Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trusting the SEAL

Book Review of Trusting The Seal (Saving The Seals Series)

Title: Trusting The Seal

Series: Saving The Seals Series


Date Published: August 22th 2016 

Date Read:    August 24, 2016

The Blurb:

Spencer Nixon has spent his whole life pursuing justice, starting with becoming a Navy SEAL in the aftermath of 9/11. When a member of his team is killed by a mysterious sniper, he has to clear his name and the names of his comrades. With their only lead missing, Spencer persuades their prime suspect’s daughter to hire him as her bodyguard.

The last thing beautiful PR woman Toni Williams wants is to be under Spencer’s protection, but her billionaire father’s ties to vital intelligence mean it’s a necessity. Still, there are worst things than having a hunky SEAL watch your every move. Spencer doesn’t trust her or her father, Coran Williams, but when Toni saves his life, he suddenly has no choice.

Even as things heat up between them, Spencer tries to keep Toni at arm’s length for the sake of his mission. But when his investigation reveals her father’s ties to a dangerous organization, it complicates things even further. Now, he’ll have to decide what he’s willing to do to bring her father to justice, and avenge his team mate--even if it means sacrificing his relationship with Toni in the process.

My Review

2 Instant Cheese Stars


Trusting The Seal, is the 3rd book in the Saving the Seals Series. It's the 1st book I read in the series. It did okay as a standalone. I didn't have a hard time following it but I could tell it was a storyline that carried on from book to book. What did make it hard to read was the fact that chapter 4 and 5 were switched. Of course when I figured that out I just used the table of contents to read it in the right order and make sense of everything. However I didn't really care for this book. It's a shorter read and it was total insta-love. I'm okay with Insta-love if I feel a connection with the couple and in this book I didn't. They didn't really have a relationship. They only got together one time and that was it. All the kissing, sex everything was in that few pages then it was just business partners again. There was very little with the couple together even just spending time together. I learned more about the mission, Toni's dad, and the food than them as people. I don't even call them a couple because they weren't really together. Then Toni acted like a child and fired him because she was mad at her dad and took it out on Spencer. At the end she shows up, and she loves him and he loves her. Really? How? How did we get for point A to point B? I didn't get it and I didn't invest in them. On top of all that the one sex and couple like scene was so full of cheesy lines that I was rolling my eyes. Spencer could really pour on the cheese. Sorry but this just wasn't a good read for me. It wasn't super bad but just meh!

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