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Book Review of Valiant (New Species Series)

Title: Valiant

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: September 14th 2011 

The Blurb: 
Book 3 in the New Species series. Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way but she never imagined a sexy, lion man-beast in her future. He's huge, got the most exotic, golden cat-eyes she's ever seen, and she's so terrified she's speechless for the first time in her life. He's stalking closer, growling at her, and she's too terrified to even flee. Valiant hates humans. But when he gets a whiff of the adorable human female who has invaded his territory, he starts rethinking. Her fear scents of pure, sweet temptation and the closer he gets, the more appealing she becomes. Once he's got his hands on her, he isn't about to let her go. One thought will change his life. MINE! Before Tammy can regain her senses, she's flat on her back in Valiant's bed. Now he just has to use every inch of his big, buff body to convince her that she should stay with him forever. Reader Advisory: While this book may be read as a standalone, the background story is best enjoyed when the books in this series are read in sequential order.

My Review

5 "Mine Mine Mine" Stars

“Thank you.” He remained silent for a long moment. “You never thank me for protecting you, Tammy. You’re mine. It’s my duty and my honor.”

OMG Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! This book was the bomb baby.... I think I am in love with Valiant too! My favorite book so far. I can tell I am going to love the hell outta this series!

"Come on, Valiant, you’ve terrified her enough. What did Justice say about trying to fit in? Remember that talk? God knows, I do. It’s not polite to scare the living shit out of humans.”

So this book is the 3rd in the New Species series. Tammy is a human working for the caterers that Justice hired for a party. Given the wrong directions she ends up in Valiant's yard. Scared to death she can't move or speak. She thinks this big, big, scary as hell man will kill her, it shocks her when he informs the men trying to save her that he isn't going to kill her, just breed her and keep her as his mate forever! Valiant never wanted a human for a mate they are too small, breakable, and he doesn't trust or like humans after all they did to him and his people, but that all changes after he sees Tammy. He wants her for his own and will have her no matter what. Now he just has to convince this little frightened human to be his and never leave him. That should be easy right?

“Don’t,” he growled softly. Tammy froze. “You don’t.” His lips twitched and his eyes narrowed a little. “Don’t what?” “Don’t…” She frowned at him. “Stop scaring me.”


Damn Valiant was perfect...... He was sweet, and vulnerable with Tammy. He was very sexy, protective, possessive, and a powerfully strong bad ass! 

“You’re everything to me.” Valiant suddenly slid off the couch and walked on his knees to face her. His hands cupped her face. “I’m happy for the first time in my life and you are the reason. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Tammy. I know you’re surprised that I want to marry you right now but I know what I want. That is you.”

“I growled when I thought about flipping you over and mounting you from behind. Riding you hard and fast makes my blood boil. I purred because I want to feast on you. I’d enjoy lapping at your pussy with my tongue to taste you again.” Her heart pounded and her body heated up. “We could do both.” He nodded. “Good plan.”


I loved Tammy too. She was funny and brave and stood up to big bad Valiant, when most would piss themselves just being around him. She was sweet, and I loved that she was very talkative. I also liked that she wanted to move a little bit slow and didn't rush into anything it made her more real. 

“Don’t growl at her.” Valiant’s angry glare shifted to Tammy. “I don’t want anyone near you.”“Deal with it. I’m making a friend.” She turned back around and smiled at Breeze. The woman looked surprised as her gaze lifted to meet Tammy’s. “Don’t mind him. He’s,” she shrugged, “protective.”

“I am not ashamed of you. You are better than any human man I’ve ever met, Valiant. A thousand times over. You’re incredibly sweet to me, you always seem to want to take care of me, even though I’m not sure about fattening me up.” She grinned. “And the sex is amazing. You’re smart, caring, and while some things about you drive me nuts, such as how aggressive you can be, I kind of like it. I actually really like it when you get all possessive. I don’t care who knows we’re seeing each other. I just don’t want anyone seeing me naked besides you. Okay?”

“I love you, Valiant. I love you so much.” “I love you too and you make me happy that you love me.”

I loved this book it was funny, romantic, and steamy. Tammy and Valiant together are adorable and their chemistry is explosive. You can't help but love them as a couple. The plot was great. It draws your interest and keeps it. I loved 927 and I hope to see more of him, maybe with breeze! I am on to the next book I almost couldn't wait long enough to even write this review I wanted to start the next one so bad. Yay 
Justice's book. Woot Woot! On that note here is my favorite moment from the book:

Breeze laughed. “To her, he is a sweetheart. We shake in fear when he is angry. She laughs at him. Just do not be afraid when you hear really loud noises today, Jessie. I will have to put you on the third floor by their suite. You will need a room for a few days while you stay to help with the woman. Valiant is lion mixed. Just remember that.” Jessie appeared confused. “What am I missing?” Tammy knew her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. “He roars after sex. On that note, I’m leaving.” She waved. “I hope to see both of you at the wedding. Come if you can.” “She was kidding, right?” Jessie sounded stunned. Breeze laughed. “No. She was not. She is what your kind call a ‘screamer’ too. We all know when they breed. We look forward to when they will go to Valiant’s home just so we can get some undisturbed sleep.”

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