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His Reason to Stay

Book Review of His Reason To Stay (In the Line of Duty Series)

Title: His Reason To Stay 

Series: In The Line OF Duty Series

Author: Cathryn Fox

Date Published:February 16th 2016

Date Read:   February 11, 2016

The Blurb:

"They made one beautiful mistake. The consequences could haunt them for life."

"In the Line of Duty," Book 6

From the moment the Nelson brothers took a lonely young girl from the wrong side of the tracks under their wing, Rachel Andrews loved them both with all her heart. But it was James who won her hand.

Now widowed, she s trying to pick up the pieces for her daughter s sake as well as her own, but once again loneliness is her closest friend until James s brother comes back to town. The man she secretly wishes had asked her first.

Army ammunitions expert Kyle Nelson would rather face live fire than face the raw reminder that the woman he loved chose his brother over him, but he s tired of running. And ready to step up to be the man everyone needs him to be especially the young niece he s never met.

As time runs short before Kyle ships out again, the desire Kyle and Rachel have suppressed breaks free in a fiery rush. Tempting her to reveal a secret that could give him a reason to stay or burn their love to ash.

"Warning: Contains a hot military man who will steal your panties as well as your heart."

My Review

                       5 All of you Stars

"Sweetie, one look at you and I could tell you had sex last night." "Shh." She glanced around to make sure of the patrons entering or exiting the store had heard Sara. She lowered her voice. "What gave it away?" Sara pursed her lips and circled her finger in front of Rachel's face. "The glazed look in your eyes, the way your skin is glowing. Those are all tells, but the biggest giveaway is in the way you're walking." "What?" she said mortified as Sara laughed. "I was not walking funny," she shot back. "You kind of were." She licked her lips. "He was big, huh?"-Sara and Rachel

OMG Wow this book! So this is the second book I have ever read by Cathryn Fox and I just freakin loved it. So a few months ago I came across a book on Netgalley called His Best Friend's Girl by Cathryn Fox. I had never heard of her but the book sounded good so I requested and got it. When I read it I loved it. Matt was so yummy and I really connected to Cathryn Fox's writing style. So when His Reason to Stay hit Netgalley I didn't even think twice about requesting it. His Reason To Stay was better then His best Friend's Girl and that is saying something with how much I loved Matt's story! Kyle and Rachel story blew me away. It was emotional and sweet. I sat there reading it with a silly grin on my face almost the whole time. 

"Rach... Fuck.... I..." He brushed his thumb over her cheek, his touch so caring and gentle it took her breath away. "You what?" she asked. "I...I need...I fucking need, okay." "Then take." "Take what you need, Kyle." Her hand went to his chest, the soothing balm in her palm cool on his heated skin. His cock surged to life. "Take what you need and give me only what you can give."-Kyle and Rachel

Kyle was sexy as hell which I am beginning to think is a trait all the men in Cathryn Fox's books have. He was strong, supportive, and outspoken. Kyle was a giver, always putting others needs and happiness before his own. Kyle down played all his strong suits so his older brother James could shine. Kyle and James were both in love with Rachel and Kyle always putting his brothers needs before his own stepped back. Kyle felt a ton of guilt over his feelings for Rachel especially after his brother died. Kyle was charming and a bit kinky in the bedroom. The way he was with little Ava (Rachel's daughter) melted my heart. Nothing is sexier, NOTHING..... than a man who loves and cares for a child. Good fathers(by blood or love) = Sexy beast! Just Sayin' Add in the fact that Kyle did dishes and he was a dream come true. Rachel was very down to earth. She was sweet and playful and had that whole cute girl next door thing going on. Both Kyle and Rachel felt very realistic. They acted and did things that I as a reader could relate to. 

"I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight, Rach." "Oh God," she cried out. She swiped her tongue over her bottom lip and he struggled to get himself together. "But first I'm going to run my tongue all over you. Then, just when you think you can't take it anymore, I'm going to slip between your legs and take your pussy into my mouth."-Kyle and Rachel

Kyle and Rachel's chemistry was off the charts. They also had a easiness that came from being close for years. Their relationship was cute and when you add in a small adorable little girl with big blue eyes you have my happy zone! I was all about the cute family moments. I just really enjoyed this read. I said it too with Matt's book, and I will say it again I have to go back and read all the other books in this series! This small taste isn't enough I need more of the In the Line of Duty series. 

"You. What I want is you. All of you."-Rachel

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