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Highland Protector

Book Review of Highland Protector (MacCoinnich Time Travel Series)

Title: Highland Protector

Series: MacCoinnich Times Series

Author: Catherine Bybee

Date Published:November 19th 2013

Date Read:  July 13, 2015

The Blurb:
No ordinary hero can save Amber from death... it will take a Highland Protector 

Amber MacCoinnich survival depends on her traveling to the twenty first century, or so her mother’s premonition told her. Death taunts Amber and offers peace in her endless pain. Without the mysterious savior her mother spoke of, Amber prepares for death only to wake with a handsome, dark stranger in her bed.

Gavin Kincaid spends his life shifting time in order to preserve and protect the MacCoinnich family and their line even though he’s never met one living MacCoinnich. A haunting portrait of a beautiful woman captures his attention and he embarks on a quest to put a name to the picture. When a colleague vanishes, the time-stream forces Kincaid to the twenty first century where he finds his mystifying woman close to death. His Druid gift can save her, but at what price? And when they both find themselves emotionally linked, the truth behind Kincaid’s heritage just might kill them both.

My Review

               4.5 Life Saving Vows Stars

“My life is in as much turmoil as yours. We have both leapt into this bond, but I’d like to think there was something there before the leap. Your portrait on the wall drew my attention, and you’ve captured something deeper than just an attraction.”-Gavin to Amber

“That’s one seriously impressive concealed weapon you have there, officer.”- Selma to Jake

Highland Protector is the 5th book in the MacCoinnich Time Travels series. It's Amber's story and It was the one I couldn't wait to get to. Really Highland Protector was 2 love stories in one book. Amber and Gavin's and Jake and Selma. Which I was glad for because I had hoped to see more of Selma. This book was great just like I hoped. No big disappointment or anything, just a tad bit confusing at times with all the jumping around in time. 

“I don’t care. I want to make love to my wife, to hear you moan when I bring you pleasure.” His words made her insides quiver, as did his hands as they circled her hips and pulled her back into his arms. “And I will bring you pleasure, Amber.” He kissed her briefly. “So much pleasure.”- Gavin to Amber
“You protected them, Selma. You and your cauldron crap.” The snark in his voice made her hiccup and smile. “You don’t believe in my cauldron crap.” “I don’t want to believe in it. Doesn’t mean I don’t. I’m all about facts, and I sure as hell can’t ignore any of you. Especially you.” - Jake and Selma

Amber and Gavin are very sweet together. They haven't known each other very long when they marry. Though you can tell they already have true feelings for each other. Gavin is very patience with Amber. He gives her the time she needs to feel comfortable with him. Their love was like a slow simmer til the end, where Jake and Selma are like a match catching fire. I liked Jake and Selma's story a little bit more than Amber and Gavin's. They just had more passion, plus they are totally there for each other. I feel like Amber turned her back on Gavin just because of something they found in a book. She quickly seen the error of her ways, but I feel after all he did to save her and all the kindness he showed her it was kinda a slap in the face to him. Omg Cian poor Cian he is in so much pain and it's changing him. I can't wait for Cian's book. I checked the Author's web page, but it just says coming soon. OMG I don't know how long I can wait. Patience is so not one of my virtue!!! Highland Protector was a great addition to this series. I will be stalking this author's web page til Cian's story comes out. I love this series!

“You’ve taken the words out of my mouth. I thought the knowledge I wasn’t to live in my parents’ time would bother me, but all I thought of was you. Of us. If this is love I don’t want the feeling to ever end.”- Amber to Gavin

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