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The Hunter Bride

Book Review of The Hunter Bride (Hope's Crossing Series)

Title: The Hunter Bride

Series: Hope's Crossing Series

Author: Cynthia Woolf

Date Published:November 27th 2015

Date Read:   February 13, 2016

The Blurb:Jo Shafter is not your simpering miss. She’s a bounty hunter and a darn good one. For the last five years she’s tracked down the men who killed her parents and little brother. Finally, she captured ringleader and sent him to prison. Now Jo can begin the new life she wants more than anything, that of a wife with a husband and children. Manlier than most of the men of her acquaintance, she becomes a mail-order bride. 

Sam Longworth is the sheriff of Hope’s Crossing. He wants a wife to cook and clean and give him children, a demure miss who won’t give him any trouble. One who will be happy with the simple life he leads. 

A nemesis from Jo’s past shows up with murder on his mind and Jo is drawn back into her old life in order to protect not only herself but Sam. 

Both Sam and Jo have secrets from their past. Can they build a happy marriage when neither trusts the other with the full truth or will the secrets drive them apart? 

My Review

                 3 Keeping Secrets Stars

Cynthia Woolf is not a new author to me. I have read two of her series, The Tame series and Matchmaker & Co series both of which I loved. I also have 5 of her books waiting on my kindle for me to read, so needless to say I am a fan. The Hunter Bride was missing something for me. I liked it okay, but it didn't really grab me like some of her other books have. I liked Jo, thought she was brave and a little sassy. I also liked Sam thought he was sweet and maybe a little cavemanish (that's a word right? lol) but for back then that was totally normal, and hey we all love it when our men go a little caveman now and then. But I felt some of the things Jo and Sam said were kinda cheesy. Then at times it felt to me, like their relationship was forced or rushed. Now this is a short book like 127 pages so maybe that's why. Whatever the reason this book for me was just okay overall. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it, I wasn't bored, I just was. Still it was a cute, quick, and entertaining read. 

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