Thursday, December 3, 2015

Under a Falling Star

Book Review of Under A Falling Star (Prairie Hearts Series)

Title: Under A Falling Star

Series:Prairie Hearts Series

Author: Caroline Fyffe

Date Published:December 8th 2015

Date Read:  December 3, 2015

The Blurb:
Two sweethearts find their new love put to the test in Book Four of USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe's Prairie Hearts series.

Wyoming Territory, April 1883

After a disastrous marriage, Sheriff Albert Preston never expects to fall in love again…until a feisty, take-charge young woman sneaks past his defenses. Now, he’d like nothing more than to make Susanna Robinson his wife. But when a train crashes just outside of town, the secrets it carries threaten to derail his plans for a happy future.

Susanna Robinson adores everything about her new hometown of Logan Meadows. She loves her job at the café, the beauty of the night sky over Wyoming, and the handsome lawman by her side. But after learning a hard lesson about fickle hearts from her mother’s bad example, she doubts she can commit to Albert. And when Albert’s shocking secret comes to light, all her fears are confirmed. Will his steadfast, tender heart and gallant ways be enough to rebuild her trust in him?

My Review

          2.5 OH GOD IT"S A LOVE TRIANGLE Stars

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Under a Falling Star, was not my Jam. This book had two of my pet peeves, love Triangles(I hate like 85% of the love triangles I have read) and cowards. Being a coward is my second biggest pet peeve next to cheating. I hate reading a book where someone acts like a big chicken, sticking their head in the sand and not dealing with things. Chickens are not sexy just saying. Susanna in this book was a huge coward and she drove me nuts. The hero wasn't much better since he hide things from her although to be fair he did try to tell her a few time and she changed the subject every time because she was too scared to deal with what he was going to say. Then she gets mad at him for keeping it from her when she wouldn't let him tell her. Oh and she is a hypocrite since she was mad at him for keeping secrets when she was keeping things from him. Then there was the love triangle between Albert, Susanna, and Dalton. I thought Dalton and Albert were ok but again the way Susanna could just be with either guy like they were interchangeable annoyed me too. Don't get me wrong she wasn't hoppin in bed with them both. This is a clean book, no sex. Now that all being said, this review is just my personal opinion. This book didn't work for me because of personal taste and my dislike of love triangles and cowardly behavior. So if you don't mind love triangles you would most likely enjoy this book. It reminded me a lot of The Little House On The Prairie. It was written well, and some of the other characters were endearing. So a miss for me but I know a lot of my friends that would enjoy it. 

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