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Book Review of Dex (Kinky Shine series)

Title: Dex

Series: Kinky Shine Series


Date Published: May 3rd 2016 

Date Read:    August 20, 2016

The Blurb:

She succeeded in making him feel like a man. A normal functioning man when he hadn’t felt that way in years. 

"Who're you f*cking?"

When my father, manager of the worldwide phenomenon Kinky Shine, asked me to come and help the band members appear more approachable I never thought my first meeting with Dex Bowers would start with such a question. 

Immediately, I wanted to strangle him, wipe the smirk off his face and force him to mutter more than three words. 

But there's something mysterious about him that was electrifying and the more he pushed me away and angered me, the more I wanted to know him and push through his hangups.

"Trust. That f*cking trust thing didn't come easily to me."

In the five years since my band became famous, not once had I been photographed with a woman. I knew it fed the supposed mystery surrounding me, but the real truth was far more humiliating than I was comfortable with. 

That was until Harley Floyd walked in and I was left with a mind numbing lust for her that scared me shitless. It should be easy to let go and trust her just enough to have fun, to be happy I could finally come up with new material for our next album. But nothing was easy and with a life made of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll I wasn't sure if anything could last. Not even my band.

"What twenty-five year old was f*cking lost when his cock was rock hard when close to a gorgeous woman?  One answer to that; a man who hadn’t had sex in a really long time."

My Review

4 I'm with the band Stars

*Mild Spoilers*

Dex the first book in the Kinky Shine series was a really good read. I don't read many Rockstar romances because a ton of them have cheating and that is a huge pet peeve of mine. But when I saw Dex I was drawn to the cover. I liked the blurb and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. I really enjoyed this book. I was also really surprised and happy to see there was not other woman drama or cheating in this book.

I really liked everyone in this book. I liked the main couple Dex and Harley. I liked the other band members, Harley's parents and I liked Del, Harley's best friend. Dex was the lead singer and song writer for the band Kinky Shine. Dex was a broody, sexy, asshole with charm and a ton of issues. Dex hasn't been with a woman at all in 2 years and hasn't had sex in 7 years. His issues made him endearing and I could totally understand his grumpy attitude. Harley was a cute blend of sassy and shy. A blogger for Music bands Harley is there to get Kinky Shine on social media. Harley and Dex have a strong connection from the start but because of Dex's issues he pushes her away.

I loved that only Harley got to Dex. That he only had eyes for her. It made her special and their relationship sweeter. I also loved how understanding and supportive Harley was to Dex. When he would get scared or upset and freak out. Harley was quick to forgive, but Dex was quick to say sorry too. Which in my book made him easier to forgive not that he ever did anything too awful. In this book we get to meet the other members of the band Maxen, Beckett, and Otis . I really liked Beck, Otis, and Maxen. They were all very different and charming in their own way. I felt the author did a great job of drawing me in as a reader and getting me invested in the other band members lives. Which makes me want to read all their books. Especially Beck's for some reason I really clicked with him. I believe Maxen's books is next to come out and I can't wait. 

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