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Stripped Raw

 Book Review of Stripped Raw

Title: Stripped Raw

Series: No Series.  Novel

Author: Rebecca Moon

Date Published:  January 20th 2015 

Date Read:  January 3, 2016

The Blurb:
Erin Stancliffe has had a troubled past and moves to Bailiff to give herself and her son a fresh start. She is captivated by the old town charm and the friendly people in it, especially when her new job at the district hospital brings her face to face with Jason Cunningham, a bronzed, muscle bound man with a boyish face.
Renowned as the town slut, Jason is forced to reassess his life after a night of reckless inebriation leads to an indiscretion with his best friends ex fiancé. Jason’s reputation is left in tatters as he tries to turn a new leaf and make amends for his previous sins.
Jason is dumbstruck by Erin, the beautiful newcomer but Erin has to look deep inside herself to overcome her emotions and take a chance on someone new.
Amongst blossoming love, tragedy unfolds and Erin has one thing after another go wrong, her relationship and trust in Jason being just one of these as she learns of his promiscuous past. Desperate to protect Erin, Jason is determined to make everything right and will stop at nothing to win back the woman of his dreams.

My Review

  3.5 Past biting you in the bum Stars

"I have wanted to spend time with you from the first moment I saw you. All I've thought about since then was you, what you like, what your story is, and how on earth I can get you to go out with me. I want to know all about you Erin."-Jason

Stripped Raw was a pretty good read for me. It was better than a 3 star, but a few things kept it from being a 4 star book for me. In this book we meet Erin and Jason. Erin has had a rough life. Her mother was a druggie, her dad's not in the picture. Erin has been raising herself since she was 3. She works hard and puts herself through College. While in College he meets Mark and falls in love. Mark is rich and his family doesn't approve of his dating a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and demands they break up. Pregnant and heartbroken Erin is determined to give her baby a better life. Mark's family does everything they can to make Erin abort or lose the baby. After years of hard work, Erin finally has the means to move to a new nice town far away from her past and make a new start with her son. It is in her new home town that she meets Jason, who is also wanting to start new and leave the past behind. Can Jason get Erin to give him a shot and can the both overcome their Past?

"I'm not going to hurt him or you. I've never felt like this toward anyone before. I want to do right by you both. I just need you to trust me."-Jason

I felt this book did a great job of letting us readers get to know the two MCs individually. Jason was a sexy, laid back, down to earth guy. Jason has slept around a lot in the past, but after a drunken mistake that cost him his best friend, he is trying to change his ways. He wants a relationship not meaningless hook-ups. Jason was very likable and charming. He really won me over. Erin was great too. Strong and determined, she pulls herself up from the crap life she had, works hard and makes something of herself. She is a fighter. Erin is a great mother to Joey. I really liked both Jason and Erin. I adored Joey. He was a cute little boy and some of the things he said melted my heart. 

"You don't need an excuse to be here. I don't think I want to be apart from you either."-Erin

One of the things that really didn't work for me in this book is the tremendous amount of masturbating that Jason and Erin do. I don't mind sexual details in books. I don't get offended easily, so that isn't what bothered me. It was that it was repeated so much it was a little tedious. At the 41% mark Jason and Erin are not together and have barely spoken to each other, but they have masturbated repeatedly to each other. And I got to read each time over and over. Seen each other... masturbate, smile at each other... masturbate, think of each other... masturbate, wind blew, well you get the picture. Also even though I got to know them so well individually, their relationship was kinda background to their lives. I would have liked more of a relationship build up. Like I said at the 40% mark they had only said a few things to each other. So their relationship felt instant and rushed. Don't get me wrong there are some very cute moments with the couple and with Joey. There are also some sexy, steamy moments too. I just wanted a little more of those and less of their separate lives. I really liked the secondary characters. I loved Jason's parents and Mack(Macy) Jason's cousin. I would love for Mack to get her own story, because she just broke my heart. I would really like to see her get her own HEA! 

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