Friday, October 2, 2015

Remember Me

Book Review Remember Me  (Defiant MC Series)

Title: Remember Me

Series: Defiant MC Series

Author: Cora Brent

Date Published:  June 13th 2014 

Date Read:  July  05, 2015

The Blurb:One hundred years. 
                                    Two love triangles. 
                                    A timeless passion. 

Maddox McLeod has always enjoyed the ladies. But a long history of casual lovers masks a cutting betrayal which still wounds him. When Maddox is called back to his hometown of Contention City to tend to his dying father, he must briefly leave his true brothers, the Defiant MC, and confront the agonies of the past. Maddox has spent a decade trying to forget that once there was a girl who held his heart in her hand. And once he had a brother who committed the ultimate treachery. 

Contention City itself endures among the ghosts and ruins of the old west. In 1888, young schoolteacher Annika Larson traveled to the Arizona Territory and found herself caught between the passions of two fiery brothers. One a gunslinger, the other a lawman, their differences were irreconcilable. 

The scars of the shattering chain of events which followed reverberate into the present as Maddox finds himself faced with impossible choices, and a timeless love… 

Part contemporary romance, part historical western, this intertwined tale of love and redemption is a stand alone novel with no cliffhanger. 

My Review

                  3.5 unsatisfied Stars 

I have heard the saying "Always leave them wanting more" but this book didn't just leave me wanting more it left me feeling totally unsatisfied. This book is like a selfish lover. Just when it's starting to feel good, you are really getting into it, the end is in site, your burning and shaking oh it's gonna be a good one Wham it's done and you are left going WTF? Is that it???? Yup that' s what reading Remember Me is like! 

I am going to keep this short and to the point. This book has two parallel stories. One set in the past and one in the present. Both stories are about two brothers in love with the same woman and the woman loving the bad boy brother, but marrying and or sleeping with the seemingly good brother over a misunderstanding . I don't really care for the whole love triangle thing in general it just really depends on how it is written, but it worked well in this story. Both love stories had great potential. The characters are all likable. The plot is interesting. The problem I have with this book is both stories felt lacking, like they are missing important details and rushed unsatisfied endings. It's sad really because I was really enjoying it then it was just over and I was like really? Really? like a cliffhanger without another book to finish it up. Instead of cramming the two stories in one book there should have been two books. Oh well whatevs!!! 

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