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Total Surrender

Book Review of Total Surrender (Sin Brothers Series)

Title: Total Surrender

Series: Sin Brothers Series

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Date Published:  March 31st 2015

The Blurb:
A fight he must win...

Piper Oliver knows she can't trust him. They warned her that the tall, dark, and sexy black-ops soldier Jory Dean would try to win her over with his steel-gray eyes and deadly charm, but she won't be conned by this man they call a traitor. All she has to do is figure out the science necessary to save his life, and she's done. Something isn't adding up, though, and she won't rest until she uncovers the truth-even if it's buried in his deep, dangerous kiss.

A passion she can't resist...

Jory will do anything to reunite with and save his brothers-even kidnap the gorgeous woman who's working to deactivate the deadly chip in their spines. But the forces determined to destroy his family won't let them go so easily. Keeping Piper alive is more than he bargained for-and so is his burning desire for her. But with every second bringing him closer to certain death, can he afford to lose himself in her hot and willing embrace?

My Review

5 Totally in love with the Dean Brothers Stars

                                                                                      *May have spoilers *

" Because I'm a fucking killing machine, and you're a sweet little hacker who likes to flirt with danger. Baby, I am danger." 

OMFG!!!! I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMFG!!!!!!!!!

Dear Rebecca Zanetti,

I love everything you write! Everything! You Madam are a literary genius. Your stories touch my heart , make me feel so much , and make me fall in love with books all over again. You can do no wrong in my eyes. I will forever be your fan girl and buy every book you write.

One of your many completely devoted fans,

This is me with a Rebecca Zanetti book

"I may not survive the implant, but my brothers will live and live free." He leaned in as close as he could without touching the glass and looked down. "And know this, you fucking prick. Before I die, I will be the one to put you into the ground."

This book was Epic! The perfect ending for the Dean brothers!!! Total Surrender gave me everything I needed. Jory Dean has awoken up from being in a coma for 2 years after being shot. Now he has to escape his prison cell at the secret military compound that he is being held at by the Commander . He has to get free and deactivate the kill chip in his brothers spines. He knows his is damaged and that he will die, but if it's the last thing he does, he will save his brothers. He will even kidnap the beautiful woman, who has been brought in to try to fix his kill chip. He burns for Piper , but she thinks he is evil , and she is the Commander's daughter. But that won't stop a dead man from having just a taste of heaven.


Jory was just damn sexy. Everything about him was hott. He had so many sides to him. He was computer geeky, Super soldier, dominant sexy caveman, and light hearted little brother. I loved me some Jory. Perfect man!!!!

"One taste, Piper. Before I die, one taste of you. I'm not going to heaven, but maybe I could have a taste before I go."

"If I could, I'd spend every second of every day keeping you safe and warm. Totally loved without one concern." Still connected inside her, still pulsing, he breathed deep and leaned down to kiss her tear away. "Baby I'll always love you."

"I can't offer you forever, Pipe. But I learned the hard way when I was young that life is full of moments, and if you get a good one, take it." 


Piper was awesome. Little miss sexy computer hacker had tons of sassy attitude. She was smart, and brave, but she had a sweet , naive vulnerability to her. She really wanted to have a relationship with her dad. She had a big heart and a cute personality.

"Fuck you, Jory. You fucking asshole of a cold-blooded soldier traitor son of a bitch." The words started to flow together so rapidly she lost track of verbs. " You are all robot- not even fucking human. You don't feel a thing, you sociopathic dickhead."

"Yes. I'm the hero of my own damn story, Jory Dean. Protect me all you want, but this once, I'm needed with you. War or not."

"That darkness you try to hide so well? That keeps us safe and protected. It's time to stop worrying about whether you're good or not. You're great." 

This book was action packed. The story grabbed me and kept me on the edge of my seat. Jory and Piper together are smokin' hott! The Dean brother's reunion had me in tears, like a sappy lil girl. GOD do I love those brothers! All of them are so damn sexy . I wanna collect em all!!!!! Total Surrender kept me guessing, had me laughing, crying , breaking out in a happy dance and over all just made me feel good. What a perfect ending to a freakin Awesome Series! I love Rebecca Zanetti. I may have said that once or twice, but for real I freakin love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below I leave my favorite moment in the book:

"Well, that's, well-" She sputtered. "You're both assholes." "Yep." Nate sauntered through the room. "You're not the first one to make that remark. Josie, Shane's wife, held a gun on me once." Jory blinked. "She did?" "Yep." Nate grinned. "Come to think of it, Laney, Matt's woman, held a Glock on me once, too." He chuckled. "Good thing Piper doesn't have a gun." Piper sputtered, looking from Nate to Jory and back. "You guys aren't bonding over this Neanderthal code, are you?" Nate's gaze warmed as he looked at his brother. "Nope. We bonded decades ago, as solid as can be. Right, Jory?" "Right." Jory grinned back. "I wish I could've seen them hold a gun on you." "Good times, and we'll make more in the future."

I am going to miss this series!!!

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