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When You Love a Scotsman

Book Review When You Love A Scotsman  (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen Series)

Title: When You Love A Scotsman

Series: Seven Brides For Seven Scotsmen Series

Author: Hannah Howell

Date Published: December 26th 2017

Date Read:  December 21, 2017 

The Blurb:

With danger closing in from all sides, Abigail Jenson works tirelessly to protect her small Missouri farm. She doesn’t require saving—but a handsome officer appears on horseback just as ruthless marauders set her cabin ablaze. With nowhere else to turn, Abigail allows the soldier with the seductive Highlander’s gaze to escort her to shelter in a nearby town.

Matthew MacEnroy was reluctant to join his adopted nation’s conflict—until an enemy attack wounded two of his brothers. Bravely doing battle has its price when a proud, independent beauty comes under his watch—no military man can risk the powerful emotions their attraction has unleashed. But when Matthew himself is caught in the crossfire, Abigail leads their long journey home to MacEnroy valley . . . and her caring touch sparks the promise of a bold future together.

 My Review

4 War and love Stars


When You Love A Scotsman was a good solid read for me. Matthew MacEnroy was yummy, protective and at times playful. Abigail was brave, smart, and had a big loving heart. I thought Matt and Abbie were very cute together. The steam factor was high too. I only had two problems with this book that made it a 4 star read instead of a 5. I will try to relay those issues without giving away a ton of spoilers if possible. 

Problem #1 the attitude towards sex in this book and also in book 1 was a little too modern. Let me explain. Women for the most part in the civil war times still had very strict ideas about sex before marriage. As in you don't have sex before you are married. Yes I know it did happen and of course more so if your beau was going off to war. But it wasn't the norm, and it was normally with some courting, a declaration of marriage or love or something. That didn't happen in this book. Matt just takes Abbie for a walk, on what I would count as the equivalent of a second date at best, and just has sex with her. No real build up. No I want to be with you forever Abbie. No I love you. Not even I want to court you. Nothing! He just showed up randomly(every couple of weeks)ask her to go walking, not really talking about much. He did feed her so that was nice, and then he would jump her lol. Now the 2nd or 3rd time he took her "walking" he was kissing her and just without even getting fully undressed had sex with her. Abbie doesn't say a word in protest. No what of my honor? Are you gonna make an honest woman of me? Are we together? Nothing. She just gave her virginity away. Which back then would have been a huge deal, as it would have lower her chance at marriage. Also if she would have gotten pregnant would have had her child labeled a bastard. She just gave it away without a word. I just didn't buy it. Now don't get me wrong I hate the way women were treated back then, but history is what it is and it just didn't feel right when I read it. Still I could overlook it and enjoy the read. 

Now for the second problem I had with this book which kinda ties into the 1st one. Problem #2 Matt's attitude towards sex and Abbie. This was the biggest problem for me. It was what bothered me the most. See Matt sat there and slept with Abbie over and over, never giving her words of love, or commitment. He knew he took her virginity, but he just didn't seem to care much. It was like he was just having fun and if he would have walked away she would have been ruined. I needed him to really want to be with her. I wanted him to have deep I'm keeping her feelings, not just having sex with her knowing what was at stake for her. It felt kinda selfish and not a honorable thing to do. It bugged me. It bugged me more that people kept asking Matt if he was "gonna marry the girl" and he just kept saying he didn't know and he was thinking about it. It made me just want to shake some sense into him.

Now even with those two problems the book was still a great read. I loved the civil war setting. It was heartbreaking, as well as beautiful. I think Hannah Howell did an amazing job at showing the truth of the brutishness, cruelty, ugliness born in war times. She didn't paint over the pain and loss war leaves behind. I loved Abbie's courage through the whole book. Every time something knocked her down she would just pick herself up. On top of that she helped everyone. She didn't cry and whine she just jumped in and helped. My favorite type of heroine is the brave, strong ones, and that was Abbie for sure. I loved her so much. I also really loved little Noah (4 year old orphan boy that claims Abbie as his) he was just so precocious and cute. I loved getting to catch up with the whole MacEnroy clan including Mrs O'Neal her children and the Jones brothers. I really loved the epilogue. It gave a nice deep look into the future. I can't wait for the other sexy Scottish MacEnroy brothers to get their books. 

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