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Close To Heaven

Book Review Close To Heaven  (Colorado High Country Series)

Title: Close To Heaven 

Series: Colorado High Country Series

Author: Pamela Clare

Date Published:  October 26th 2017

Date Read:   November 27, 2017

The Blurb:A woman at a crossroads…

Rain Minear has fantasized about finding herself in Joe Moffat’s arms for years. It’s just her luck that the night it finally happens, he’s carrying her into the emergency room. It’s Joe who steps up to help her when a tragedy brings her life crashing down. He gives her a place to stay, helps her get back on her feet, and even tries to save her Christmas, though he’s never cared for the holiday. But he’s far too ethical to sleep with a member of his staff, holding her at arms length despite the long-simmering attraction between them.

A man haunted by the past…

Joe Moffat moved to Scarlet Springs to repay a debt. He’s struggled for years to keep his hands off Rain. She’s the general manager of his brewpub, and he is not that kind of boss. But, oh, she turns him on. More than that, she has the biggest heart of any woman he’s ever known. He’d do anything to see her smile again, even put up a Christmas tree and listen to carols. 

A season that changes two lives forever…

When a Rocky Mountain blizzard leaves them snowbound, they can no longer ignore their feelings for one another. As their passion turns to something deeper, it becomes clear to them both that this will be the most important Christmas of their lives.

My Review

4 It's about time stars

Mild Spoilers

Close to Heaven was a cute little read. I love Pamela Clare and I love The Colorado High Country Series. There is such a sense of community and friendship in these books. The whole town feels real and as a reader I have grown to love them all like I live in that town. So I was super excited to get a book on Joe and Rain. Joe and Rain who give so much to the community in every single book. Joe owns the bar and grill where everyone meets after a long day to eat and hang with friends, and Rain is his manager. They are always helping people who are down and out by raising money . In every book you could feel the lust between them. They kinda remind me of Sam and Diane from the show Cheers. Anyways I was always asking myself why are they not together already and today I got my answer and I got their HEA. 

I will say that as much as I enjoyed this book I couldn't give it 5 stars, because it bugged me so much that Joe waited so long to be with Rain. I know the book gives reasons but I felt they weren't good enough reasons..... at least not for a 20 year wait. It drove me crazy that they wasted 20 years that they could have been together. That's like a whole lifetime. All that said it was still a solid 4 star read for me. I did love Joe. I felt at times he was a bit clueless. I got that he felt bad because of the past but he let it rule him to the point that I wanted to reach into my kindle and shake some sense into him. Joe does have a big heart and I could feel his love and respect for Rain. Rain I loved. She was so sweet, and caring. I loved what a good mother she was to her daughter. How hard she worked to give Lark a good life. Pamela Clare did a great job working a lifetime of happiness into one book. She gave me everything I crave in a cute Christmas time love story. It was a happy, sweet read. I also really enjoyed the little side story given as Rain reads Joe's great, great, great, grand asshole's I mean Grandfather's journal. The bit of town history was interesting. I was glad that Pamela Clare didn't paint a happy brush over the past. Didn't give the past a happy ending but instead showed that sometimes bad guys don't pay. I truly hated Joe's great, great........many more greats grandpa he was a worthless pos and reading about the disgusting things he did and never paid for added a layer of emotion to a read that would have been too happy go lucky if it didn't have sadness/anger to balance it out. I am glad Joe and Rain finally got their HEA and all I can say is it's about time lol.

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