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Wicked Bite

Book Review of Wicked Bite (Realm Enforcers Series)

Title: Wicked Bite

Series: Realm Enforcers Series

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Date Published: August 1st 2017

Date Read:  July 24, 2017 

The Blurb:

As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Tessa Lansa’s instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Tessa’s plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous . . .

Bear doesn’t trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Tessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can’t stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it . .

My Review

5 Her Bear Stars

                  May have mild spoilers

"We use applications of quantum physics, string theory, Brunt's theory, and-" Her gaze narrowed. "Don't look Bored." "I'm not," he said quickly. Then he frowned. "Forget that. I am bored. Get to it."-Nessa and Bear

Yay Bear's story! God I have loved me some big ol' grumpy Bear. I was so excited to finally get Bear's book and I loved every single minute of this read! Rebecca Zanetti is one of my top 5 favorite authors and she never fails me. I have loved every one of her books(that I have read) and I can't get enough of the Realm. Whether it's the Witches, Demons, Shifters, or the yummy Vampires(my favorites) I can't get enough of this world. So anytime I get to set aside the troubles of everyday life and dive back into this world and lose myself that is a great day for me. 

"You wanna make a deal?" She nodded, her shoulders going back. "Yes." To live, he'd do almost anything. "What do you want?" She met his gaze, her eyes deadly serious. "If I heal you, then we mate. For life." -Bear and Nessa

"Baby? You wanna fuck, bite, brand, and mate....but not bond. Do I have it right?-Bear

Bear was amazing! He was smart, sexy, protective and bad ass. This grumpy, antisocial loner bear had a lot of depth to him. He felt deeply. He was hurt in the past and didn't feel like he fit in anyone's world, so he made his own MC family. Raw and animalistic he was everything I could want in a shifter. Nessa was way more than met the eye. She came off all prim and a little snobby, but she could kick major ass! Nessa was very sweet and she was loyal to her few loved ones. Being a witch Nessa was keeping secrets and could be a master manipulator when the situation called for it. Brave and smart Nessa was the perfect mate for our Alpha bear.

"I'm claiming you, Nessa. Right here. Right now." She may have gurgled. He slapped her clit. Her head jerked, and hunger flared hotter. "What are you, Nessa?" he demanded, his hold absolute. She opened her eyes. This was beyond what she'd wanted. But here they were. "Claimed," she whispered-Bear and Nessa

"Nessa?" Simone asked softly. Nessa looked toward her new sister-in-law. "Yes?" "If you hurt him, really hurt him, I'll gut you before I burn you to a smoldering pile of screaming ash." Nessa grinned. "Your imagery is impressive." "Aye. So is my ability to gut people and throw fire,"-Simone and Nessa

Nessa and Bear together were wild. Nessa brought out the animal in him. She challenged him and pushed him to give her his all. Bear was so gruff antisocial, so when he fell hard for his little witch I totally melted! Wicked Bite was an action packed thrill ride filled with awesome cameo appearances from some of my Realm favorites. I got me some Dage and Emma, Garrett(mini Talen) and Logan time. I so love Garrett and I long for his book. There was no Talen which made me a bit sad. OMG the bad guy I didn't see that one coming at all! I was totally shocked. Overall I truly just enjoyed this book so much. Not to get too personal but I have a family member that is dying, and I haven't read anything in about a week. It was so nice to let this book take me away from the pain and sadness for a few hours. It made me laugh and smile and I am so grateful for the escape. 

"Your uncle knows I'm here?" Garrett shrugged. "He's the king. Dage pretty much knows everything, and he really hates it when people seem surprised by that." Logan snorted. "Isn't that the truth?"-Nessa, Garrett, and Logan

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