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Fifty Shades Of Grey

Book Review of Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades Series)

Title: Fifty Shades of Grey

Series: Fifty Shades

Author: E L James

Date Published: May 25th 2011

The Blurb: 
When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.
Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.

Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.

My Review

4 "Well, you are one fucked-up son of a bitch!" Stars

OK let me just say that like 75% of my friends hate Fifty Shades of grey and make fun of everyone that likes it. So I put off this book for 2 years ! I took so much shit for my love of the Twilight Series that I didn't want to deal with it. Afraid that if I loved it I would be called a mindless sheep , by all my friends with sophisticated and refined taste in literature, unlike me who loves sparkly vampires! 
Well call me Lamb Chop
Cuzz this sheep really enjoyed this book! I loved the plot of the book, It drew me in and I just could not put it down. I will say that the sex in this book did nothing for me!!! It was way to out there and that is why I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5. I know it's funny right ? The book that caused the fifty shades of grey baby boom didn't even make me tingle, but the truth of it is that I don't find being humiliated or completely controlled sexy. Don't get me wrong I love lil naughty girl needs a spanking or tie me up, tie me down, yes sir .... every once in a while but all the time and to the point that it is meant to make you feel small, hurt or embarrassed and it loses its fun!

"You've really got a taste for this, haven't you, Miss Steele. You're becoming insatiable," he murmurs. "I've only got a taste for you," I whisper. His eyes widen and darken while his hands knead my naked backside. "Damn right, only me,"

Christian Grey:

I really liked Christian's character. I found him intriguing. I felt sad for him because he truly is one fuckered up dude!! For real just sayin...... What that bitch "evil Mrs. Robinson" did to him, it is no wonder he is the way he is. The thing with Christian is , that even though he is seriously messed up he was still very likable . He would be sweet, and funny, and playful when he would let his guard down and I could totally see how Ana falls for him even with all his issues.

“I want you sore, baby,” he murmurs, and he continues his sweet, leisurely torment, backward, forward. “Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here. Only me. You are mine.”

"Well, we can start with - how was last night for you?" His eyes burn, filled with curiosity. He's anxious to know. Wow. "Good," I murmur. His lips lift slightly. "Me too," he murmurs. "I've never had vanilla sex before. There's a lot to be said for it. But then, maybe it's because it's with you."

"If I do, you will run screaming from this room, and you'll never want to return." He stares at me warily. "I can't risk that, Anastasia." "You want me to stay." "More than you know. I couldn't bear to lose you." Oh my. He gazes down at me, and suddenly, he pulls me into his arms and he's kissing me, kissing me passionately. It takes me completely by surprise, and I sense his panic and desperate need in his kiss. "Don't leave me. You said you wouldn't leave me, and you begged me not to leave you, in your sleep," he murmurs against my lips.

Anastasia Steele:

Ana was a surprise for me . I figured she would be weak and stupid to let a man treat her that way . I was prepared to hate her , but I loved her! I felt she was sweet and shy, and totally naive, but I felt she was also strong, smart, sassy, playful and coming into her own and I feel like she stood up to Christian well and I could feel her internal struggles because she really loved him and knows that he is messed up but doesn't want to live without him or give up. Wanting to fix fucked up men is a woman thing so I could understand her wanting to try to a point.

"I didn't think you were familiar with the Bible." "I went to Sunday School, Anastasia. It taught me a great deal." "I don't remember reading about nipple clamps in the Bible. Perhaps you were taught from a modern translation."

"Don't touch me!" I hiss. I straighten and stare at him, and he's watching me as if I might bolt, gray eyes wide, bemused. I dash the tears angrily out of my eyes with the backs of my hands, glaring at him. "This is what you really like me, like this?" I use the sleeve of the bathrobe to wipe my nose. He gazes at me warily. "Well, you are one fucked-up son of a bitch." "Ana," he pleads, shocked. "Don't you dare, Ana me! You need to sort your shit out, Grey!"

"I don't want you to go," he murmurs, his voice full of longing. "I can't stay. I know what I want and you can't give it to me, and I can't give you what you need."

The thing that really pulled me into the story was that Ana and Christian relationship was built up well. You could see the walls coming down and you could see how they could fall in love with each other. I loved the playfulness to their relationship and I loved the cute emails.

"Are you laughing at me, Miss Steele?" "I wouldn't dare, Mr. Grey," I reply with mock seriousness. "I think you dare, and I think you do laugh at me, frequently." "You are quite funny."

"Hands in the air," he commands. I oblige, and in one breathtakingly swift move, he removes my dress like a magician, grasping it at the hem and pulling it smoothly and fleetly over my head. "Ta Da!" he says playfully. I giggle and applaud politely. He bows gracefully grinning. How can I resist him when he's like this He places my dress on the lone chair beside his chest of drawers. "And for your next trick?" I prompt, teasing.

"You know, Anastasia, it's been a weekend of firsts for me, too," he says quietly. "It has?" "I've never slept with anyone, never had sex in my bed, never flown a girl in Charlie Tango, never introduced a woman to my mother. What are you doing to me?"

And the End OMG the end got me , when she walked away.

“Goodbye, Christian," I murmur.
"Ana, goodbye," he says softly, and he looks utterly, utterly broken, a man in agonizing pain, reflecting how I feel inside. I tear my gaze away from him before I can change my mind and try to comfort him.
The elevator doors close and it whisks me down to the bowels of the basement and to my own personal hell.” 

Very good book. I really enjoyed it and I am on to the next one so I can see what happens next in the messed up world of Grey!

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