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Worth the Wait

Book Review of Worth The Wait (McKinney/Walker Series)

Title: Worth The Wait 

Series: McKinney/Walker Series

Author: Claudia Conner

Date Published: January 10th 2017

Date Read:   January 02 to 06, 2017

The Blurb:

He broke her heart. When he finds out just how badly, it will break his too. 

Nick Walker found the love of his life when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

It's been ten years since Nick watched the only woman he ever loved walk out of his life. Now this FBI Special Agent will do anything to win her back.

But it won’t be easy…

Mia’s heart was shattered by Nick. They'll have to face their painful past if they want a future, including Mia's own secret about that day it all fell apart. 

Do you believe in second chances?

My Review

3 Reliving the Past Stars

Some Spoilers

So let me start by saying that I love Claudia Connor. I loved, loved, loved her McKinney Brothers series. When I finished Worth the Risk (Hannah and Stephen's book) I was so madly in love with Hannah's overprotective, broody, sexy FBI agent brother Nick and I couldn't wait to get his book. So when I got this book from Netgalley I was so excited I did a happy dance. I just knew I would love Nick and Mia's story! Just knew it. But now after finished it I just feel disappointed and sad. Here is yet another book all my friends loved and I didn't. I waited for and dreamed of this book and it just didn't live up to my hopes. 

Before I say what disappointed me about this book, let me start by saying what I did like about it. It was well written. I love Claudia Connor's writing style. I loved all the characters in this book. I loved Nick. I loved Mia. I ate up all the cuteness that was Nick with toddler Hannah. Every time 2 year old Hannah would say " I bite" I melted a little. I even liked some of Mia and Nick's backstory. Just some like the very start. I loved getting more of Hannah, and Stephen, Abby, and Matt, Luke, and Zach. I also loved getting little tidbits of Dallas who was again not in this book other than being talked about but still managed to intrigue me. All that being said as much as I loved Mia and Nick I hated their love story. 

I know that sounds stupid when I just said I loved both of the main couple but It's their love story that left me wanting. For one the book goes through tons of flashbacks. I'm okay with flashbacks but there was so many that around 50% of the book is in the past. And it flipped between the past and present so much I got whiplash. Then almost all of their love story was just painful. There was no balance of good times to bad. It was a few minutes of them falling in love then tons and tons of bad. Tons and tons of Nick pushing Mia away. Tons of Nick taking his pain and guilt out on Mia. I could have handled that if when they got back together in the present it would have been good, but instead I got more sad and bad. The first time Mia and Nick come together it was Mia that went to Nick. Which I didn't like. He was the one that pushed her away so I felt he should have been the one to make the first move. Instead (view spoiler) I also had a big problem with the fact that Mia hasn't slept with anyone else in the 10 years her and Nick were apart, but Nick has been sleeping around. Normally that doesn't bother me when the main couple has been apart for years, but again I felt this unfairness to their relationship. I felt like Mia always got the short end of the stick. 

Then what follows is Mia and Nick pretty much just ignoring each other for weeks and months at a time. The few times they are together they hurt each other. It was just so sad and damn depressing. I was expecting this great love that ended and then they meet up years later and the great love was still there making for a powerful second chance love story. I don't feel like I got that at all. The only time in the book I felt I got some romance was the epilogue. The epilogue was very sweet. The rest of their love story just made me sad. Even not liking their love story I still felt it was an okay read just not great. The sweetness at the end went a long way to soothing my butthurt. I still love Claudia Connor and I am still looking forward to Zach, Luke, and Dallas's stories. 

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