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The Big Alpha in Town

Book Review The Big Alpha In Town

Title:The Big Alpha In Town


Author: Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Kate 


Date Published:  May 15th 2018

Date Read:  May 14, 2018 

The Blurb:

Three hot stories about three sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden!
Bearing His Name
Meeting his mate should have been cause for celebration. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Jade thinks Ark might have impregnated her sister. He didn’t, but convincing Jade is going to take a bit of honey.
Owned by the Lion
Keir’s been told to stop playing the field and settle down—difficult advice for a hard and hot man with a lion’s heart to follow. But his sights have always been set on Ally. She’s his mate, plain and simple. With her sweet and delicious curves, she’s nothing but sugar and trouble all rolled into one. But he’s known her and sparred with her for years. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and it’s going to take a whole new level of convincing that he’s the mate for her.
No Need Fur Love
Moving with his pack to the tiny town of Stanley, Idaho has Owen Courtney a little on edge. With literally no women in sight, Owen will be lucky to find a date, let alone his true mate. But you know the saying about a werewolf walking into a bar…
Gorgeous wood nymph Mia Oliver is on a mission: Find a suitable male to get her good ‘n pregnant and provide her with an heir. But when Mia decides to pick up a gorgeous and oh-so willing werewolf at the bar, she realizes she might be in over her head. …

My Review

The Big Alpha In Town 3 Stars

Because this book is 3 stories in 1 I will rate and do a mini review for each story. First up is 

Bearing His Name by Eve Langlais

2 Star

Bearing His Name was just blah for me. I had a hard time connecting to the couple. I didn't like the plot of the book were Ark might have impregnated his Mate's sister. I get that it was before he met his mate, and of course he wasn't the father of the baby, had never slept with the sister. Still it was just a gross start to the story.  Ark came off very stalkerish. She would say no 100s of times and he would just act like she never said anything.

On top of that Jade came off bitchy. She would be mean to Ark and push him away, no matter how hard he tried. Then there was that fact that at times this book got confusing. There was some funny parts but for the most part I didn't care for this story.

Owned by the Lion by Milly Taiden 

3.5 Stars

I enjoyed Owned by the Lion much more than I did Bearing his name. I liked the plot a lot more. Keir and Ally had good chemistry. Still there were parts that got a little confusing. On top of that the hero was a reformed man-whore. Which I have no problem with. My problem was the fact that everywhere the couple went exes would confront Ally and it was really annoying. Overall I enjoyed this read.

No Need Fur Love by Kate Baxter

2 Stars

I didn't care for this story at all. Owen was very underdeveloped and one dimensional. Mia I couldn't stand at all. She was selfish and didn't care how her choices would hurt anyone. The only thing that mattered was what she wanted. More than my dislike for the heroine, is the fact that the book was so short and felt super rushed. I felt no connection at all between the h&h. I just wasn't feeling this one.

So over all this whole book was about a 3 star for me. The running theme of all the stories in this book is promiscuity.

The first two stories the heroes were sleeping with everyone and in the last one the heroine was a wood nymph. Now I don't have a problem with stories where the h or h sleep with others in the past but it was ott in this book. They slept around like they changed their underwear. It kinda took away something special about the couples. That of course is just my humble opinion. My favorite read of the three was Owned by the lion. 

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