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Redeeming Vows

Book Review of Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Series)

Title: Redeeming Vows

Series: MacCoinnich Times Series

Author: Catherine Bybee

Date Published: December 17th 2010

Date Read:  July 10, 2015

The Blurb:
For her own safety, modern day, single mom, Lizzy McAllister is forced to bow to the medieval men who surround her when she's thrust back in time to the sixteenth century against her will. When Lizzie finds herself trapped in time with Fin, the one man she finds both irresistible and maddening, she agrees to combine forces with him to rid Scotland of the evil witch, Grainna. Finlay MacCoinnich's attraction to Lizzie sizzles the very air they breathe. Tearing down the solid walls the woman has built around her won't be easy, but he's willing to do anything to keep her by his side. When a spell cast by their deadliest foe throws them forward in time, will they manage to find their way back in time to save their family from peril? And will Lizzy willingly stay in his time, or abandon him altogether?

My Review

              4 Fighting their love Stars

 “You’re a jerk, Finlay MacCoinnich.” “And you love it, Elizabeth McAllister,”

“Don’t, Lizzy. Please, it tears me apart to hear you cry.”

Redeeming Vows is a great a addition to the MacCoinnich Time Travel Series. I really liked this one, but I liked the first two a little better. The reason is I didn't really get attached to the main couple in this book. I liked them alright but I didn't love them. 

“We both feel this way, Elizabeth. This spark between us.”

What this book is about

The evil Grainna is at it again. Now that she has broke her curse and has all her powers back, she is out to destroy the MacCoinnich Family. When a spell Grainna cast sends Fin and Lizzy back to lizzy's time in the future, they will have to work together to get back to the 16th century and their family. Fin and Lizzy have been going at each other's throats since they met. Fighting their feelings for each other. Now they have a few days to get home and help save their family. Can they stop fighting long enough to come up with a plan and make it home in time? 

“I’m saying that today, right at this moment, you mean more to me than anything possibly could. That regardless of what may come tomorrow, I want you to be by my side so we can meet it together.” 

But her eyes traveled down his long torso and followed the ripples of his chest until they met his need head on. “Good God, MacCoinnich, what do you feed that thing?” She licked her lips and prayed he hadn’t seen her response. He didn’t answer until her gaze returned to his. “Blondes.”

I didn't get Fin and Lizzy and I think that is why I didn't like this book as much as the other two. I liked them alright individually, but I didn't get why they fought each other so much. It made them both look like jerks and childish. I felt like they wasted all that time they could have been together acting like babies and fighting their feelings. That being said when they do get together they are adorable. It just takes them too damn long for my likings!!!! Just sayin! Of course I loved the whole MacCoinnich family. The plot was amazing which is why even with me not investing in the main couple I still give this book a 4 star rating. There is some new characters that I would like to see more in the next few books like Selma, Logan ,and Donovan . Poor Cian God I hope he gets a HEA because my heart just hurts for him. This book is a great read! I am on to the next book which is Simon book. I am really looking forward to Amber's book. 

Below I will leave my favorite moment from this book:

“’Tis time to fetch them, Duncan,” Ian told his son, knowing full well what kept Finlay and Elizabeth away. He’d asked Simon to call his mother in his head some time before. Only to hear the child squeal and see the boy’s eyes pinch close. He quickly shook his head and appeared sick. “Oh, that’s just gross,” he’d said. “Are they well?” Lora questioned. “Oh, they’re fine. I think I’m going to need therapy though.” Todd burst into laughter. Tara chuckled. “I guess it’s best you stay out of your mom’s thoughts from now on.”

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