Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rough Ride

Book Review Rough Ride (True Brothers MC Series)

Title:Rough Ride

Series: True Brothers MC Series

Author: Gillian Archer

Date Published:July 24th 2018

Date Read: July 22, 2018

The Blurb:

Two years ago I would’ve made a play for a guy like “Bam” in a heartbeat. That was before my father died in a puddle of blood in the middle of a parking lot, before I swore off his fellow bikers and their stupid “business.” But I still need answers about what happened to my dad, which is why I’m poking around at a nightclub owned by the Russian mafia. And that’s where I run into Bam, who carries me out of the club in his ridiculously strong arms like I was True Brothers property.

Motorcycle club princess Amber Bennett is the last person I’d expect to see at a club like Howl. She’s flirting with some dangerous people, and it’s my duty to step in and protect her before she gets in over her head. Like I don’t have enough on my mind without cleaning up Amber’s drama. Besides, she’s the definition of off-limits. If only she weren’t so f***ing hot. And determined to take care of everything herself. And oddly vulnerable. Because when we cross the line, I’m forced to choose between my true family — or my true feelings.

My Review

           4.5 Bam stole my heart Stars

Rough Ride, the 4th book in the True Brothers MC series, was so good. This book is Stitch's Daughter Amber and Bam's story. I love seeing them get their HEA. In the last book my heart broke when Stitch was killed. So seeing the aftermath of his death and how strong his family ending up becoming was bitter sweet. Bam in the last book made some mistakes and felt like he let his brothers down. I loved seeing Bam as a strong protector in this book. He was sexy, tough, and loyal. He loved hard and put it all on the line for his woman. I loved Amber too. She was sweet and sassy. She loved her family and gave everything to hold them together after losing her father. I loved Bam and Amber together. There was such a great build up to their relationship. They had so much sexual tension that when they got together it was smokin' hot. I really loved the plot of this book. I loved how Bam stepped up to protect Amber from her crazy Russian mob boss stalker. Speaking of Russian mafia bosses, am I the only one that really liked Ruslan's crazy stalker ass? I mean I don't know why but I found him hot and sweet in his own crazy kinda way. This book was a great read for me. It would have been a 5 star read but towards the end Amber had a moment when she should have stood by her man, but she ran and it really left a bitter taste in my mouth. Other than that this book had tons of action, romance, and sexy bad ass bikers. I can't wait to see what's next! 

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