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His Best Friend's Girl

Book Review of His Best Friend's Girl (In The Line Of Duty Series)

Title: His Best Friend's Girl

Series: In The Line Of Duty 

Author: Cathryn Fox

Date Published:  October 27th 2015

Date Read:  October 13th 2015

The Blurb:
Skylar Redmond’s Sky Bar is regularly wall-to-wall hot soldiers. Yet she is alone—and getting tired of it. Forget about finding a man who’ll rock her world in the bedroom. She’ll settle for a guy who’s stable, kind and compassionate.

Too bad that guy still sees her as the pigtailed girl from their youth, not the strong woman she is today. But maybe, with a little help, that’ll change.

As an ex-military field ambulance technician, Matt James excels at performing under pressure. Pretending to be interested in Skylar to help her capture the attention of his best friend? Piece of cake—because he won’t be faking it. He’s been in love with her since their school yard days, but never pushed it. She deserves someone who can offer her more.

A touch leads to a kiss, and a kiss to a night that throws a kink—or three—into Sky’s plan. Leaving her wondering if she’s going for the wrong man…and letting the right one slip through her fingers.

Warning: This book contains a girl with her eyes on the wrong prize, and a half-cocked plan—but definitely not a half-cocked hero.

My Review

                  4.5 Eye Opening Stars

"What if Caleb saw me with another guy? Saw me laughing, having fun and getting cozy and intimate. Maybe then he'd look at me differently."-Sky to Matt

"Okay fine, so maybe it will work," he said. "There's only one problem with this whole plan." "What?" "Where are you going to find a guy on such short notice and get him to pretend to be in love with you?" "I think I'm looking at him."-Matt and Sky

His Best Friend's Girl is the 5th book in the In the Line of Duty Series, and it was a great read. It can be read as a stand alone, because I have not read any of the others in this series, and I had no problems. This story is about Matt, Sky, and Caleb. They have all been best friends since they were little kids. Matt and Caleb are ex military men. (so yummy!) Anyways Matt has been in love with Sky forever. Sky thinks she is in love with Caleb. Matt over hears Sky telling some friends that she wants to make a move on Caleb. To get him to see that she isn't just one of the guys. Sky not knowing Matt has feelings for her, begs him to help her by pretending to be her boyfriend. Hoping that if Caleb sees Matt has taken an interest then he will also notice she is all grown up now. Matt wanting Sky to be happy because he loves her, even if it hurts him agrees to help. So they set about whenever Caleb and other friends are looking to touch and hang on each other, but because they are such close friends it doesn't get Caleb's notice. Then Matt kisses Sky, telling her it was because Caleb was watching, but really he couldn't help himself. The kiss works. Caleb starts to notice Sky, to bad that Matt's kiss has Sky thinking she might be wrong about Caleb being the man for her. Will Sky wake up and see what's been in front of her this whole time, or will she let Matt slip through her fingers? And will Matt step aside to let the woman he loves be with his best friend?

"I'll do whatever it takes to get you what you want, Sky."-Matt to Sky

"Do you....? Are you always....? "Am I always what?" "You know. That....intense." Intense? He guessed that was one way to look at it. "I didn't mean to lose it like that, Sky." "I just never saw that side of you before." "That's because we've never slept together."-Sky and Matt

OMG! Matt was smokin' hot!!!!! Like he was perfect. I wanted Matt, Oh God did I want me some Matt. Sweet, so protective, thoughtful, and of course he kicks ass! Sky was a sweet caring woman, but a little naive when it comes to Matt, because it was so obvious that Matt was in love with her, everyone could see it but her. Caleb was ok. Don't get me wrong he was a nice guy, but he was no Matt! And for all my friends out there that will want to know, Sky never does anything with Caleb. They do go out to dinner and talk, but when he goes to kiss her, she turns her head and he kisses her cheek. 

"You are one bad little girl, and if anyone needs a spanking it's you."-Matt to Sky

When sky and Matt get together *fans self* Dayum. Matt surprises the hell out of Sky (and me) with what a kinky bad boy he is. Hell flames hott. OMG I needed a cold shower. The kinky was not over the top "I'm trying too hard" it was just perfect. There was a nice sexual tension build up, then when Matt pulled out the domineering, panty rippin, ass slappin, hand tying, flip her over and go in for seconds bad boy, I was done for! What the hell was Sky ever thinking looking at Caleb. Matt soo Dayum yummy!

"No, you don't understand. I've loved you since the day you scraped your knee and threw a little dirt on it. You're not just sky to me. You're are my moon, my stars, my world. You're the toughest girl I know, yet the softest and the sweetest, and I need you in my life. But not as a friend."-Matt to Sky

"You're everything I ever wanted in a man. Inside the bedroom and out. Our pretend relationship was supposed to open Caleb's eyes, but it opened mine instead. Caleb and I are friends, Matt, and that's all will ever be. You and me, however...."-Sky to Matt

This book was sweet, cute, exciting, and hot. I love the friends to lover theme in this book. Sky and Matt make an adorable couple. My only complaint about this book is I feel it was too short. I needed more. More of their relationship, and way more of Matt. Don't get me wrong it's not so short that I feel it's lacking character and relationship development. I just loved it so much I wanted more. Which is why I will be going back and buying the other books in this series, and any new ones that come out. A fun, quick read!

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