Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stripped Bare

 Book Review of Stripped Raw

Title: Stripped Bare

Series: No Series.  Novel

Author: Rebecca Moon

Date Published:  September 9th 2014

Date Read:  January 4, 2016

The Blurb:
Since being humiliated and degraded by her first love, Sally has hidden herself from the world and more specifically, men. She has lost herself in a spiral of pity and isolation until a chance encounter with a high school friend, who has grown up in all the right ways. Damien has become all man, with muscles to make a girls knees weak and a depth of knowledge behind his beautiful eyes that could strip your soul bare. For the first time in years Sally feels alive again, and her mind and body respond to Damien in ways she thought were lost to her. Damien shows Sally how to love and laugh again but will Damien be her ultimate downfall?
Stripped Bare will leave your breathless and wanting for more.

My Review

           4 lack of communication Stars

                      * Spoilers Below*

Okay so I kinda messed up and read this series out of order. This was suppose to be the first book and Then Stripped Raw, but other than knowing what happens to Jason(the hero from Stripped Raw) it wasn't a real big deal. These books can be read as stand alones easily. That being said I liked this book better than Stripped Raw. There was only one thing that kept this from being a five star for me and that is Sally and Damien break up and they both sleep with other people. I understand they are not together and it wasn't cheating but it was only a few months after breaking up. If they had only dated others but not slept with ow/om or were apart longer I may have taken it better I don't know. It just bugged me!  I was so in knots during their break up that I really did look like the gif above frowning, eating and drinking, but not able to put my kindle down! 

I loved Damien. He was hot. But then again I do have a weakness for men in uniforms!!!! Damien was all kinds of yummy, growling, dominate alpha male. Sally was relatable and easy to like. I really liked her personal growth. She was so broken down in the first part of the book, but she really finds herself again. Although I wish she would have giving Damien a chance to explain things, but I could understand why she did what she did. Damien and Sal had explosive chemistry and they fell in love hard and fast. This book just reaffirmed my love for Jason's cousin Macy . I made a status update while reading this book saying I really want Macy to get her own book. Mrs. Rebecca Moon commented that Macy's book is in the pipe line! So Yay for that. I can't wait to get my hands on Macy's book, her personality really shined in both this book and Stripped Raw! Overall I really enjoyed this book. Even if I did read them out of order lol!

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