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The Seduction Of Elliot McBride

      Book Review of The Seduction of Elliot McBride                                        (Mackenzie & McBrides)

Title: The Seduction of Elliot McBride

Series: Mackenzie & McBrides/ Highland Pleasures

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Date Published:  December 31st 2012

Date Read:   May 08, 2015

The Blurb:
Juliana St. John was raised to be very proper. After a long engagement, her wedding day dawns—only for Juliana to find herself jilted at the altar.

Fleeing the mocking crowd, she stumbles upon Elliot McBride, the tall, passionate Scot who was her first love. His teasing manner gives her an idea, and she asks Elliot to save her from an uncertain future—by marrying her…

After escaping brutal imprisonment, Elliot has returned to Scotland a vastly wealthy yet tormented man. Now Juliana has her hands full restoring his half-ruined manor in the Scottish Highlands and trying to repair the broken heart of the man some call irredeemably mad. Though beautiful and spirited, Juliana wonders if that will be enough to win a second chance at love.

My Review

                   4 sexual healing Stars

“But you’re wicked, lass. You sat on a man’s lap, in a chapel, and told him to marry you.”

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride is the 5 novel in the MacKenzies & McBrides series. And though I will acknowledge this one was not as good as the first 3 books, it was still damn good! Elliot is no Ian, Mac, or Cam, but he was still a yummy Scottish treat.

What this book is about

Juliana St. John has been in love with Elliot McBride since they were young. After kissing her at her coming out ball, Elliot goes off to war. While away he is captured, Imprisoned, and tortured for ten months. When he is found and comes home he never says a word to her, no visits nothing. So giving up hope that they will ever be together Juliana agrees to marry another man. On her wedding day she is jilted. The man she was suppose to marry eloped the night before. Upset over the humiliation she knows she will suffer, she is hiding in the church, throws herself down onto the pew and lands on the lap of her childhood love Elliot. She half jokingly says they should get married. Elliot is all over that and that day they are married! Juliana feels she is so lucky to have married the man she always had feelings for instead of a man she was settling for, but things are not all grant. Elliot is not the same charming light hearted young man that stole her heart, imprisonment has changed him. Everyone is saying she married a mad man. Will Juliana and Elliot have a happy marriage or is the man she married as crazy as everyone says?

“So you came to my wedding to snatch me from the altar?” “I’m a Highland barbarian. We steal our wives, didn’t ye know?”


Eliiot was so messed up. Elliot suffers from PTSD, but back then they just thought him mad. He really has a hard time flash backs, black out moments and sometimes he can't tell what is dream and what is real. What I really like about him was that he never gives up. He is fighting for his life, health, happiness, and marriage. Although most of his fighting is in the form of Sexual healing, because everyone knows that good sex heals all!

“I had to live,” he said. “I was determined to live, whatever the cost.” He released her hands and brushed back a tendril of her hair. “To see you again.” Juliana looked up at him, lips parted. “It’s what drove me to live, lass, every minute of the day or night. To see you again. To hear your voice. To touch you…” Elliot drew his finger down her cheek. “They wondered at my resilience. They called me a demon or the walking dead, because I wouldn’t lie down and die. But I couldn’t. Not until I saw you again.”

“Because what would you have seen if I’d come crawling to you when I came home from India? A broken man, one afraid of the dark and equally afraid of the light. I was nothing.” 


I like Juliana just fine but she didn't really stand out for me. She is very organized, and writes a list for everything. She is suportive of Elliot and she believes in him. I do like that she pushes him to talk to her about the things he suffered, instead of sweeping it under the rug. 

“Even so, you could have said something. When you were captured, when we thought you dead…They were the most awful months of my life. Nothing can compare. I cried all day in relief when I got Ainsley’s telegram that you’d been found and were all right. And then you never wrote, never called on me, never spoke to me, never sent a message.”

“I’m here.” Juliana looked up into Elliot’s anguished eyes, his brows drawn down as though all the fury in the world coursed through him. “I’m here, Elliot. I’ve always been here for you. And I always will be.”

“I’m not who I was,” he finished. “Sometimes I thank God for that. I lost most of myself in those caves as a prisoner. I’m not sure who it was who came out.” “You’re Elliot,” Juliana said. “My Elliot.”

Overall this book was a good read. The sex was hott, and they really lusted for each other. Especially Elliot he was like an animal wanting the sexual healing all the time. The reason this book is a 4 star instead of 5 is there is more sex than character development. McGregor really stood out to me. I enjoy his "I am a old man & I am set in my ways" self. A very entertaining and enjoyable read. 
Below I leave my favorite moment from the book:

“When I was told what happened in the marriage bed, my stepmother mentioned none of this.”Elliot lifted the weight of her breast, caressing the tightness of her nipple. “None of what?” His head was on her pillow, the covers long ago kicked off. “None of what we’ve done today. I was told to lie quietly on my back and let you adjust me as necessary, and then you would come in on top of me.” She smiled at her questions—What will I do in the time between that and when he spills his seed? The whole discussion seemed long ago and innocent now. “You would derive pleasure in the act, but I probably wouldn’t. I was to hold and comfort you when you released, because at that moment, a man was, for the only time in his life, weaker than a woman.” Elliot laughed, a deep-voiced, masculine laugh. “Was this in a book?”

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