazy ex is caught and returned to prison where he escaped, Wes has Carlie and her son move in with him. Living so close together, almost like a family feels good, and soon Wes finds that Carlie and her son have worked their way deeper into his heart. Can he lay his past demons to rest to have the family he always wanted, and can he protect Carlie and her son from her dangerous ex hell bent on killing Carlie and kidnapping Tyler?

"No, they won't. You have no idea what it's like. Even when my ex is caught and back behind bars, it'll only be a temporary reprieve." Frustration and anger surged. "I'll always be waiting for the next time he shows up- looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows. Sometimes if feels like fear is the only thing constant in my life,"-Carlie to Wes

"You're not alone anymore, Carlie," he said, his vice gruff. "Whenever you need me, I'll be there for you. That's a promise and a constant."-Wes to Carlie

This book was exciting, suspenseful, and very sweet. I loved Wes. My God he was yummy. Wes was protective, sweet, and playful. The only thing about him I didn't like was that he let his fear of being hurt again hold him back. I loved Carlie. She was a fighter and a survivor. She has had a hard life and made some bad choices, but she turned that around and tries her best to give her son a happy and normal life. Carlie is smart and lets the others help keep her son and and her safe, which I was so glad for. I hate when a TSTL heroine ruins a book by running and putting herself in danger. Carlie not only was smart enough to accept help she helped herself by taking self defense classes. There was a nice build to Wes and Carlie's relationship. They had some major chemistry and when they got together it was smokin' hot! Everything about Carlie's son Tyler was adorable. 

"You and two mean a lot to me. You know that, right? Things could never be just casual between you and me."- Wes to Carlie

"Is that......are you watching the Hallmark Channel?" "Don't you have to work early tomorrow morning?" He squeezed her gently. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" "It is the Hallmark Channel." She grinned. "You're a romantic." "If you out me, I'll deny it," he said in a stern voice. "I won't tell a soul." -Carlie and Wes

I loved the way Wes was with Tyler. It totally melted my heart every time they rough housed or hugged. There is some really cute family moments in this book. There are some great secondary characters in this book too. The way the whole community comes together to help one of their own was sweet. I liked Ceejay, Cory, and Ryan so much that I will now have to go back and read the first three books so I can enjoy their stories too. A great read. I have never read anything by Barbara Longley before, but I will be check out more of her books.

"I've never wanted anyone the way I want you. There. I've said it." Carlie to Wes

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