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Wanting to Remember Trying to Forget

Book Review of Wanting to Remember Trying to Forget (Meet the Shepards series)

Title: Wanting to Remember Trying to Forget

Series: Meet The Shepards Series

Author: Jacqueline Francis

Date Published:March 22nd 2016

Date Read:    June 1st  2016

The Blurb:

Women want the hot guy, right? 

They want rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Women don’t want the skinny dork. No. The skinny dork gets shoved to the back seat. The skinny dork gets stuck in the friend-zone. And that’s where Max has been trapped for six years.

The woman of his dreams is right in front of him yet still beyond his reach. Why? Because Danny is in love with someone else, the hot guy with rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Life sucks! Good guys always finish last. Just when Max is ready to give up, Fate steps in and with the help of two annoying friends, he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for. The underdog finally has a chance to get the girl. The question is: Is he brave enough to take it?

My Review

4 Too blind to see Stars

                         *Some Spoilers*

"Danny, after all theses must know..." Six years of yearning condensed into that single moment. "You have to know how I feel about you."-Max 

Wanting To Remember, Trying To Forget was an entertaining, angsty, and at times frustrating read. This book had me all over the board on emotions. I have been sitting here for 2 days trying to figure out how to write my thoughts on this book. 2 days!! There were parts of this book I loved. Parts that made me angry. Parts that made me laugh my butt off and parts that made me yell at my kindle. My poor family had to put up with crazy Jessica while I read this book. One minute I'm laughing loud like a crazy woman and the next I'm yelling " What the hell is wrong with you.. Why can't you see what is right in front of you!! God you're an idiot!!" What can I say I'm passionate about my books people(or crazy) whatever! At times I wanted to line up just about every character in this book and do this to them

"This one dimple attracts a lot of women." "So what you're saying is that it's your personality that eventually has them running in the opposite direction? Maybe if you had two, they'd consider staying more than a week." "No, I'm content with one." He stretched his arms arrogantly and clasped his hands at the back of his head. "Statistically, they say men with one dimple- on average- have bigger penises."-Max and Danny 

But the funny thing is that I didn't hate or dislike any of the characters, well I hated Richard(Danny's ex boyfriend). I will say though that Danny drove me crazy at times. I wanted to shake her so hard! She somehow managed to make me want to beat her for the way she was with Max and I still liked her. And Max OMG Max...... I straight up loved the shit outta him! I'm just sayin' he was one sexy nerd. So shy and sweet and that damn one dimple I swear to God he was just so cute. I loved that both MC's were imperfect. They had tempers and did stupid things. They were real and down to earth. Which made it easier to connect with them. I also loved that they are both inexperienced in the bedroom. Danny being a virgin and Max only having had sex 2 times, years ago. I hate when I read a book where the virgins lay the pipe like sex gods, it's just so unbelievable. So I was glad that both Max and Danny were not magical sex gods but instead two people who had to teach each other. They learned slowly and together and got good together. But their inexperienced didn't make things boring. OMG the sex in this book was hot! That bathroom scene where Max goes all possessive caveman and angry fucks her on the floor OMG!!

"So you think all these women are just waiting to jump you?" "Of course. Statistics don't lie, Danny. They probably saw the one dimple and now they know what I'm packing beneath these well-tailored trousers."-Danny and Max 
Although their relationship was angsty and intense, it was also romantic and sweet. I loved it. Their road was a bumpy one, but I loved the ride. I loved Max and Danny together. They were cute, and had a connection that stood out. I won't be forgetting them or this story anytime soon. A real gem in this book was Charlie. Charlie really shined for me. He made me laugh so hard. The hate/hate relationship with him and Danny had was one of the highlights of this book for me. The things they said to each other, so funny..... Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a slower burn but it was a passionate read. I really wished this book had an epilogue. I really liked Max's family and I am guessing that they will be getting their own books. I really can't wait to read Kevin's book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves intense, angsty, best friends to lovers books. Below I leave a few of my favorite Charlie/ Danny moments....

"So," Charlie began, taking a seat on the opposite end of the sofa, "have you sacrificed any small children lately?" "Just the little innocent one I found lost and alone at the grocery store yesterday. You still downloading illegal porn, Charlie?" she asked idly, not lifting her head from the magazine. Charlie glanced at her with a look of sheer arrogance. "A guy like me doesn't need porn when the real thing is so easily accessible." Danny flipped over another page. "Yes and I'm sure the biggest turn on for any woman you date is the fact that you still live with your mother. That's extremely sexy, by any standard, and what makes you even sexier is how old you look. Women love sugar daddies. How old are you now anyway? Forty-five?" Danny tried her hardest to hold back a smile. The worst imaginable thing anyone could say to Charlie was to make a comment about his age. He hated the fact that he was turning gray prematurely. "I look mature," He corrected firmly. "You look old." "Mature!" "Old!" "Mature!" "Old!"-Charlie and Danny

"What's amazing is that you actually found time to do all this," Charlie said, looking almost impressed. "I mean, in between sacrificing children and buying people's souls." "Eat a dick, Charlie!"-Charlie and Danny


"Bitch!" "Dickhead!" "Devil worshipper!" " Grandpa!"-Charlie and Danny

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