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Perfect Ruin

Book Review of Perfect Ruin (Unyielding  Series)

Title: Perfect Ruin

Series:Unyielding  Series

Author: Nashoda Rose

Date Published:December 14th  2015

Date Read:  December 11, 2015

The Blurb:

There is nothing I care about.
No attachments.
No connections. 
Outwardly, I’m a perfect gentleman.
Until my target sees my knife.
I fear nothing, not even death.
In my world, death is considered a privilege.
But my life comes with unbreakable cruel strings and 
when I met her, I should’ve walked away. 
I didn’t. 
I was too selfish.
And that sealed her fate.
Because one week with me led her into the hands of ruin.


We all have unique layers that make up who we are. 
What makes us vulnerable or strong.
What we fear and what excites us.
But peel back those layers and you’re left naked and exposed.
They did that to me. 
Each piece was slowly stripped away then burned.
I merely existed.
But there was one layer they overlooked.
The most important of them all—the tie to one man.
The man responsible for me being this way.
The man who found me.
And the killer who would do anything to protect me.

Perfect Ruin is the story of Kai and London. 

My Review

 5 Finding The Light Stars

"London is mine and you fucked with that. Vault is going to pay for what it's done."-Kai

"I'll always look out for you, braveheart,"-Kai

Perfect Ruin, the 2nd book in the Unyielding Series, was a heartbreaking, emotional, and beautiful story. Wow...... I have wanted more of Kai ever since I first read about him back in Emily and Logan's story(Torn from You), then after I read Perfect Chaos, the craving was stronger. It was a need. I needed Kai and London's story, but I was worried. Sometimes when you love a character, you build an image up of them in your mind and then their story doesn't live up to expectations. But that was not the case here. Nashoda Rose blew me away. Kai and London's story was amazing. Blew all my expectations out of the water, and left me with a hunger for Connor!

"I love your courage, sweetness. I've had few...." he paused, " I've never had a woman speak to me as you do."-Kai

"My brave scientist ruined. They'd ruined her. She'd been fuckin' perfect. She was brave and cute and caring and fuckin' perfect, and they'd ruined everything she was. I snapped-Kai

Kai, what a complex, intriguing, and delicious character. Kai was raised to be a killer. His family were members of a group called the Vault. His mother was a pure evil woman that killed his father in front of him and his sister Chess, then sent them to the farm. A place where children are trained, beat, tortured, starved, and broken til nothing is left but an emotionless killing machine that follows orders. Kai has been numb, dead inside for years until he meets London. London is full of light and compassion. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He spends one week with her, and though he wants more he walks away knowing it would ruin her life if the Vault found out his feelings for her. But a week was too long and the Vault finds out. When the Vault has London kidnapped and sold to a sex slave ring. Kai didn't stop til he got her back. Then the real fight began. London was broken. Kai made me fall in love with a killer. He was dark and hard, but he had good in him too. Kai was the perfect anti hero, he did bad, but he had redeemable qualities, that scream to a woman, save me, love me , see the the good in me. 

"You left me," her voice raised, "You gave me hope and then ripped it away. That was worse than dying."-London

"I know you don't think so, but you have good in you."-London

Braveheart was a great nickname for London. She lived through so damn much. It broke her, but with Kai's help she found her way back. She started living again, and she was stronger. She has a great heart and she tries to see the good in everyone. What I really liked about London was that she wasn't this super kick ass heroine, she was normal. She was brave, she was stubborn, but she was smart. She didn't turn into a soldier. She was just her. She would fight if she needed to, but she didn't go looking for a fight, or jump in carelessly. She loved Kai for him, and that was something no one ever did. She seen the good underneath his hard exterior. There was something very sweet and endearing about London. She was relatable and easy to connect to. 

"Do you want to live with them lingering, sucking the life out of you?" I approached the end of the bed and stopped. "I want all of you, London. Every single piece of you and I want you to give it to me."-Kai

No key fit a perfectly ruined lock. Because that was what we were. Both ruined, but perfect together.-London

Kai and London had explosive chemistry. The way they responded to each other, like they fit together, made for each other. The way Kai supported London, brought her out of herself, helped her get over the fear that was destroying her and the memories that were stealing her soul. It was beautiful. I was really glad that the book didn't make us readers live through all the things London endured. Instead we got the hell Kai was going through trying to find her. The pain he felt seeing how broken she was. The fear he lived. Which only made me love him more, it made him more real, human not cold but feeling everything including helplessness. 

"You're brave as hell. You're a survivor. And being scared doesn't mean you're weak. It means you're alive. It means you care."-Kai

"Loving you is like finding the light. I can't ever lose that again, baby. I won't."-Kai

I loved getting to see Deck and Georgie again. I also adored Tristan and Chess. I need for Tristan and Chess to get their own book, because I need more of them. And Connor, OMG I don't know how I will make it til Connor's book comes out. I took every little piece of Connor that this book gave me like a greedy druggie, now I'm hurting for my next yummy , broken, Connor fix! Perfect Ruin was an action packed, emotional read with a beautiful love story, where love really does conquer all. I loved it.

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