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Hold Me Close

Book Review of Hold Me Close (Paradise Idaho Series)

Title: Hold Me Close

Series:Paradise Idaho  Series

Author: Rosalind James

Date Published:December 8th 2015

Date Read:  December 4, 2015

The Blurb:
Kayla Chambers knows what love is—and what it isn’t. When her boyfriend turns abusive, she and her son escape to a new life in a place where he’ll never find them. The idyllic town of Paradise, Idaho, has everything she needs to get back on her feet. Survival is her only goal, and the last thing she wants is another man in her life.

But Kayla’s new neighbor, high school principal Luke Jackson, is determined to change her mind. Luke usually takes the fast lane with women, but he can see that Kayla and her son need help, and he wants to earn her trust—even if that means taking things slow. He strikes up a friendship that soon simmers into something passionate and real. But when Kayla’s past catches up with her, Luke knows he has to find a way to keep her safe…or risk losing her forever.

My Review

                5 Worth The Wait Stars

"If I ever do get married, I'm not going to hit my wife." The guilt was an icy shard straight to her heart. "No. You aren't, because you aren't that kind of person. And I'm sorry." She hadn't said it before, but it was time to do it. "I'm sorry that I took you into Alan's house. I'm sorry that you had to see everything you did. I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you. But it's over now. We got away. We're gone, and we'll never be with anybody who hits either of us again, I promise. I forgot about being optimistic for a little while there. I thought I didn't have a choice. I thought things couldn't get better. But here we are, and we've made them better, and we're both going to be optimistic now, OK?"-Eli and Kayla

Wow what an emotional and touching read. I truly loved this book from start to finish. I didn't stop reading to even eat. I just shoveled food into my mouth with one hand and held my kindle with my other. This is my first time reading Rosalind James, but it won't be my last. Her writing style was great it flowed so nicely. The story and all of the characters captivated me from page one.

"You still scared?" Luke asked her quietly. "You remember that?" "Sure I do. That you were scared, and that you did it anyway. You were a brave little thing, weren't you?"-Luke and Kayla

What this book is about

Kayla Chambers has had a hard life. After losing her husband, then her job and home, she thought she found a hero to save her and her son in Alan. But she was wrong. It didn't take long after moving in with her that she learn he had a dark side. Having had enough of living through his abuse and afriad for her and her sons life, Kayla does the only thing she can think of , and with the help of the domestic violence hotline, she runs! Paradise, Idaho sounds like a good place to start over. Kayla is trying hard to put her life back together. She knows Alan is going to try to find her and try to kill her. She also has to find a way to make ends meet and provide for her son. Then she meet her handsome neighbor, Luke the high school principal. It is obvious that Luke is attracted to her, but she doesn't want any man. She can't trust men, after all Alan seemed normal at first too. Can Luke get Kayla to trust him and give him a chance? And what will happen when Alan finds them?

"And then, before he could stop himself, he was lifting her hand, brushing his lips over the back of it, and saying "Thank you." The voice came before she could answer. "Wow. He totally kissed her hand. Did you see that?" "That is so romantic. How come you never kiss my hand, Wesley?" "Because I don't want to look like a total dork, maybe?" Kayla smiled, her hand still in his. "You've just lost all your street cred." "And, see," he said, smiling right back at her, "I don't even care."-Some of Luke's students, Kayla and Luke

"Yep. There sure are. And you know what? I don't want a single one of them, because none of them's you. I know that might scare you. I've known it all along. That's why I haven't said it. But if we're putting it out there- there it is. I want to keep you safe; you're right about that, too. I want to...." He breathed in, breathed out. "I want his name, and I want to kill him. And I want to, yeah. Sweep you up and take you home with me and keep you safe. You and Eli. If that's a rescue, sue me. But that's not all I want. I want things that have nothing at all to do with any rescue. Nothing at all to do with taking care of you."-Luke

I really liked Kayla's character. I felt her personality truly represented that of a battered woman, but she still gave hope. She was brave, and even when everything felt hopeless and most would just give up she kept going. I really liked her honesty. She told her feelings, needs, and said sorry when she was wrong. But as much as I liked Kayla , I fell that much more in love with Luke. OMG he was such a sweet, sexy, and patience man. He wanted Kayla, but he understood her needs and respected her. Gave her space when she needed, supported her when she needed, and waited for her. He let her lead and took things at her pace. Oh and he is a dirty talking country boy. Hot Dayum!!!! Some of the things he said *swoon* I think I'm in love. Eli, Kayla son, melted my heart. 

"You don't. When I-if I get you in my bed, it's not going to be a trade. It's going to be because you can't stand to wait any longer, just like I can't. When you can't go another minute without touching me, or another day without having me inside you. That's what I want, and that's what I'm holding out for. But I'm a grown man who can make his choices and take his chances, and I'm taking a chance on you. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I'm sticking around all the same, and I'm going to be just as patient as I can be. Because you're worth the chance."-Luke

"Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for saving my life, and Eli's life. Thank you for everything. You're my hero. You're my knight in shining armor."-Kayla

Luke and Kayla's relationship was just beautiful. So many tender moments, so much chemistry between the two MCs that I couldn't help but feel connected to them. I enjoyed their relationship so much, they gave me the warm fuzzies. There are some really moving family moments with Eli, Kayla, and Luke. I loved Luke's whole family especially his brother Cal. Cal's story is the first book, which I have bought and plan on reading. I thought it was so funny what happens to Alan in the end a little Karma I think. I am so happy that I got this book, it really was a joy to read. 

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