Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hot Cowboy Nights

Book Review of Hot Cowboy Nights (Lucky Penny Ranch series)

Title: Hot Cowboy Nights

Series: Lucky Penny Ranch Series

Author: Carolyn Brown

Date Published:May 31st 2016

Date Read:    May 26th 2016

The Blurb: 


If gossip is the lifeblood of a small town, then Lizzy Logan has been its beating heart. After being dumped by her fiancé for another woman, she could have decided to crawl under a rock. But no, she'd rather really set tongues wagging by "moving on" with one of the hottest cowboys in Texas, who happens to live next door at the Lucky Penny Ranch. Those busybodies don't have to know it's actually all pretend. And just because Lizzy has no aim to tame her wild, blue-eyed neighbor doesn't mean she can't enjoy the ride of her life.

Toby Dawson never was and never will be the settling-down type. But what harm could there be in agreeing to be Lizzy's pretend boyfriend? They'll put on a show for a few weeks and be done. Yet the more he gets to know Lizzy-really know her-the harder it is for him to keep his hands off of her in private. Soon this rough-and-ready cowboy is hoping to heal Lizzy's bruised heart and turn their fake affair into a true romance . . .

My Review

4.5 Playing for Keeps Stars


Back in December when I got Wild Cowboy Ways the 1st book in this series, I really enjoyed it. I got to know Toby and Lizzy in book 1 and I really loved Lizzy's character. She intrigued me, so when Hot Cowboy Nights showed up in Netgalley I was so excited to get to see Lizzy's story play out. I loved this book! 

"Oh, hush! You've already said you aren't the settling type. You can't have wings and roots both, cowboy."-Lizzy 

I was a little worried about how I would feel about Toby. In book 1 he was such a man whore that I worried he would push Lizzy away, hurt her, and in turn make me dislike him. But he didn't. I loved Toby! He was sweet, sexy, and really good to Lizzy. I love that even though he was confused, and scared at his strong feelings for Lizzy he never pushed her away. He dated her and he put a lot of thought into wooing her. He let himself be vulnerable and honest and it was super sexy! I thought it was so romantic how he took his time to get to really know her and her dreams.

"Will you go on a date with me Friday night? A real date, not a pretend one? I'll probably be so clumsy that you won't go out with me a second time, but please say yes."-Toby 

Lizzy was great for me. She was the main reason I read this book and she didn't let me down. She turned into a great character. I love her growth from book 1 to the end of this book. Lizzy was herself, open, honest and said what she thought. She didn't play games and I loved that. I also loved that Lizzy didn't push Toby or try to make him something he wasn't. She gave him understanding and accepted his past. She saw the awesome that was underneath the sexy player ways. I loved the sassiness Lizzy got in this book. She decided to be herself and didn't let anyone put her or her family down!

"Must be wicked, sexy thoughts about what I'd do with Toby Dawson if I could just peel those jeans off his body and jump his bones, then."-Lizzy 

"I couldn't even see that woman because I have blinders on when you are around, and every single thought in my head is about you."-Toby 

Lizzy and Toby were an amazingly adorable couple. They were funny, sweet, and supportive. They were real, down to earth, and they had their human moments. They had bad moods, got grumpy and then said sorry. They were honest and didn't play drama games. I felt like I got to be part of their relationship. I was on the journey with them while they got to really know each other and fall in love. There were some really sweet moments and some very funny ones as well. There is this skunk scene that cracked me up. I love when a book gives that to me, that lighthearted laughter. I really enjoyed getting to catch up with Allie, and Blake again. I also really Enjoyed getting to know little sister Fiona. At the end of this book there is a little sneak peek into Merry Cowboy Christmas which I believe is Fiona's book. From what I read in that little teaser I am really excited to read it when it comes out in September 2016. I really loved this book. It was a great easy going, feel good read that made me laugh and smile. Can't wait for the next one! 

"I stabbed him," Lizzy said bluntly. "That's how he got that scar." "Why? I'm sorry. That's personal. I shouldn't ask that." She blushed. "It's okay." Lizzy laid a hand on the woman's arm. "I was mad at a woman for flirting with him and he tried to take the knife away from me. It was an accident." "I'll be right back with your drinks and appetizer." She turned so fast that she ran into a bus boy with a tray of dirty glasses and he had to do some fancy footwork to keep it all from hitting the floor. "Lying on Sunday?" Toby chuckled. "The preacher will make you deliver the benediction next week as penance."-Lizzy, A waitress and Toby