Friday, December 15, 2017

Vampires in America: The Vignettes - Volume 2

Book Review Vampires in America The Vignettes (Vampires in America Series)

Title: Vampires in America The Vignettes Vol 2

Series: Vampires in America Series

Author: D. B. Reynolds

Date Published:  December 15th 2017

Date Read:   December 12, 2017

The Blurb:

RT and EPIC award-winning author D. B. Reynolds brings to print the stories her readers have been waiting for. Ten Vampire Vignettes, including five brand new stories and five reader favorites from her blog, all in print for the first time. They range from the wild and dusty streets of post-Gold Rush San Francisco, to the vicious halls of the U.S. Capitol today, and every place along the way.

These are the stories in between the books, the slices of life that happen as the vampires of North America defend their lives, uncover secrets, and sometimes, simply take a moment to romance the women they love.

As always, be forewarned, there is sex in these stories. But Reynolds’s readers wouldn’t have it any other way!

My Review

      4 Cute, fun, short stories Stars

Vampires in America The Vignettes Vol 2 was a very enjoyable read. I love the VIA world so getting to catch up on all my favorite vamps with cute little stories is so much fun for me. I knew I would get some smexy time with Cyn, Raphael, and the other Vampire Lords and mates. What I didn't expect,but was pleasantly surprised about was the stories about Juro. I loved the story with Juro and Luci, but my all time favorite story in this book was of how Juro and his twin brother Ken'ichi became vampires. I am super intrigued by the hunky Japanese twins and would love more of the sexy twin duo. I would love for Ken'ichi to get his own book. Hint hint!!!! This book was an easy, sexy read that gave me my fix of Vampires in America while I wait for Quinn's book!

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