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Book Review of Slade (New Species Series)

Title: Slade

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: August 19th 2011

The Blurb: 
Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but hospital staff intervenes. 215 is a man Trisha will never forget. But, when she meets him again at Homeland…he doesn’t even remember her!

The nosy new doctor wants to know all about the breeding habits between humans and Species. Slade proposes a hands-on education but she’s not interested in a one-night stand. He can’t offer more because he’s haunted by the memory of a woman he once tried to claim. He’s shocked when he realizes they are one and the same. He’s blown it—she’ll never give him a chance now.

But, when her life is in danger, he’s the only one who can save her. As they flee through the wilderness, their desire ignites and cannot be denied. Hot sex, on the run, has consequences that are even more dangerous and will change their lives forever.

Reader Advisory: There is a scene of an attempted rape.

My Review

3.5 Wishy Washy stars

Spoilers below

Slade snorted. “Women.” “Men.” “Smartass.” “Dumbass.”

When I read a shifter book I expect a fated soul mate kind of love. That bam! your are mine and I knew it the minute we met kinda thing. The I am never going to let you go thing . I got that kind of love in the first book with Fury and was looking forward to some more in this book, but what I got was Slade!

“You’re mine, Doc. I’d fight anyone to get you back and I’ll kill any man who touches you.”


I didn't like Slade . He annoyed the shit outta me! he was wishy washy, jerky and kind of a chicken in this book . I thought he would get better in the book, but by the time he comes around I already didn't like him and he didn't do anything redeeming to make me soften to him. I didn't hate him he wasn't such a asshole that I couldn't stand him or anything , he was kinda like the little boy in 3rd grade that pulls your hair and flings mud at you because he likes you, and he never grows up! Then at towards the end he just sees the light and loves her, is never letting her go and all is good. I don't think so! He also called her sweet thing all the time making me picture him in my head like this

This is my impersonation of Slade. 
"I love you and I will be with you forever and I will fight anyone to keep you safe and get you back your mine!" " Sike!!!! Ha I was just jokin I'm out bitch see ya. " " Okay wait a minute I think I do want you after all. Yes , yes I do! Your mine again!!!"

“Bend over for me, Trisha. I’m going to fuck you the way I’ve wanted to since I saw you. I’m going to drive so deep into that wet little sheath of yours until you don’t know where I end and you begin. I bet you’re going to be so tight that you fist around my dick and I have to fight to move inside you.”

“I missed you,” he breathed against her skin. “I won’t ever leave you again. Ever, Trisha. I’d rather die than be away from you. I swear to protect you with my life and I won’t mess up again. I learned how much you mean to me.”


“Make me forget. Please? I want you.”

Damn I loved Trisha, she totally made this book for me! She made up for what Slade lacked and she is the reason the book got 3.5 stars instead of 2! She was Brave, smart and Sassy. She fought for what she believed in and even in the face of death and rape she was brave and strong. I love that she didn't hold back and just told you what she thought! I don't think I would change a thing about her!

“I’d rather die. Just kill me!” she screamed at him. “You’re a fucking loser. You’re nothing but a fucking asshole rapest.” She hoped he’d snap and kill her. She’d rather die than live through him touching her. “And that’s fucking pathetic by the way. I’m a doctor and I’ve seen a lot of them,” she taunted him. “Pathetic!” she screamed.

“You mean ‘bastard’, don’t you? Go to hell, Slade. Yes, the baby is yours in the biological way. In every other sense the baby is mine and mine alone. Don’t worry though. In the last weeks I’ve learned exactly what to expect from you so stay away from me just the way you have been. I waited a week for you to call or come see me. When you didn’t I was even hopeful for another week. Then you took this job and didn’t even have the decency to tell me you were leaving. You just left. I hate you for that, I really do, and I will never forgive you. You lied to me and you just blew me off. Well, I can do that too. Leave me alone and stop beating up my friends, because they actually care about me.” She took a ragged breath, fighting the urge to cry. “They don’t make me cry. They don’t abandon me or break my heart.” 

“I love being inside you.” Trisha turned her head against his chest. “I love you being there. Wow, Slade. Just wow.”

Even with Slade being a immature asshat for a good part of the book. It was still a pretty good read. There wasn't enough romance, but the sex was hott, and the friendships between Trisha, Brass, Moon, and Harley was too cute, and of course there is the baby. I am a sucker for babies!!!!!

Here is my favorite moment in the book:

“Oh God,” she moaned.
His mouth withdrew from her sensitive flesh. “I told you I was going to kiss you.”
“I thought you’d aim for my mouth.”
He tilted his head, regarding her. “Do you want me to stop? I have to admit I don’t want to. I’ve been dying to taste every inch of you. Don’t deny me, sweet thing.”
“Do you want to die? That’s what will happen if you do stop. Please continue.”

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