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This is War, Baby

Book Review of This Is War Baby (War & Peace Series)

Title: This is War Baby

Series:War & Peace Series

Author: K. Webster 

Date Published: February 29th 2016

Date Read:   December 03, 2016

The Blurb:

My life had a plan. Until he invaded it and stole it all away. My captor took me and I became a pawn. 

His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR, because money is everything in this world. 

In my WAR, though, I found peace.

I couldn’t help but find love where I least expected it, with a man who lived a battle every day of his life
…all inside his head. 

But then my captor came back for me.
Yet, this time, battle lines had been drawn and I was protected.

So we thought.
Even though my WAR was raging,
my captor would fight to the death.

The good guys always win, right?
Not always.

All’s fair in love and WAR, right? 
Not this time.

This is War, Baby is a dark romance. A really dark one. So dark you’re going to wish you had a flashlight to see yourself to the end and someone to hold your hand. Human trafficking, dubious consent, and strong sexual themes that could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.

My Review

3 Peace and War Stars


I hate writing middle of the road reviews. That is when I didn't hate a book but I didn't love it either. It was enjoyable but there were things about it I didn't care for. So bear with me please while I try to express my feelings on this book. This is War, Baby is the 1st book in the War & Peace series and I found it to be a pretty good read. I went into this read with really high expectations. The plot sounded so good. Almost all my friends loved it. It's got tons of great reviews. So when I finished it and didn't flat out love it..... I felt left out! I wanted to love it like all my friends but sadly I didn't.

“I like ‘em dirty. And you’re as dirty as they come. Soon, you’ll be just as dirty on the inside,” -Gabe

Your light is already seeping into the dark parts of my soul and I'm not about to let that slip away for a second."-War

I think one of the problems I had with this book was the start. I didn't get to warm up and connect to Baylee before she was kidnapped and the dark stuff started. I did slowly warm to Baylee though. I felt badly for all the things Gabe put Baylee through. I totally got her fear and confusion. What I didn't get was her body enjoying her rape. I felt the whole "my traitorous body" thing going on with Baylee and Gabe just took away from the darkness of the rape. And it threw me out of the element. Gabe was raping a 17 year old. So I didn't want no "It's kinda okay and not all the way rape(dubious consent) cause I kinda liked it a little. Damn my stupid traitorous body!" thing. Gabe was a great villain. OMG he was a twisted, depraved, sadist, disgusting pos. He oozed evil, and his crazy really came through the pages. Which is what you want in a dark romance. War was different for me. OCD, PTSD, and I felt his metal struggles. He had some major issues but he felt real. He was a good hero. I really love a damaged hero. War gave me that in spades. I really really liked War! He really gave this book depth!

“For some reason, I don’t obsess over numbers and germs and patterns. Each time you open your mouth, I’m fixated on your words. I’m drawn to the way you say them. When I’m around you, I don’t obsess over my problems because I obsess over you.”-War

"Because the Queen always protects the king." And then she whispers the last part. "Even from himself."-Baylee

I really enjoyed the build up of War and Bay's relationship. It didn't happen over night but it was a slow burn love. They start to heal each other and bring happiness to each other. I really didn't understand what was going on with Baylee's parents. I am dying to know why they didn't report their child missing. So many unanswered questions! I have to be honest and say that this book wasn't as dark and I thought it was going to be. However I want to take a second to give a warning this book has some triggers that may bother some readers. This is War has *Rape of a 17 year old, Kidnapping, being sold into sexual slavery, abuse, being held prisoner, and beatings.* All that being said the ending....OMG the cliffhanger ending had me flippin' out. How could the author end things like that. Of course now I will have to read the next book because no way can I leave things the way they are. I need War and Bay to have their Hea and I need to see Gabe suffer, cause I hated that bastard!

"Sometimes, sweetheart, you have to make sacrifices. You, doll, are a sacrifice. Your part is small, but it is so significant."-Gabe

“After the hell I’ve endured over the past few days, this is heaven. The devil is my savior.”-Baylee

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