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Book Review of Claimed (Dark Protector Series)

Title: Claimed

Series: Dark Protector

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Date Published: October 25th 2011

The Blurb: 
A Daring Rescue Emma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science. But she's also a psychic, so when a dark, good-hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans, she realizes he must be the man who's been haunting her dreams. But with a virus threatening vampires' mates, Emma may discover a whole new meaning of "lovesick". 

A Deadly Decision As King of the Realm, Dage Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy. Still, it's taken three hundred years to find his mate, so he'll stop at nothing to protect her—even if it means turning his back on his own kind

My Review

5 Long Live the King Stars

“Don’t let me fall.” Her breath hitched as she said the words. “Never.”-Emma and Dage

Some Spoilers

First read Dec 15 2014
reread Nov 21 2016

“I should have known the Queen of the Realm would be a pain in my ass.”-Dage

Claimed the 2nd book in the Dark Protectors series was as amazing as the first book! This book picks up right where Fated left off. Dage is going after Emma who was kidnapped by the Kurjans. With war looming and virus 27 threatening vampires' mates Emma and Dage have their hands full as they start their life together. I loved this book just as much if not more than the first one. Rebecca Zanetti did a great job of getting me completely connected with this world, these characters, their families, love stories, and lives. 

“Not used to the word no?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm. He narrowed his gaze. “Most people wouldn’t dare.” The fact that she’d dared made him harder than he’d been in his long life. The urge to teach her the result of tempting his beast was one he’d satisfy. Without question. “I would think most kings aren’t. However, you are not my king, either by birth or fealty.”-Emma and Dage

“I’ll give you time, Emma. But if you think I’m letting you go, you’ve misread me.”-Dage

What is sexier than a strong super powerful vampire king ? Nothing!!! Dage was charming, sexy, bossy as only a king can be and super protective. He tried to give Emma space and respect her choices but in the end if her life was in danger Dage is a king use to calling the shots. He had no problem pulling rank on his new queen! Dage has the weight of the world on his shoulders and his pleasure and happiness is his mate. His love for Emma was intense. Emma' a protector. She has protected her sister Cara, her mom, and Janie her whole life. I loved that she wanted to protect the one man that everyone else looks to for protection. Emma was very sassy, independent, and smart. She didn't take orders especially from the king. Emma was the perfect mate for a hard headed king!

“I’m with the man, not the king. The king can kiss my ass.” -Emma

“Then what? Well ... then I’m going to bend you over this desk and fuck you until you scream my name.” -Dage
Emma and Dage had a very passionate love. They had many battles of the wills because Dage was use to everyone following his every order and Emma doesn't do orders well! Even though they butted heads at times they had a sweet loving relationship. This book has double the action, wars, viruses, and tons of steamy hot sex.... All the favorite characters that I fell in love with in the first book are back in this book, as well as a few new ones. The plot kept me on edge the whole book. The stuff going on with Cara and Talen was ripping my heart out. Janie was cute as ever and I loved getting to know Conn, Kane, and Jase better. Great book for a great series! I can't wait to read Conn and Moria's book.

"He did it for my mate. Eating a virus that might kill him. For my mate." A pebble skipped across the cement when Talen kicked it. "I don't know whether to hug him or punch him in the face." Dage grinned. "Hell. It's Kane. Do both."-Talen and Dage

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Book review of Fated (Dark Protector series)

Title: Fated 

Series:Dark Protector 

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Date Published: March 1 2011 

Date Read: Dec 14th 2014

Blurb: Marry Me! Cara Paulsen does not give up easily. A scientist and a single mother, she's used to fighting for what she wants, keeping a cool head, and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter Janie. But "whatever it takes" has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous-looking stranger with an attitude problem. 

