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Wicked Kiss

Book Review of Wicked Kiss (Realm Enforcers Series)

Title: Wicked Kiss

Series: Realm Enforcers Series

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Date Published: July 4th 2017

Date Read:  July 2, 2017 

The Blurb:

Working as an informant for the DEA, Victoria Monzelle is used to living on the edge. But she’s not a big fan of getting kidnapped. And definitely not by a bunch of bad boy witches with fancy-colored fire to shoot at people. So when Adam Dunne shows up and claims to be a witch enforcer, she’s not going to put her life in his hands based on his word, no matter how smooth and smart and beautifully Irish his words sound. But on the run from a tribunal of witches, she isn’t going to make it far . . .

Before she knows it, Adam’s word is all that stands between her and execution. Sophisticated, just-gotta-ruffle-him Adam has vowed to make her his one eternal mate, wild and unpredictable as she is—to save her from a sentence of certain death. But Tori isn’t interested in being anyone’s pity date. And if they think she’s unpredictable now, they should see what’s coming next . . 

My Review

4.5 Burning for you Stars

May have Mild spoilers 

"You'd do well not to cross me." "Cross you?" Her eyebrows rose, laughter in her eyes. "How old-fashioned. Cross you." She chuckled, the sound low and throaty. Oh, the hellion was asking for it. "Victoria." He allowed his voice to deepen to a threat most animals instinctively would catch. "I already spanked you once. Do you want another for good measure?" -Adam and Tori 

Wicked Kiss, the 4th book in the Realm Enforcers series by Rebecca Zanetti, was awesome. I love me some Rebecca Zanetti. She is one of my top 5 favorite authors and she never fails to deliver amazing action packed reads with sexy heroes, and sassy heroines. I have been looking forward to Adam's book since Wicked Burn. Adam and Tori had major sparks in the last book and I knew they would be smoking hot together!

"You challenge me again, and I'll meet it. I won't stop until you're begging."-Adam

"You still haven't told me why you left the cabin when I specifically told you to stay there." Her chin dropped, and her eyebrows lifted, giving her the most smart-ass expression he'd ever seen. "I guess the simplest answer is that I don't fucking take orders from you."-Adam and Tori

Adam was all cold logic and strategy so it was fun to see him burn hot for Tori. Adam was all about smarts, calm, control, and following the rules. Things were black and white for him no gray areas until Tori. She made him feel alive. I loved how he would go from calm Mr. cold logic to total badass if someone dared to hurt his Tori! Tori was very cute. She was sassy and wild but she had some daddy issues. I loved that Tori wasn't super tough but she was brave. I also loved her strange enhancement. In this world enhanced human women can be mates to vampires, demons, witches, etc. Most enhancements in this series and the Dark Protector series have been things like empath, telekinesis, Second sight, or other psychic abilities, but Tori's ability was unique and I liked that it was different. 

"Ah, Victoria, you sweet woman. I just wanted to play a little. Make you needy. Now you're going to beg, and it's going to be the way I want. Not the measly little 'please' you gave me the other night." He scraped the late-evening shadow on his jaw down her sensitive neck. "By the end of the night, I'll fucking own you."-Adam

“You want me?” “Aye,” he said, his eyes burning. “Then take me.”-Tori and Adam

Wild Tori and reserved Adam together were like fire and ice. Tori really got under Adam's skin. She made him feel so much. She got him to be playful, and she just really brought his character to life. Adam and Tori really complemented each other. Just like Tori got Adam to loosen up a little and live, Adam tamed Tori. He believed in her and supported her. He helped her calm her powers and he loved her for who she was. I loved getting to see the Dunne gang again, including Bren and Jase. Dage (The king from DP) was in this book and I loved every moment with the King! I would have loved more of the Dark Protector gang because I love and miss them so damn much, but I also love getting to know the witches of the Realm better too. The plot in this book was fast pace and full of action. The smexy time was yummy. Rebecca Zanetti also gave us readers more yummy Bear who is having some health issues and I can't wait for his book!!

"Yes. Dead wrong. I'm the best thing that ever happened to you. I make you laugh. I make you see life in other terms than your rigid plans. And you like my music." She wound down, her heart hurting. "You always hold back, because you don't realize I can handle all of you. I want all of you."-Tori

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