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The Beast in Him

Book Review of The Beast in Him (Pride Series)

Title: The Beast in Him

Series: Pride Series

Author: Shelly Laurenston 

Date Published: April 1st 2008

Date Read:   August 29, 2015

The Blurb:

Some things are so worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward "accidentally" bumps into Bobby Ray Smith and shows him just how far she's come since high school. Back then, Jess's gangly limbs and bruised heart turn to jelly any time Smitty's "all the better to ravish you with" body came near her. So, some things haven't changed. Except now Jess is a success on her own terms. And she can enjoy a romp-or twenty-with a big, bad wolf and walk away. Easy.

The sexy, polished CEO who hires Smitty's security firm might be a million miles from the loveable geek he knew, but her kiss, her touch, is every bit as hot as he imagined. Jess was never the kind to ask for help, and she doesn't want it now, not even with someone targeting her Pack. But Smitty's not going to turn tail and run. Not before proving that their sheet-scorching animal lust is only the start of something even wilder…

My Review

4 Hillbilly Stars


“This is serious. I won’t get between you and your family.” “You’re not, darlin’. This is what one friend
does for another. And we’re friends. Just like me and Mace.” She gave him a wicked little smile. “You fuck Mace too?” “Only when he’s feeling needy.”

The Beast in Him is the 2nd book in the Pride series and it is just as funny as the first book. Shelly Laurenston has a Knack for writing hilarious stories with realistic, fun loving characters. After meeting Smitty in the first book I was really looking forward to his story, and it didn't disappoint.

Smitty stared at the disconnection message on his phone in horror. “She hung up on me.” Ronnie patted his leg. “I’m sure she didn’t—” “On me!” 

What this book is about

Back in high school Bobby Ray Smith "Smitty" Had a thing for little nerdy Jessie Ann Ward. Poor Little Jessie Ann was bullied by all the she wolves especially Smitty's own sister Sissy. Smitty did his best to protect her until he left for the Navy. The Night before he leaves for the Navy he stops another attack on Jessie Ann. While talking, Jessie Ann and him almost kiss. He stops it because he doesn't want to hurt her by starting something then leaving. Years later Smitty and Mace's security company is working a party held by a very rich, beautiful and all grown up Jessica Ann Ward. Smitty is blown away when Jessie Ann acts as if she barely remembers him. Smitty sets about to make Jessie Ann apart of his life again. Even if everyone thinks Jessica is out of his league.

She heard him turn in his seat to face his wife, Sabina. “Golly gee, darlin’,” he said in what had to be the worst rendition of a Southern accent Jess had ever been forced to listen to. “You sho’ look good in them fine shoes.” “And you are... I can’t quite place you,” Sabina responded in her Russian accent that was suddenly that much thicker. “Why, I’m the young man you once had a big ol’ crush on and I’ve now grown into a manly buck of a wolf. Don’t you remember?” “Um... no.” Finally, Jess couldn’t take it anymore. She burst out laughing, her Pack joining with her. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” she playfully yelled at Phil. “I wasn’t that bad.”

Smith is all Country, Southern Charm. Sexy, sweet, playful, and very protective. The Smiths are all known for their wild, fighting crazy hillbilly ways, and Smitty has been fighting his Smith side his whole life. Worried that if he lets his feral side out he will turn into his daddy, Bubba Ray, a roughneck with a mate that wants to killing him half the time. When Smitty falls in love with Jessie Ann and wants to claim her, he learns he will have to accept all of who he is or lose the woman that is meant to be his!

“Well,” he said clearly, for the entire street to hear, “we’re going to go home now and have some hot and dirty sex.” Jess let out a startled gasp and tried to pull back, but Smitty held her tight against him. “Yup,” he continued, “we’re gonna go have some nasty, dirty, whore sex.”

Smitty muttered even as he sat up. “I don’t know, hoss. Maybe my daddy was right. Maybe I am an idiot.” “Your daddy is certifiably insane.” “In the South we call that eccentric.” “Well, in New York, we call the cops to get ’em away from the front of our building.” 

Jessie Ann made this book for me. She is funny, playful, sassy, loyal, and smart. She is a overcomer who makes a great loving family and full life for herself. She wants a mate and babies of her own. She has always wanted Smitty bad, but she is worried about letting him into her life and giving him the power to break her heart again like he did back in high school when he pushed her away instead of kissing her. 

“Forget it. I’m not telling you guys anything.” “Why not?” She liked how Phil had the nerve to sound so indignant that she wasn’t filling them in on all the details of her night with Smitty. “Because it’s none of your business.” “We told you about our first time,” Phil coaxed. “You didn’t tell me anything. I was there. In a sleeping bag across the room desperately trying to mind my own business. But you, sir, are a screamer.”

“That’s what I deserve? That? You know what? The biggest mistake I ever made was falling in love with your hick ass.” "Jessie Ann—” “No, we’re done. I’m done. Done, done, done. I’m cutting you out of my heart. Because you don’t deserve me.”

“You hungry?” “Starving.” Not bothering to open his eyes, he kissed her and placed his hand on top of her head. He started to push her under the covers and she slapped his hands away. “I’m starving for food, you barbarian!”

Smitty and Jessie Ann have a cute and sexy relationship. I will say I wish Smitty would have wanted her without fear of her not being strong enough to be his mate, but I get it is a wolf thing whatevs! I loved Sissy Mae in the first book, but I didn't like the bully side of Sissy in this book although she did the bullying when she was a teen I wish she would have at least said sorry as an adult. I did like that Jessie Ann knocked Sissy out when they meet back up. I was yelling at my Kindle " Yeah in your face !! You ain't talkin hardcore, now is ya? Lil' bitch!"

I really like that we get to see Smitty's parents who I loved. We also get to catch up on the lives of Mace, Dez, Mitch, Brendon and Ronnie lee. I was a little confused about the whole Eggie thing. In "Like A Wolf With A Bone" Eggie and Bubby Ray(Smitty's Dad) are brothers in this book they are cousins. HMM Okay. Sissy Mae lost some points with me in this book. I know that her and Mitch's book is next I am looking forward to seeing if she can redeem herself to me in her book. I loved the ending . Smitty and Jessie Ann HEA was very sweet. I am on to the next book. Below I leave my favorite quote from this book:

“Come on, Smitty,” she whined. “I need my wild dog morning greeting.” “Which is?” “Ummm... let’s see. Hugs, chaste kisses, and nose rubs between Packmates.” Smitty shook his head. “Nah, I can’t do all that.” She pouted, looking more adorable than was fair. In resignation, he offered, “I can fuck you until you pass out.” Jessie shrugged and sighed. “Well... if that’s the best you can do.”

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