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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Vampire's Faith

Book Review Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors Series)

Title:Vampire's Faith

Series: Dark Protector Series

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Date Published:   June 19th 2018 

Date Read:    June 13, 2018

The Blurb:

The Dark Protectors are Back!

Vampire King Ronan Kayrs wasn’t supposed to survive the savage sacrifice he willingly endured to rid the world of the ultimate evil. He wasn’t supposed to emerge in this time and place, and he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to finally touch the woman who’s haunted his dreams for centuries. Yet here he is, in an era where vampires are hidden, the enemy has grown stronger, and his mate has no idea of the power she holds.

Dr. Faith Cooper is flummoxed by irrefutable proof that not only do vampires exist . . . they’re hot blooded, able to walk in sunlight, and shockingly sexy. Faith has always depended on science, but the restlessness she feels around this predatory male defies reason. Especially when it grows into a hunger only he can satisfy—that is if they can survive the evil hunting them both.

My Review

5 The Dark Protectors are back Stars

**Warning this review will contain copious amounts of Fangirling and a liberal sprinkling of curse words AKA **

OMFG to say I am a Rebecca Zanetti Fan would be a gross understatement. I FUCKING love Rebecca. Like crazy fangirl love! I haven't read a book from her that I didn't love. My favorite series of her is the Dark Protectors. I was so sad when the series ended. I went through serious withdrawals. I craved that shit bad! Did like 3 rereads, bought all the books in paperback so I could pet them, and then read the Realm Enforcer series just to get a little more time in the DP world. So when I heard that Rebecca Zanetti was bringing back the Dark Protector Series, well I may have had a fangirl freak out.

I seen Vampire Faith on Netgalley and prayed I would get it. When I seen I got it, I may have screamed a little bit. My ass may have danced around the house a some,*cough* lost my shit*cough* whatever. This book was so good. From page 1 it was a start to finish thrill ride. Ronan Kayrs was totally sexy and everything I have come to expect in a Kayrs male. Who is Ronan Kayrs you say? Well I'm not telling, but I can tell you that I fell madly in love with him. He was a major bad ass warrior, a protector, at times playful and all alpha! I loved his backstory. Dr. Faith Cooper was great too. I loved how smart, and brave she was. There was also a naive side to her that didn't want to believe there was pure evil in the world. Even though I really liked Faith I found myself at times annoyed with her rash decisions. I understood where she was coming from, but she made choices that endangered not just herself and Ronan but Garrett as well. No one messes with my mini Talen! 

Ronan and Faith together were cute and at times reminded me a little of Talen and Cara. Which was cool because I love them. It was so good seeing Benny, Logan, Garrett, and Dage again. The plot was very good, and I can't wait to see where Rebecca takes this series. My only complaint was I would have liked more of the past couples to be in this book. I was hoping to see some interaction between the new characters and the originals. I just kept waiting for some Talen time. I wanted to see how Emma, Faith, and Kane got along. I was hoping to see a little family reunion. I have high hopes that my favorites will play a bigger part in the next book. Still overall this book was great. I started it last night and finished it this morning at 4am. I couldn't put it down.