Or Else! Sure, the mysterious Talen says that he's there to protect Cara and Janie. He also says that he's a three-hundred-year-old vampire. Of course, the way he touches her, Cara might actually believe he's had that long to practice

My Review:

5 Fuck I love Talen Stars

First read December 14, 2014 

reread Nov 20th 2016

** Some Spoilers**

OMG I loved this book so hard! Fated, the 1st book in the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti was amazing. It stole my heart. I fell madly in love with Talen, his brothers Dage, Jase, and Conn, Cara, her sister Em, Jordan, Katie, and little Janie. It doesn't matter how many times I read this book I love it more and more each time. I don't know what magic this book has over me but me and this book just click!

“Our mates are human. And Cara”— his voice dropped to a rumble—“you’re mine.” -Talen

“Cara,” he leaned forward in his chair, “before this night has ended you will have no doubt you’ve been mated.”-Talen
Talen God where do I start.... I fell so in love with Talen. So damn sexy, protective, strong, and pure 100% kick ass alpha male. He was domineering, arrogant with a sweetness under that hard soldier exterior. Everything a vampire mate should be. There was nothing about him I would change. Perfect! I loved the way he was with Janie and how he tried so hard to make Cara and Janie happy. Cara was great too. She did have a few moments in the start of the book where I was kinda rolling my eyes, but she really grew into her own. I could understand her reluctance to put her whole heart on the line with what she lived through with her evil father. I loved that even though she was scared shitless at times not understanding the world around her, she was willing to fight and protect those she cared for.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, Talen, but if you wanted a mindless, obedient wife, you should have found one during the last century. I'm sure you had your chances."-Cara

"Seriously?" Cara forced out a laugh. "That's the best you've got?" Her voice lowered into an eerie imitation of a movie monster, "You will beg for death, my pretty..."-Cara

Talen and Cara together were smokin' hot. Talen was just so damn sexy. I love how playful they were with each other. There was this one part in the book where Talen is chasing Cara around the house and it was just so cute. I love babies and little children in books. A total sucker when it comes to cute kids and big strong men being wrapped around their little fingers. Nothing is sexier than a good father. So I just have to say that this book was cuteness overload with the adorable, and sassy little Janie and her new daddy Talen and all her big loving uncles. 

"I get lost in your scent, your passion," Talen's breath brushed her neck. "There's no sweeter taste in the entire history of the world than your skin on fire. For me."-Talen

“I love your body.” She smiled against his mouth and was startled as he leaned back to stare at her. “But I will demand your heart, Cara.”-Talen

The story line was great!! I loved the build up of the paranormal world. The bad guys, the Kurjans, were just creepy. The side characters are awesome. I loved me some Karys brothers. All five were just sexy as hell. I couldn't help but love em all and feel connected to them individually. I want to see them get their HEAs. I also loved Jordan and Katie. I can't wait to get their story. But more than anything I can't wait to get Dage and Emma's story! Everything in this book came together to make the perfect storm for me. I love it and I love love this series. Its one of my Top 5 favorites! Below I leave my favorite part of the book:

“You’re my mate, and I’m keeping you.” He shifted. “But I can give you time to accept me. To accept us.” “Really?” She stretched like a well-fed cat in his arms. “How much time, Talen?” He placed a gentle kiss on her head. “As much as you need.” “So we would kind of like, date each other?” The idea of him showing up for a first date, yanking at a tie, wondering if he should kiss her good night all but made her snort. His heart warmed against her—through her. He apparently liked the sound of that. “Yeah. Like courting.” “Oh. Well, where would I live while we courted?” Her satisfied grin filled her voice. “With me.” His voice turned firm. “Oh. What bedroom would I use?” She tried not to giggle at him. He really was trying to be sweet. “Ours.” It was more of a growl. “But how will we sleep in the same room and not have sex?” She flipped his hand over, tracing the intricate mark on his palm with one finger. He hardened beneath her. “Making love is part of courtship, wife.” Every muscle in the lean body holding her tensed to full readiness. “No, it isn’t,” she countered and dissolved into the laughter she had been repressing. A bird twittered high above in response. Talen shifted her so he could see her amused face. “Are you laughing at me, mate?” -Talen and Cara